Stop Trying To Get Him Back (Here’s Why)


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Hello, this is David and if you’re a woman who’s experienced a broken heart and you’ve been planning, Strategizing and learning on how you can win a guy back.


In today’s article, I’m gonna share with you why that’s the worst thing you can do and what you can do instead to start experiencing the deep love that you want starting today stick around.

Today I am very excited to be sharing with you why you should not be trying to get your guy back. why you should stop all efforts to win him back, and what you can do instead to get the lot that you want before I start let me just start by saying that I’m so thankful to you.

Here’s why you should stop wanting to get a guy back. I’ve seen so many women sharing and there’s so many out there with strategies and techniques on how to get a guy back.

My thought is well why the hell should you want to get a guy back who doesn’t want you.
who’s unsure about what he wants.
who’s unclear that you’re the woman for him stepping into wanting to get a guy back when you’ve done nothing wrong because here’s the thing if you did something wrong I honestly feel that the best thing you can do is to apologize and to ask for forgiveness.

Ask for another chance but that’s as far as I take it to strategize and want to get about a guy back especially if that’s not the case especially if you’re someone who was doing the right thing. The guy showed up he’s feeling cold feet and he’s not willing to commit and now you’re trying to get him back. That’s like not believing in the abundance of the universe you know and here’s why it happens.

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1 Don’t attach magical qualities to a guy.

A lot of women connect with men and they feel this great intensity with him and they start creating fantasies and stories in their minds and say well obviously this is as good as it gets. I’m never gonna connect with someone who lost me as much who feels so much for me who I feel so much for. therefore, I have to win him back because if I don’t win him back my life is over.

I will not ever get the level of love that I want and that’s where you make a mistake because if a guy is not willing to give you what you want no amount of magical dating advice.

There’s a bunch of Pharos going out there. it’s gonna help you to have a sustainable passionate relationship with him you might manipulate him where you might cajole him into your lair and getting back with you but do you really want a guy who is not sure about what he wants? do you want a guy that you have to convince to be with you? do you want a guy that you have to strategize and how he can step up and be a man to you? I don’t think that’s the case.

I think if you’re a woman who’s showing up with openness and feminine energy and aliveness and passion that it’s unbecoming of a high-value woman to try to get a guy back it’s just it’s just this so what you can do instead if you find yourself in the dilemma on eartip figuring I mean you’re googling on how I can get my guy back.

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2.focus instead on how to get the life you want

I’m gonna ask you instead to Google

  • how do I create the life that I want?
  • how do I create an exciting life?
  • how do I step into my passions?
  • how can I contribute more?
  • how can I feel my beauty and my worth?
  • how can I show up with radiance and excitement?
  • how can I connect with more men who are interested in long-term commitment?

who are willing to connect at a deeper level? who are willing to honor me, desire me, respect me the way that I want to.

Because if you ask a different question and if you go about it instead of you putting all that energy that you’re trying to get this guy back into creating an amazing life and creating new connections. you will find that on the path of stepping into the right energy and the right actions.

You will connect with men that you can create as much intensity if not more than that guy that you’re trying to get back. You will do it in a way where he’s stepping up, he’s asking for your time, he’s pursuing you not chasing you pursuing you.

There’s a difference right and as he’s doing that you get a chance to enjoy the relationship and to own the magic that comes when you step up and you have a standard for how you want a guy to show up.

So again to recap if you’ve made a mistake own up to it go back and apologize to the guy and ask for another chance if you really messed up. if it’s not your fault if you didn’t mess up just the guy is not sure about what he wants.

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Stop trying to sprinkle fairy dust on him to get him back and enjoy your life make it more magnificent and step into a better relationship with someone who honors you and loves you from the start the right way hope this is helpful insightful and useful if it is I’m gonna ask you to do one thing my dear and that one is SHARE ON FACEBOOK


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