why men cheat And break hearts (The most 9 common Reasons)


Cheating and unfaithfulness can cause a lot of issues in relationships. Those issues can range from divorce, breakups as wells as extreme pain, anger, and tears. Therefore, the big question is why do men like to cheat?

This question on why men cheat blows a lot of lovers and captivate researchers. You might be doing everything that you’re supposed to do and at the same time, he is going to still want to cheat or perhaps be tempted.

We are going to share with you the most 9 common reasons why they cheat and as well give practical tips on how to prevent it in the future.

First and foremost, let me say this clearly; there will never be an excuse for men to cheat. it is just their choice. The first reason why men cheat

#1. He thinks that you deserve better.

Some of them cheat because they think that you are too good for them and they just cannot control themselves and that you deserve much better. There is no much that you can do to change their mind.

You have got to move on and find a new partner who will treat you like a queen. Because of his low self-esteem, he feels like he worthless by dating you or having any relationship.

The second reason why men cheat

#2. Sexual satisfaction.

This is one is actually a big one on why men cheat. Most of the time, women disregard or perhaps overlook how much men value and care about sex validation. Your man wants to please you in every aspect of the relationship.

Do not undervalue how much your man wants to please you.

When he is in a relationship, you’re all he’s got. but when he is not in an exclusive relationship, he can do all sorts of bad things. dating other women and doing whatever he wants.

 with that in mind, if he doesn’t see any signs of happiness in terms of sexual validation and you start to reject him, unfortunately, he is going to cheat. 

Because he is less confident. he can discuss with you if he actually cares. but most guys tend to take the shortcut and that’s, unfortunately, cheating which by the way is not an excuse by rather a poor choice for a lot of men.

The third reason why men cheat

#3. He is Insecure and depends on other people’s views.

In this instance, he wants other people’s opinions especially his friends. When he gets to have sex with you, he’s gonna think ways to tell his friends. He wants to get their attention. He values other people’s opinions as a result he is not worth your time if he’s going to cheat on you and at the same time tell his friends.

It’s probably going to take a while for him to grow out of it, and you don’t want to waste your time on him and this being the case, you should find a secure man who will respect you and honor your dignity.

The fourth reason why men cheat

#4. He doesn’t have feelings for you

Unfortunately, this man is already gone emotionally. He doesn’t have the same feelings anymore. He doesn’t love you any longer nor doesn’t he want to have any relationship with you . He is with you just because he is a coward and afraid of leaving the relationship.

 This is both heart-wrenching and heart-wrenching when he is cheating on you while he is actually hiding his true feelings. 

by this time, you should have already broken up with him and find the right guy who will treat you like a queen, and Hopefully, everything goes as planned.

The fifth reason why men cheat

#5. He has a crazy craving need that is not satisfied.

You have heard the quote ” “You only live once,” So they take this quote and actually try in their sexual cravings. They like to try and experience different sexual needs and hence they cheat on you as many as many women as they can. unfortunately, this is the reality of men in today’s age.

The sixth reason why men cheat

#6. He is not available emotionally.

No man in this world would admit to cheating on his wife/girlfriend and at the same time brag about it. but when things get ugly like getting in an argument or perhaps something went wrong terribly, and he doesn’t check with his emotions, he is going to cheat on you and sleep with other women.

because he is not mature enough to have a proper relationship with you, you should rather leave him and hopefully, you will get the right guy who you’re not going to worried about if he is cheating on you or not when he is not available emotionally.

The seventh reason why men cheat

#7. He is feeling annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.

when your husband or perhaps boyfriend suspects that you had an affair, he is gonna wanna hurt you the same way and that means ultimately cheating which by the way is not an excuse but rather a poor choice.

He feels betrayed and hurt and therefore, the only thing that’s in his mind will be to cheat. A lot of men have these bad habits which are unfortunately a shame.

The eighth reason why men cheat

#8. Self-esteem.

As we have already mentioned, some men have this weird mentality when it comes to cheating. Some of them cheat to see improvement in their self-esteem or perhaps depict their independence or the worst to show that they are popular in society. This has to be one of the most unfortunate reasons why men cheat.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality in this day and age when cheating has become rampant and men cheat left and right without thinking about the consequences of it.

The last reason why men cheat

#9. Circumstances OR situations.

Sometimes, men cheat when they are in certain circumstances such as been drunk or perhaps they become emotionally unstable and get easily excited or saddened. This causes them to lose control over themselves and which in the end, they end up cheating.

On occasions, when men reach a certain age or perhaps the end of a decade, they do try to explore new things. And that might, unfortunately, mean cheating.

in conclusion, let me get this out the way and say there is no excuse for cheating whatsoever. Both of you should always discuss and talk about openly in your relationship.

Be sure that he’s sexually taken care of and always make him feel good, attracted, and pleased. Hopefully, by now you have understood some of the reasons why men cheat.

Let me know in the comment section below whether you agree or disagree with the above reasons mentioned and whether you have had similar experiences.

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