50 Signs he wants to be your boyfriend

51 Signs he wants to be your boyfriend

If you’re not sure if the guy you’re dating is looking for something serious, there are a few signs he wants to be your boyfriend.

One sign that a guy might want more from the relationship than just casual fun is when he starts inviting you on his family vacations or spending time with your friends and family.

Another sign is if he’s telling you how much he misses you after being apart for a short period of time.

If it feels like this could be the man of your dreams, don’t hesitate to ask him what his intentions are. You may have found someone who really loves and wants to commit to you!

We all want to know if someone likes us or not, but it can be difficult to tell whether they are just being nice. There are many signs that he might be interested in you; here are five of them.

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Here are 51 signs he wants to be your boyfriend

1) He is initiating contact with you-

If he is the one who texts first, asks for your number, or wants to meet up then this could mean that he’s into you!

It also means that he has confidence and isn’t afraid of rejection which will make him a better partner in the long run.

Plus if his friends see him pursuing you then they’ll probably think more highly of him too.

2) He pays attention to what interests YOU-

A guy who cares about what makes women happy will pay attention to what you’re into and will try hard to do it.

This could be anything from being a good cook, having a deep knowledge of history, or even appreciating your love for “Game of Thrones.”

3) He asks questions-

A guy who is interested in you will want to know more about you.

Once he says what interests you, he’ll then ask more questions that show that he is really listening and interested.

This also means that he probably wants to know some personal information about you which means intimacy could be on his mind!

4) He remembers things about your life-

He pays attention and listens so well that he knows the names of your dogs, your little sister’s soccer team, and the restaurant where you had your first date.

That means he has taken a genuine interest in what is important to you, which makes him even more special.

5) He is kind-

His kindness towards others will shine through when he’s with you too. If he respects those around him, is polite, and is helpful to the people he encounters then it’s likely that he will treat you well too.

6)You follow each other on social media-

You two are on each other’s social media, following all of the activity on each other’s pages.

If you never checked his Facebook or Instagram accounts before but now find yourself scrolling through them at home, this could be a signal that he might be interested in more than just friendship with you!

There’s no harm in liking his posts or leaving comments, but make sure you don’t overdo it or he might think that’s all you want.

7) He Tells You Everything [Put in a list of his favorite bands, movies, foods, etc.]-

He has no problem telling you all about his favorite kinds of pizza and can’t wait to share his love for Radiohead with you too.

If he’s not afraid to talk about the important things in his life and wants you to be a part of it then this could mean that he is looking for something more than just friendship.

8) He compliments your appearance-

If he thinks that you look beautiful or that your new earrings are great then this isn’t just about being polite; there’s real affection behind it!

When someone likes someone else they want them to feel good and will notice the little details like what they’re wearing or if their new haircut suits them, so it’s important that you notice these signs too.

9) He doesn’t seem to have any motives-

If he is constantly asking questions about who you are and what matters to you then this could show that he has no hidden agenda or ulterior motive.

People who want more than friends will usually try to know everything about you fast so they can use the information against you later on.

That means if he isn’t just trying to find out all of your secrets right away, there might be some hope for a relationship!

10)He is happy when he sees you-

When your text notifications go off or his phone rings, does it make him smile to see that it’s from you? If he looks forward to seeing you then this is a sign that he likes you.

11) He shares himself with you-

You know more about him than anyone else, even his best friends.

That means if there are things in his life that are uncomfortable or embarrassing for him to talk about, he trusts you enough to share them.

A guy who is willing to be vulnerable like this is someone who’s looking for more than just friends!

12) He doesn’t want the night to end-

When it’s time for him to go home for the night does he really not want it to be over? This could mean that being around you makes him happy which means that your dates might not be at an end just yet…

13) He talks about the future-

He might not know if it’s with you, but he is thinking about someday in the near or distant future.

This means that even though he doesn’t have a clue if you are the one, there’s something keeping him interested in getting to know more about you.

14) He makes physical contact with you when it isn’t necessary-

If his arm casually brushes against yours or your hand’s touch when reaching for silverware at dinner then this could mean that he finds even these casual, everyday moments special.

If he takes every opportunity to touch you without seeming awkward then this is a good sign!

15)He misses plans with other people to be with you-

If he leaves plans with his friends early to meet you for dinner or better yet, cancels other dates so he can see you then this is a sign that he doesn’t want to be away from you.

This is also a good sign he has no problem making compromises to spend time with you.

16)He allows himself some excuses-

What kinds of excuses does he use? Does he say things like “I can’t stay too late” or “I would love to go out with the guys tonight but I’m really tired?”

If these are common excuses when something else could easily change then there’s a good chance that he wants to be around you more than anyone else.

17) You’re invited places under false pretenses-

If he invites you to events like movie premieres and art museums but the pleasure of your company is the only reason why there’s a good chance that he wants more from the relationship.

He would rather be with you than go alone so if this feels familiar then perhaps his intentions run deeper.

18)He likes being around you-

If he is willing to be seen in public with you then this means that he’s interested in getting to know you better.

If it doesn’t bother him that his friends might hear or see that he has a new girlfriend then there’s no reason why anyone should worry about what others think if their love life isn’t interesting enough.

19)He keeps the conversation going-

Is talking to him easy? Does the conversation flow naturally even when you’re both stumped for topics?

If so, then there’s probably something behind his curiosity like real affection!

A guy who cares about you will go out of his way to keep a good talk going and not just because silence feels uncomfortable.

20) He reaches out after a night out-

If he’s not just trying to get you into bed then after a great night out together there will be no reason why he wouldn’t try and reconnect before the weekend is over.

It isn’t always easy to keep in touch with someone so if he makes an effort, it could mean that he’s really interested.

