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In the old days, finding love was simple. Boy sees girl. They make eye contact, they flirt, they chat, and then they get freaky. With the advancement of technology, the way that we communicate has changed the game. here are  Tips for Flirting While Texting

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We’re going to talk about what do you do when your guy won’t text you back your had a guy go dark on, you know, one minute you’re texting and chatting away. You’re having a flirty little party on your phone and the next minute crickets and after a few minutes of silence you feel like responding with you.

Well, I’m going to give you some tips for handling that but first a couple of rules about texting guys in general and these are actually critical for your sanity Texting Rule Number One guys.the first Texting Tip is 

Don’t think texts are all that important.

Now as a general rule most guys don’t place the same level of emotional importance on a text conversation that a woman does to a guy texting is just another electronic back and forth like email.

So you got to remember that guy’s view text like this before you get all caught up in the Heat of the Moment Texting.the second Texting Tip is 

2. guys Don’t know how important you think the interaction is.

And then of course because of rule number one above, you know, that guys don’t consider text all that significant and he’s not aware of how significant you think they are in short a man doesn’t think he’s disrespecting you by not replying. He also doesn’t see it as ignoring you if he doesn’t reply to you and a man doesn’t think he’s hurting her feelings if he just disappears.

I know it seems crazy that he doesn’t see the world the same way you do but it’s also true in the other direction isn’t it and a couple of quick don’ts don’t do this when he stops texting you don’t freak out so he didn’t reply to you don’t panic chances are he got interrupted when the texting began and now you’re left hanging it was bad luck of the draw.

Just hang in there.

Don’t do this when he stops texting. You don’t cling to the conversation if more than 30 minutes goes by you have to let that type of conversation go. It’s like two ships passing in the night. You’re clinging to that texting session. There’s some validation or seeking that you’re doing and he’s going to pick up on that don’t do this when he stops texting. You don’t assume the worst don’t assume. He suddenly lost interest in you in the space of five minutes. That’s just your insecurities talking. He may not be testing you directly but he is watching to see how you’re going to react to those little pauses be cool.

Alright, so now here’s some direct tips when he won’t text. You do this. Make sure you keep your clown the best way to handle any potentially awkward social romantic situation like this is to keep your sense of humor and even better use it on him.

So when a guy drops the texting ball and your conversation just send them a little teasing text like this. Oh, no, he’s gone. Dark Captain. Should I send in a rescue team just be playful with them and do your best to communicate that you don’t really care if you do hear back from him and yeah, that’s even if you do care people are not attracted to people who need us a little too much when he won’t text you do this assume.

He’s just distracted look honey. It’s not personal. No, even when it’s personal it’s not really personal until a man knows you for at least a couple of months. There’s no way he can possibly be reject you because he doesn’t know enough about you to make that personal remember that it’s critical for your sanity when he won’t text you do this pull the plug first when you sense that the energy is winding down in your interaction.

You should be the one to pull away first and I encourage you to do it as the demurrer valuable woman. You are do just that you do it in two simple ways. Tell him you got to go or just go just send them a quick text.

Hey got to run talk to you later simple, right and no matter what he texts you back in return just put your phone away and ignore him for about 15 to 30 minutes.

And yeah, it is possible to ignore your phone when he won’t text. You do this. Remember your stock price before you get caught up in getting focused on something you think might be? Well, you might be losing remember what it feels like to be the prize too often.

We get caught up in thinking of ourselves as inadequate and we start the Of dialogue in our head all because we start doubting and all it takes to start doubting is to have him not reply to you. Once that’s it. So make sure you keep reminding yourself of your value and the dating Market Place.

All right, when he won’t text you do this wait 48 hours. I have a general rule of waiting two days before you reach out to a guy who may have dropped the ball or seems to have disappeared in your texting conversation.

Number one, you do this because it shows that you’re not the kind of woman that’s going to freak out and drown him in needy follow-up text and number two. It gives them a time to breathe and time to miss you. And while you’re waiting to reconnect with them re-read your last text you’d be amazed what ever you sent probably didn’t require a response.

So why are you expecting it? And remember this about a man’s interest? It doesn’t disappear all that quickly just because he doesn’t text you back right away. It doesn’t mean these losses interest. It actually takes a little while.

there’s a lot of confusion about this out there with a lot of the women that I’ve coached keep in mind that when you had that experience of a guy just Growing cold and distant on you when you thought things were going. Well, it can make you panic a little bit.

Now. There’s a reason that men grow cold and distant and it’s connected to how men choose which women they devote themselvesto.

 please if you enjoy this Texting Tips share and   leave me you’re polite comments and questions below again.

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