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10 Things A Man Will Do Only If He Really Loves You


How in the hell do you determine and actually know whether his love is for real or not? Do you determine by how he stares at you romantically or perhaps how he behaves with you when he’s with his colleagues?

All of these might be gestures or perhaps pretended. The little things he does are actually what tells you more about how he feels about you or perhaps if he loves and cares about you. we’ll go through some of those small things that he does constantly and shoes he feels about you. 

 If you see him with any of these behaviors, be assured that he loves you more than you could have imagined. At the end of the day, most women take these signals for granted. 

#1. He always thinks about the future.

Sometimes it is difficult to be in a relationship where the future is “uncertain” or perhaps unknown. But if he’s actually into you, you’re his future. The word “Unknown future”

does not exist in his vocabulary when it comes to your future.

He is always planning and working for the future and that means making decisions together. He feels complete when you’re involved alongside him. 

#2. He takes your guidance and suggestions.

Most of the time, guys don’t like taking advice or perhaps suggestions from women. They tend to avoid their advice. Particularly, when you are correcting his mistakes willingly.

But when he takes your advice and guidance sincerely, he appreciates and values your honesty and respect. 

He humbles himself and expresses his regret by taking your advice and suggestions. 

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#3. He always pays attention to you.

If he actually loves love, he is going to pay close attention to you whenever you say something. 

 Not only dialogue but he wants to digest every word that you utter.

He wants to hear your nightmares, your rage, sad stories as well as the hilarious ones. He just wants to be there for you because he really loves you more than anything else.

That is exactly why listening is very essential in relationships. 

#4. He is always available for you.

When you love someone, you make time for them no matter how busy you are. So if he really loves you. He will make the necessary time for you whenever you need him. He will know how to organize his job, intimacy, and of course his family.

He is going to give up his time to please you and be there for you every time. Because he knows how important you are or how much you love and support him.

#5. He always makes you smile.

That’s right. He enjoys your laughter and smile. He will try funny tells or perhaps banter to see you smile. ultimately, he is all about your happiness and pleasure.

He wants to see your reaction whenever he tries one of those funny jokes. That is what makes love so special. 

#6. You’re always his number one (priority).

Apart from family and work which is everyone’s top priority. You’re still his first priority in spite of how vital and essential everything else is.

He is going to put your needs above everyone else. whether that is an emotional need or a physical need, You Are his top priority.  

#7. He always helps and encourages your ambitions and goals. 

When a man loves you, your ambitions are his ambitions too. He’s got your back in case you need assistance.

 He’s after your success and that’s what brightens his day. 

Whenever failure arises. He’s got you back by encouraging and galvanizing you. That’s what he enjoys the most. 

#8. He always safeguards you from any suffering and sadness.

There’s nothing that he despises more than seeing you get hurt. This might be one of the best amazing qualities he could ever have. At the end of the day, you need someone who protects you at any cost. He is willing and prepared to help or defend you at any cost. 

A person who is going to be there for you at all times. Therefore, he always despises seeing you get harmed or perhaps distressed.

#9. He will let you know how attractive and charming you are even if you’re not.

That’s correct. He is going to tell you that “ honey you look amazing and stunning” even though you are not in reality. By that I mean when you’re not wearing your regular makeup or perhaps you woke up early in the morning or you’re in tears.

He is going to assure you how beautiful you are at the moment when you feel exactly the reverse.

#10. The importance of his loved ones.

Although this is not a big deal, if he really likes you, he is going to want you to pass the family test requirement.

He wants you to get to know his family or perhaps his loved ones and you don’t need to worry about them.

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When you’re having fun with his mom, that means you’re part of the family and you should enjoy it. 


These are some of the “ little things” that a man does if he really loves you deeply. Remember that everyone has their own way of expressing how they feel. Men have their own unique ways as well as women. 

whatever the case, just keep an eye on these signals or perhaps behaviors. If he really loves you, he is going to display some of these qualities and behaviors. He is going to be way more relaxed and happy when he is with you than a guy who simply admires or perhaps likes you. 


 In summary.


#1 He wants you to be part of his family. 

#2. He always thinks about the future.

#3. He takes your guidance and suggestions.

#4. He always pays attention to you.

#5. He is always available for you.

#6. He always makes you smile.

#7. You’re always his number one (priority).

#8. He always helps and encourages your ambitions and goals. 

#9. He always safeguards you from any suffering and sadness.

#10. He will always let you know how attractive and charming you are even if you’re not.

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