Why Do Men Cheat? 6 Reasons Why men cheat? (And What You Can Do!)



Why men cheat?

Let me give you the six main reasons Why men cheat and explain to you how you can maybe help prevent it in the future. But look, it isn’t your fault. And ultimately when a guy cheats, there’s never an excuse for it.

 There are reasons, but they’re not excuses. But we’re at least going to go through the reasons, so you understand. So number one reason Why men cheat is 

#1. He doesn’t feel like he deserves you.


So the best way to explain this is if you’ve ever heard the metaphor or the story rather of the princess and the slum boy, and what happens is the princess comes down from the castle on that and she makes a slum boy and they fall in love. And long story short, he is set to become a prince.

Incredible life for him. And then what happens? He goes and cheats on the princess with another slum girl. Why did he do that? Because he ultimately felt deep down like a slum boy and like that was all he deserved. So he skipped ahead before he got rejected by her and did it himself.

 Now, this is a metaphor for real life and a lot of guys cheat in real life for the same reason they don’t feel like they deserve you or have the self-esteem to feel like they’re worth dating you. 

If this is the case, look, there’s not a lot you could’ve done about it.

It’s just something you’ve got to move on from and you can look to date guys in the future who are gonna value themselves more and be more on your level.

the second reason Why men cheat

#2. He doesn’t feel sexually validated by the relationship.


So what this means is women often find, they underestimate just how much guys care about our sexual validation, just how much we need to feel like we can please you. Like we’re attractive, like where sexual people who can do it for a woman.

Never underestimate how much a guy cares about that.

When he’s single, it’s easy. He can find girls, he can text,  he can date lots of different girls, but when he’s in a relationship, you’re the only one that can give it to him.

 You are like the keeper of his masculinity. So if he can’t please you, if you don’t want him, if you’re rejecting him a lot, slowly but surely, that guy’s going to become less and less confident and validated sexually. 

And unfortunately, one of the ways guys deal with that is to cheat.

There’s otherwise, I mean, he could talk to you about it. He could just break up with you first, and that’s the more noble way. It’s a reason, it’s not an excuse, but it’s why a lot of guys do cheat.

the third  reason Why men cheat

#3. He’s more validated by men than he is from women.

So in this case, he wants the guys’ validation.

So this is the guy that’s pretty insecure and he just, you know, he has sex with a girl and then his first thought is, I can’t wait to tell the boys about this.

It’s all about getting the guys’ approval, getting the guy’s attention.

And so in this case, there’s not a lot you could have done because you’re not a guy. If he wants to tell the boys about his conquest, then he probably wasn’t the guy to be in a relationship right now.

You know that now. A lot of guys will grow out of this, but it does take time and hopefully, that’s not time spent wise around cheating on you. Some guys never grow out of it. Move on. The guy’s just insecure.

Find a guy that’s more secure within himself that he doesn’t need the validation from the boys when he’s with you.

the fourth reason Why men cheat

#4. He no longer feels for you, but he’s scared to leave.

Why men cheat?

So this is the guy that unfortunately has copped out of the relationship months and months ago. Mentally, he’s not really in a relationship with you. He’s not in love with you anymore, but he’s sticking with you because you’ve been a pussy and he’s scared to leave.

Hopefully, you realize this point now and you’ve broken up and if this is the reason the guys cheated on you, hopefully, things have come good and you’ve solved it now.

the fifth  reason Why men cheat

#5. He has a need for variety that isn’t being met or that feels trapped in a relationship.

Why men cheat?

So you know all of us need variety in our lives and excitement. You do, I do, we all do. You can get this variety though in lots of different ways and that’s where people differ.

For example, some people just need to watch TV or sit outside and watch the birds get some variety in their life.

Others have to jump off cliffs, have to climb mountains, have to get on jet skis in foreign countries and have sex in crazy locations. The way you get the excitement in your life can vary, but we all need it.

 This isn’t to say that a guy that needs lots of variety in his life can’t be in a stable relationship. He certainly can, but he’s going to have to be with a girl who needs similar amounts of variety as he. 

They’re going to need to do crazy things together, maybe go on holiday, sex in crazy places.

They’re going to have lots of outward fun together.

But if you’re more of a secure type girl who doesn’t need that much variety and a guy is strongly variety driven, unfortunately, one of the obvious places that a guy will go to get that variety if he feels trapped or bored is sexual.

The last reason Why men cheat

#6. He’s not emotionally stable.

Why men cheat?


No guy in the world has ever said and they’re such a great time with my girlfriend. I love us so much. We’re going so well. I can’t wait to cheat on her. No guy said that ever. Guys cheat when there are emotional low points.

 So when there’s a massive fight, when you guys are bickering when something’s gone wrong, that’s when he goes out and does stuff with other girls and a guy that’s not in check with his emotions is going to do that far more often and it’s going to be way more vulnerable to doing that. 

If you’ve been cheated on for this reason, just take solace in the fact there’s not much you could have done about it. The guy wasn’t emotionally mature enough to date you.

Hopefully, you can move on to guys who are, and every time you have a fight you’re not going to have to worry about whether he’s out doing stuff with other girls because he can’t control his emotion.

Girls, it’s a bit of a sad topic, but I really hope that that gives you some understanding as to guys, why they cheat and that there are reasons. There are no excuses.

Nothing’s an excuse. He could always talk to you about it or in your relationship, but there are at least reasons and hopefully, you understand them in particular. You can play a role. If you make sure that your guys sexually validated by you and that he’s always feeling good and like he can please you and that you’re attracted to him. Girls, thanks very much.

Do you agree, disagree with these, let me know. Are they sort of in congruence with your experiences? Have you had something similar or different? Posts in the comments? I’d love to hear from you.


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