26 signs he secretly wants you.

It’s hard to tell if a guy likes you. There are some who will be more open about their feelings and desires, while others do it in a more subtle way.

Either way, there are some signs that he secretly wants you, as well as some things that could mean that he doesn’t want to be with you.

In the article, we’ll explore how these signs may manifest themselves in different ways so you are not totally lost when it comes to figuring out if he likes you.

Let’s start with some of the signs that he secretly wants you:


Here are 26 signs he secretly wants you

1. He gets jealous easily but doesn’t make much effort to hide his jealousy.

He might become touchy or even moody when another guy gets too close to you.

And sometimes, just seeing you talking with another guy can be enough for him to show how mad he is at that moment without having any rational basis for doing so.

However, don’t think that this will automatically mean he wants you – it could also mean he has an insecurity issue instead.

So before concluding anything about his feelings toward you, find out whether there are other reasons why he may simply be very insecure and gets mad easily.

2. He may not be as open about his feelings.

Some guys won’t do anything that is too over the top when it comes to showing you they like you, because they’re afraid of scaring or pressuring you into doing something that you don’t want to do yet.

Of course, this doesn’t mean he’ll never take any steps forward, but it will probably only happen on your terms and according to how much time has passed since you first met him.

While some girls might find this approach attractive, others may see it as being too timid and wonder if there’s actually any chemistry between them at all.

3. He smiles whenever he looks at you.

He may try to hide it, but there will always be a smile whenever he sees you – and this is how he expresses his feelings without you even noticing.

On the other hand, if he’s not interested in you at all, then he won’t give any smiles, to begin with.

4. He acts awkward around you in a good way.

While some guys might do something that is considered ‘too much when they’re trying to show their interest, others tend to act in a very awkward way when they’re near you.

This can be anything from being shy and quiet to stammering or getting tongue-tied every time they try to talk with you.

In most cases, this behavior is simply due to his nervousness about what he’s trying to say, but there’s a good chance that this is because he actually wants you.

5. He doesn’t make too much contact when you’re talking.

Some guys try to hold back when they’re around you and it can be hard for them to even touch or look into your eyes for more than a few seconds at a time – especially if they feel shy, insecure about themselves, or if they already have commitment issues.

In other cases though, this may simply be due to the fact that he sees you as being out of his league and so tries not to get too close so as not to pressure himself into doing something stupid that might spoil everything later on.

6. He always seems comfortable when he’s around you.

While there might be a few times when he acts a little shy around you, for the most part, he will always seem comfortable and at ease whenever he’s with you.

This can be because of his greater self-esteem or simply because of his high level of comfort and confidence towards you.

Don’t forget though that some guys will try to act like this even if they’re not really interested in you; so don’t jump to any conclusions too soon.

7. He tries to make an effort whenever you’re around him.

When some guys like someone, they’ll do whatever they can to try and get noticed by them so as to show their interest without being too pushy – for example, by dressing very nicely whenever they go out with you.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t show any interest in you at all, he’ll probably look very casual around you and won’t even try to impress you in any way.

8. He’s always there when you need him.

Even if some guys are too shy to tell you that they like you, it will usually be enough for them to simply act as your friend instead – of course, this might just mean that he has no confidence though.

At the same time though, some other guys might see this as their best option since not trying anything with the girl they like is more comfortable for them than actually taking a chance and getting rejected later on.

While some girls will find this trait attractive in its own right, others could think that he’s simply trying to use you for your good nature.

9. He tries to get closer when you’re not paying attention.

Some guys tend to be shy around girls because they feel intimidated by them, but this doesn’t mean that they will always give up whenever their actions aren’t reciprocated – instead, they’ll continue going forward in a way that almost seems sneaky at times.

For example, if he likes you and approaches you in a very reserved manner, then he might try to get closer when you don’t expect it later on without making a big deal out of it or telling you right away since he knows that this might come off as being too desperate so early on.

10. He wants to get to know your friends.

When a guy likes a girl, he will usually take any chance that he gets in order to learn more about them and who they hang out with – this is because getting closer to her friends means that it’s easier for him to do the same thing with you as well.

On the other hand, if he doesn’t seem interested in what you’re doing when you’re together or how your day went, then there’s nothing wrong with just assuming that he simply isn’t into you anymore.

11. He’ll try anything once.

Sure, some guys might think that asking their crush out on a date is scary since they fear rejection – but for most of them, this will only be true to an extent.

If you notice that he’s always willing to do whatever it is that you suggest even when your friends want to take a break or go home, then he could simply be doing this because he likes spending time with you and doesn’t care much about what else happens.

12. He starts acting strange if someone else tries to get close to you.

If there’s one thing that most guys won’t like too much, it’s the fact that other guys will try flirting with their crush whenever they’re not around – this means that not only does he need to prove his love for her by getting closer than any other guy has before, but also act as her protector at the same time.

For example, if becomes really upset whenever another guy is trying to flirt with you, then he might just be showing off his big ego and how much he cares about your relationship.

13. He gets insecure if you’re not around him for too long.

While some guys tend to act tough no matter what’s going on around them, others will start becoming completely different people the moment that they realize the girl they like isn’t around.

This means that they’ll miss her more than anyone else does, but because of their inability to control themselves, they’ll often choose not to let this show in any way.

On the other hand though, if he’s constantly looking at your messages or checking up on you even when you’re together, then he could simply be looking for proof that you still care about him even though he might have doubts about what you’re up to.

14. He makes excuses in order to get closer.

There are some guys out there that will go to great lengths just to make sure that they spend more time with the girl they like – however, most of them won’t do something like this unless it’s really worth it.

