when a guy calls you cute

You know that feeling when you’re talking to a guy and he calls you “cute”? It’s a word with a lot of meaning, but not all of it is good.

For the most part, people use the word “cute” as an adjective – they might say something like “I love your cute little cat!”

But if someone says this about their new puppy or kitten, then they are probably just describing how small and adorable it is. The same can be true for other things people find attractive:

A girl might call her friend’s dress cute because she likes its style and colors; likewise, she may think her friend looks especially beautiful in that outfit.

And sometimes we even use the word ‘cute’ as shorthand for certain behaviors.

For example, if your friend had a really cute startled expression on their face like “Aaaah!” you might laugh and say they looked “cute”.

here is what it means when a guy calls you cute

When someone says that you are cute, they are calling you small and adorable. It can be used as a compliment for your appearance, but it doesn’t usually mean anything more than that.

So ladies, if he calls you cute and nothing else happens, then he probably just thinks you look great.

If the guy is a good friend, then maybe he’s trying to tell you that something about your outfit or haircut is particularly nice today.

But if a guy calls you “cute” and seems to laugh afterwards, it might be his way of saying that one of your behaviors was funny.

So, despite the fact it can mean many great things, men usually use the word “cute” as a way of putting women down without actually saying anything negative.

As a rule of thumb “cute” is not a word to put much weight on when it comes from a man; especially if he hasn’t said anything else about how he feels for you yet.

How do I deal with this?

If you like this guy and want him to make a move , then waiting around for him to do it probably won’t help you.

The only way men will ever know that we like them is if we tell them, so you can try saying something like “so when are you going to call me?”

If he doesn’t get the hint and still calls you “cute” next time, then he might not be interested in you or even understand what his actions mean.

But, don’t feel bad: Any guy who reacts this way isn’t worth your time . Just move on and date somebody else; at least they’ll value your feelings.