4 Reasons Why We Need Love.💖


David here, and if you’ve been disappointed at men and love and intimacy in today’s article, I’m going to share with you why love is a need and not a luxury. So stick with me.

Now if you feel disappointed if love has punched you emotionally if you feel like you’re about to throw in the towel, you’re not sure why you should go into this whole love thing. It’s overrated in your mind. why love is a need? it’s not necessarily an elective. It’s not a luxury. There are two aspects of Love. The first one is clear.


There’s the strong pool inside of you.

There’s that feeling of wanting to belong there’s a feeling of wanting to be desired. There’s that feeling of wanting to be loved and embraced made love to there’s that feeling of wanting to feel magnetic and in unison with somebody other than yourself.

 So the first aspect of why I love is a need is because if you go deep down inside and you remove the bag at you remove the pain, there’s a yearning in your heart for more. 

There’s a yearning in your heart to express yourself in ways that you wouldn’t just within yourself. Now the second aspect of Love is what I want to focus more on because it’s not the one that’s most talked about and the second aspect of Love, not been an elective is because of who you transform into when you consciously step into a powerful relationship first aspect of this transformation is


if you really love your partner if you really love the human being that you’re with. you need to become more selfless because you’re going to have to negotiate, you’re going to have to sacrifice some things you’re going to have to compromise but you’re going to have to give more of yourself.

You’re going to have to give more of yourself than you would have. If you didn’t step into that relationship you’re going to have to tap deeper inside of yourself and be

  • more vulnerable
  •  be more generous a
  • and be more expressive and be more alive.

So, in essence, the transformational nature of love means that there’s a human being deep down inside of your blueprint of a human being a potential of infinite proportions.

That will not come out in quite the same way or in the same depth or in the same aliveness. If you keep it within yourself the second aspect is

2.Transcendent aspect of love

which is when you step into a conscious loving relationship you allow the giving and the sacrifice and the love and the font and the play and the excitement and the lovemaking and all of it to help you transcend.

Why because you’ll be gone one day from sad to admit it, but it’s true, and when you’re gone the seed that you plant in somebody’s heart will stay there for as long as that person’s leave leaves and that person will in turn plant the seed of your heart into other Hearts based on how you express. 

And sacrifice for that human so that’s the Transcendent aspect of it. Where there’s you that’s Fully Alive even after you’re gone. the third aspect of Love is Gratitude.


there’s a deep sense of gratitude that comes into play when you recognize that you have a partner in crime a best friend, a lover, an advocate, somebody to contend with, and sometimes fight with.

I mean you have that human being in front of you that’s making your life so much more meaningful so much more expressive so much more just fun and Alive than if you were to just keep it all within yourself or have the kind of relationship that you can have with friends. It’s not quite the same thing friendships have their place but this is a friendship.

That’s a lot of worship as well as it’s your friend and lover at the same time that unique combination is unlike any other relationship that you can have and the feelings of gratitude that come as a result.

 Being seen and loved and appreciated in that specific intimate Dynamic help you to experience more of that blessing of what life can bring the last aspect. 


I want to talk about today is inevitable suffering that life brings and your ability to overcome the inevitable shit storms that will and your way as positive as I want to be as objective and optimistic as I want to be life will inevitably land use some shit storms and you will experience offering.

you will experience loss and you will experience pain and you will experience NASA’s are prizes and to have that human being by your side who’s carrying some of that burden with you and where you can do the same thing for another human being makes the inevitable suffering of Life

  • much more manageable,
  • much more doable
  • much more palatable With your soul more intact

The difficulty of finding love is strong but it pales in comparison to the mystery of not finding it. So there you have it doesn’t compare that trajectory of finding love to watching Netflix with your girlfriends because that’s not the comparison.

The comparison is against what would happen in your life. If you don’t get the experience of being able to connect that way Express that way sacrifice that waits give that way transcend that way hope this is helpful to you. If it is, I’m going to ask you to do things my dear please share with your friends Thank you so much for connecting with me.


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