what makes a woman crave a man

It is not a secret that women crave men.

Some of the reasons are purely physical, while others have to do with being in his arms and feeling safe.

If you’re one of the women who fantasizes about what you’ll do to your man when he finally shows up at your door? Read on!

In this article, we will talk about some things that can make a woman crave a man.

A man’s scent can be a powerful thing.

We’ve all heard the old spice commercial: the hotter you get; the more fragrance you need.

Well, this is true for women as well as men!

When your pheromones start to increase because of things like stress or anxiety (or even attraction) your scent can become more intense.

For many women, this is a huge turn-on. It’s almost like knowing that they are driving you crazy?

You’ll find yourself craving them to touch, kiss, or even just smell you.

A man’s sense of humor can also be a huge turn-on for women.

It’s no secret that women crave someone who can make them laugh.

There is something about laughing with someone, rather than at them, that really makes you want to be around that person more!

Here are the 14 most appealing personality qualities in a woman’s eyes.

Being funny is definitely not the only thing that women find attractive in men but it definitely helps!

Another reason why a woman may crave you has less to do with how you look and more about what she knows about you as a person.

For example, a woman may feel attracted to a man simply because she knows that he is smart and financially stable and would provide for her and the family.

Also, women who care about their own security (emotional or financial) will find themselves craving a man who can take care of them.

1. Ambition and drive

this is another trait that women will immediately notice in a man.

Ambition and drive are attractive to anyone but especially so when you’re looking for someone to provide for you both emotionally and financially.

Also, ambition is good because it can be so hard to find these days! Many people are content with being average or even settling down.

If you can see yourself thriving in life and love, it’s not only attractive to women but others as well.

2. Independence

When a woman is independent she feels safe emotionally and financially.

If I am with someone who has their own money, house etc then I feel safe that they are not just looking for me for these things.

But also, if a woman is independent it shows that she has her emotions and finances together.

This is way more attractive to many women than a man who lets them pay the bill or pay the rent etc.

3. Someone you can talk to and connect with easily

Whether it’s about your days, current events, life in general, if you’re someone who can make a woman laugh and feel comfortable around you then she’s probably going to crave your attention.

Talking to someone is one of the most intimate things you can do with another person.

If she feels like she has this connection with you it does not matter whether or not she looks at you like her future husband.

She will definitely crave your attention, even if it’s just conversation!

4. A man who can make her feel safe emotionally and/or physically

One of the biggest reasons that women crave men is because they want to feel protected by them.

This could be because she feels like he understands her and makes her feel safe or just because he can literally and physically protect me if need be.

No matter the reason, if a woman feels this way about you then she may crave your attention even more than usual!

5. A man who can handle life’s challenges

If you can handle your own stuff and if you’ve gotten through some of the tougher times in life, this is incredibly attractive to women.

Why? Because they want someone who understands what it is like (emotionally) to be a woman and understand that relationships are not always rainbows and sunshine.

It is okay to have hard times with life, but knowing how to push through is incredible!

6. A man who can put in the effort with me

If you’ve kept this relationship exciting by putting in the work with her, she will want your attention even more!

This means that you’re doing small things like sending her texts, flowers (it doesn’t have to be a dozen roses), and calling when you say you will.

If you show that effort with your partner then they can’t help but crave more!

And most importantly…

7. A man who will accept me for who I am and not try to change me

This is another huge reason that women crave men; they want someone who will accept them for who they are.

They don’t want someone who tells them that everything about them has to change because it makes them feel like their partner does not love themselves first and foremost.

If you can give your woman attention, show her that you accept her for who she is, and not try to change her, then she will have a hard time not craving your attention.

8. A man who makes her feel beautiful

What does this mean? It means everything from noticing when she gets a new haircut or outfit to hold the door open for her at whatever time of day it is.

It means that you are observant, attentive, and just straight-up sweet! If you can do all these things then she will have a hard time not craving your attention!

9. Someone to talk to about anything

If you are someone who just listens, even if it’s the first time they’ve talked about it or even if it’s repeated stories, then this is what makes women crave men.

It shows that you care enough to listen, but it also gives you an opportunity to show her how much of a good listener you are.

This is such a crucial part of any relationship and if your girl thinks that you’re the best listener ever, then she’s going to crave your attention even more!

10. A guy who knows how to have fun

If you are the playful kind of guy that can have a good time, then she will crave your attention just because of this!

A lot of times women get so busy with their lives and they forget why dating is important in life. If you can remind her on a regular basis about what makes

There are many reasons as to why women crave men; some physical, some emotional, some just because they want to be loved, and so on!

It is important to remember that every relationship is different and may crave a different kind of attention.

The most important thing to do it figure out what makes your girl want you more and if the answer isn’t in this list, then figure it out! It’s worth it when you can get a woman to crave you.

In summary  Here is what makes a woman crave a man.

1. Ambition and drive
2. Independence
3. Someone you can talk to and connect with easily
4. A man who can make her feel safe emotionally and/or physically
5. A man who can handle life’s challenges
6. A man who can put in the effort with me
7. A man who will accept me for who I am and not try to change me
8. A man who makes her feel beautiful
9. Someone to talk to about anything
10. A guy who knows how to have fun

Remember, it’s not all physical with women!

You can make her feel safe and loved by you, see your effort and understand your struggles.

All of these things can contribute to a woman wanting to be with you even more!

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