21)He Likes Casual Kissing-

If he’s okay with kissing you on the cheek or even the lips then this is a good sign that he feels comfortable around you.

If these kisses are accompanied by hugs or any kind of lingering contact, they could mean something more serious like feelings for you!

22) He is open about his past-

If talking about his past relationships has never been an issue for him before now then it could be because he wants to show you that there aren’t any skeletons in his closet waiting to jump out and scare you away.

This shows trust which can easily turn into love if given time!

23)He makes plans-

Making plans doesn’t just involve scheduling times to meet up, it also means that he wants to get to know you better in a more long-term way.

If he mentions future events with you, this is a good sign that he wants to be in your life for the long term.

24)He can’t stop touching you-

If his hands find their way onto your body often then it could mean something…

But if it’s innocent touches like holding hands or an arm around the shoulder while standing together at a concert, it’s definitely less serious than him wanting to kiss you or go further.

25)He does little things for you-

Unsolicited chocolates on your pillow or flowers delivered without an occasion are some of the signs that he wants to do nice things for you which means there’s probably more behind those thoughtful gestures than you might realize.

26) He reaches out even when you don’t-

If he’s the one initiating plans and reaching out to keep in touch with you, this shows that he’s interested even if you’re not as proactive as he might be.

If he isn’t the type of guy who does this with every girl then it could mean something.

Allowing him to make all of the first moves is a good sign that he wants to put in more effort where you are concerned!

27)He pays attention to your answers-

When talking, does he listen closely, or is his mind elsewhere?

A guy who tries hard to understand your point of view means that there’s real affection behind his motivations.

A guy who only cares about himself probably isn’t going to try as hard as a guy who genuinely wants to be involved with you.

28)He is more affectionate-

Does he often touch your arm or face casually?

If so, this could be because he’s more affectionate with his friends than the average person.

If you’ve never seen him touch anyone else like this before, it could mean that he’s only comfortable being so physical around you!

29) He tries to move on quickly-

If he can’t handle rejection gracefully after confessing feelings for you, then it probably means that there wasn’t any true love behind his feelings.

Guys who are really interested in getting to know you better will be able to take rejection without too much of a problem which means they’re less desperate and might even still be interested in trying again later!

30)He doesn’t worry about what others think-

Does he like showing off his new girlfriend?

Having pride in your significant other is a good sign that he’s proud that you’re his girlfriend!

This could mean that he wants the whole world to know how much he cares about you and will treat you right!

31)He stops flirting with other girls-

If there was something going on before or after you started dating, a guy who suddenly decides to make a change in his behavior could mean that he really respects your decision.

If this happens, it shows that he knows exactly what kind of relationship would make you happy and doesn’t want to jeopardize everything by staying friends with someone else!

32) He starts to get close with your friends-

Does he try and hang out more often when your friends are around?

Guys who are interested in you often want to look good in front of your friends which means that he’s most likely trying his best to impress you!

If they like him, it could be because they see how great of a guy he is.

33)He treats you with respect-

If he always puts your needs before his own and treats you the way that every girl wants to be treated then it’s definitely not too good to be true!

If there was ever something that bothered him but made your life better instead, this is one hopeful sign that he might really love you for who you are.

34) He makes sacrifices for you-

Making sacrifices for someone shows that there’s affection involved.

up what’s important to him and know what to put before other things, this is one way that a guy shows affection towards his significant other.

If he’s willing to make sacrifices without being asked, it means that he really cares about you and wants the best for you!

35) He won’t let go-

If he holds onto your hand or keeps asking if you’re going to be his girlfriend then it’s a good sign that he might think of you as more than a friend.

If he asks even when everyone knows the answer already, then there could be something special between you that keeps him from giving up on the idea of having you in his life either way!

If all of these signs sound familiar and you’ve been wondering for a while now whether your boyfriend wants more than just a casual relationship,

this is one way that you can tell whether he really loves you or just thinks of you as a friend.

36. He offers to pick up groceries for you on the way home, which is really sweet. He’s always thinking of ways he can help!

37. He sends you cute texts throughout the day.

38. He’s always asking you how your day is going and tells you he misses you.

39. When he texts, it usually has a lot of emoticons in the text box because his face just isn’t enough for him to show that he cares about what you’re doing.

40. He does nice things when no one is looking – like leaving you a love note, or your favorite flavor of ice cream in the freezer.

41. He wants to spend as much time with you as possible because he really enjoys your company.

42. He cooks for you – even if it’s just making tacos from scratch!

43. And yes, he does have his faults and can be moody sometimes… but the good outweighs the bad, and he’s worth it.

44. He is definitely boyfriend material!

45. He sends you cute texts throughout the day.

When he texts, it usually has a lot of emoticons in the text box because his face just isn’t enough for him to show that he cares about what you’re doing.

47. You make each other laugh a lot and have a lot in common

48. He wants to be with you all the time

49. You feel comfortable around him

50. You can talk to him about anything, and he actually listens

51. He likes meeting your friends and family (even if they don’t like him)

Conclusion: signs he wants to be your boyfriend

There are many signs that can help you determine whether he wants to be your boyfriend or if it’s just a platonic friendship.

If he is more affectionate with you than his friends, does not get too hung up on rejection, and makes sacrifices for you then there might be real love behind the motivations!

However, these aren’t foolproof ways of knowing what’s really in someone else’s heart so make sure to listen closely when they talk about their feelings towards you.

And don’t forget to give every guy an honest chance by waiting until they’ve actually asked before assuming anything!

We hope that these tips will help you know whether he’s in it for the long haul or just seeing what it is that appeals to him about you.

Good luck!