sweet compliments for guys(Things He Wants To Hear)

Not sure about you, but phrases have the power to make my heart flutter and smile. Sure, words without follow through it or words that seem insincere never land too well, but words have the power to influence our relationships with others.

So today’s article is pretty straightforward: men enjoy that little bit of word-action, and men enjoy hearing good things, just like you and me. However, not all words are created equal, and what guys like to hear is not always the same as what women always want to hear, so stick with me while discovering the ten things that men want to hear you say…

But why would this matter to you? Even though men want to spend time with women who make them feel good about themselves, words have the ability to arouse this type of desire in them…

However, it is important to understand that the things a guy wants to hear are not obviously the things he will ask you to say, as many men are uncomfortable expressing their needs. When you say these key phrases, he will feel a twinge in his heart as he will feel that he is of value to you, and he will feel a connection, wanted, and valued…and this appeals to men.

So, here are the eight things you can say to a man in his ear that will make him feel better.

#1 Remind him how proud you are of him:

You chose this man over another because, in addition to the numerous other factors that drew you to him, there is something about him that makes you feel good, yes, happy to be with him. This could be his expertise in a particular field or his ability for empathy, or it could be anything.

Therefore, express your admiration for him. He’d be delighted to hear it. However, if you are not proud, it may be time to reevaluate the relationship.

If you dislike the behavior of the guy you’re dating, this is a different subject entirely.

#2 Be certain to inform him that he may have his space:

He will be eternally grateful to you for this. Nobody enjoys feeling restricted in a relationship and continuously under control. If you believe he could use a mood boost and want to say something he’ll appreciate, tell him it’s okay for him to have joy without you on occasion. This is enormous,

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#3 Keep the tension between you to a minimum:

Drama queens aren’t particularly popular among men. Men prefer it when their lives are simple and not overly complicated.

Rather than trying to punish him for days with rude torture, tell him you’re still strong and comfortable you’ll be able to work things out even after an argument.

#4. Reassure him of your admiration and Appreciation.

Appreciation is a vital component of any relationship’s energy. Any man would be delighted to hear that he is good at something, and I don’t just mean sex!

He would appreciate it if you showed your appreciation for his work, his carpentry abilities, the way he enjoyed listening to you, or even the manner he assisted a buddy in need.

And if you say such kinds of positive words in front of his family and friends, he will be even more appreciative of you..There’s nothing quite like receiving positive feedback in front of a crowd.

#5  Remind him that being around him contributes to your joy:

That is the point, isn’t it? You’ve chosen to be with him since he keeps adding value to your life. He may be oblivious of how he affects you, and because we all know, guys are not mind readers, so enlighten him. Of course, no person is responsible for your inner peace; however, if you have a kind and gentleman in your life who is good to you, express your gratitude to him. This will elicit a favorable response from him.

#6 Remind him that you absolutely love him exactly as he is:

He is a mature man who would appreciate hearing only a few things from you: that you love him just the way he is and that he really does not require any changes. It is true that a successful relationship demands two people who are both willing to learn and develop. and you must continue to love him for who he is present, not for what he might become in the future…or the person you believe he should be.

#7. Remind him that his services are needed.

Even though development is a process, men also like to feel useful, and they especially like to hear it from someone they respect. Yes, we are perfectly able to take care of everything ourselves, but is it really worth it when you can consider outsourcing tasks that you don’t particularly enjoy or simply lighten the load a little? He’ll be grateful for it.

8. Keep in mind that you are not always correct in your judgments.

Okay, let’s be honest: a lot of women are very hard-headed when it comes to acknowledging mistakes that they’ve done or even said something in a hasty, hurtful, or without giving it much consideration. It is despised by all. However, it is an unavoidable part of life. Nobody is without flaws.

And no one wants to be in a relationship with someone who believes they are never flawed.

Accepting you were completely mistaken and apologizing would make your guy feel better about himself.

I promise you that it would also make you feel good.

Humility is a key ingredient in order to control our ego and cultivate intimacy with others.

That’s all there is to it.

These are the kind of articles that you’ll want to bookmark so that you can come back to later on… for the simple reason that saying these words can make someone you care about feel better about themselves and about your relationship.

Of course, you are welcome to comment on this article and share your thoughts on it…Consider sharing some of your own heartfelt sentiments that men absolutely love in the comments section.


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