For example, if a guy is always offering his help whenever you need someone to watch over you when you’re sick or asks if he can be the one to give you a ride home, then he could simply want to look good while trying to impress you at the same time.

15. He’ll start asking for more if things are going well so far.

There’s nothing unusual about the fact that a guy will try getting closer to you or even trying to kiss you once things seem to be going so well between the two of you – after all, this is something that most couples do when they’ve been together for a while now.

On the other hand, though, it starts doing this too early instead of just waiting for you to make the next move, then he might be showing off how much he cares about your relationship and what you think about him.

16. He gets upset whenever someone interrupts something between the two of you.

No guy will ever want to ruin their chances with a girl they like by getting into an argument or by doing something that might end up annoying her –

this is why most guys will try avoiding such situations at all costs unless they’re completely out of options.

On the other hand, though, it starts acting strange whenever someone tries talking to you, then there’s a big chance that he simply doesn’t like it when other people interfere with whatever it is that he has going on with you.

17. He’s willing to do anything for you.

Even though there are some guys who simply won’t care about a girl enough to change their plans around in order to meet up with her, there are others who will start doing these things the moment that they realize someone is actually interested in them –

this means that if does his best to get along with your friends or tries whatever he can so you’ll always be happy, then it’s likely that he really cares about what happens between the two of you.

Just keep in mind though, no guy will ever do absolutely everything for a girl unless there’s something more than just their strong desire to be with her.

18. He makes an effort to appear more interesting whenever you’re around.

Some guys don’t care too much about what everyone else might think while others simply don’t want anyone finding out how boring their lives truly are – this is why some guys will try acting like movie stars every time they’re with a girl they like.

On the other hand though, it starts doing his best to split his attention between you and something more interesting whenever you two are together,

then it’s possible that he simply doesn’t want anyone else thinking that he can’t handle being around someone as amazing as you.

19. He keeps bringing up special events in the future whenever you’re together.

Some guys tend to avoid talking about what might happen next in their lives because they either don’t care or because they don’t have anything to say –

this is why most men will only bring up such topics from time to time even when they know there’s a big chance that something good might emerge from these conversations at one point or another.

On the other hand though, if starts talking about special events in the future every time you two are together, then there’s a good chance that he simply wants to know what you think about these ideas.

20. He’ll often ask how you feel whenever something important happens.

If your guy tends to ask how you feel every time something big happens between the two of you but doesn’t care enough to listen to your answer or talk about it afterward,

then it’s safe for you to assume that he just does this because he thinks it will somehow help him appear more interested in what goes on between the two of you

This means that if he does this too early into your relationship instead of waiting until things develop further, then there’s no way he’s looking for a serious girlfriend.

21. He talks about future plans whenever you two are together.

Even though some guys might not care enough to make their lives sound interesting, they will still start talking about all kinds of things early on simply because it allows them to get closer to someone –

this means that if a guy is willing to talk about his hopes and dreams without waiting too long into your relationship, then it’s likely that he really wants you around even if he doesn’t show it.

Just keep in mind though that this doesn’t mean that any guy who does this automatically wants you as his girlfriend – instead, wait until other signs appear so you’ll know for sure!

22. Most people describe him as a straight shooter.

Straight shooters are known for being able to tell a person what they’re thinking in a very clear and open way without beating around the bush –

this is why if most people describe as the type of guy who doesn’t try to hide his feelings, then it’s safe to assume that he doesn’t feel like hiding his desire to be with you either.

On the other hand, though, even guys who are good at keeping their thoughts under control will start doing these things when someone special comes along –

so keep an eye out for some other signs before you decide whether or not he really wants more than just casual dating.

23. He texts or calls whenever you least it.

Even though every guy will get in touch with a girl he likes whenever he’s able to, some guys are simply too shy or indifferent to do this even if they know that there’s a good chance the person on the other side might miss them –

this is why most guys who want to be more than just friends with someone will always text or call whenever they have something important to share.

On the other hand though, even though gets in touch when you least expect it, there’s no guarantee that he wants you as his girlfriend yet!

24. He tries making casual conversation whenever you’re both together.

Some guys tend to approach relationships in a very shy and cautious way while others will do everything that they can to get the girl and never look back –

this is why if your guy always tries making casual conversation, then there’s a good chance that he won’t feel like hiding his interest in you.

On the other hand though, even though some other guys might be more open about their feelings, they still wouldn’t make any kind of move until they know for sure it’s safe!

25. He makes comments about things he loves whenever he sees them on social media.

Even though most people who try to capture someone else’s attention online will use cute quotes or something similar, some men don’t really bother doing this even though they would love to be with someone –

this is why if your guy constantly makes comments about things he loves whenever he sees them on social media, then it’s safe to assume that he’s not the kind of guy who would get in touch yesterday and disappear today.

On the other hand, though, there are also guys who take a lot of time getting into relationships just because they’re either too shy or aggressive!

26. He never takes his eyes off you at parties/events.

Even though some people aren’t really interested in being around others, most men will still make an effort to have fun whenever they get a chance –

this is why even though might seem a bit shy when you first meet him if he gets used to you faster than you would expect, then there’s a good chance that he wants you to know how much he appreciates your presence.

On the other hand, though, it’s also possible for some guys to feel too shy or indifferent around others – so try to take this with a grain of salt until you find out for sure if he really likes you!

There are many other signs that he secretly wants to be with you – but remember that most of them will only show up if he already likes you!

And if you think he might be too shy to let you know how he feels, then try sharing some of these signs with him and see what his reaction is – while this doesn’t always work, it’s definitely worth a try!

Conclusion: 26 signs he secretly wants you.

In this article, I have given you 26 signs he secretly wants you.

If you’re struggling with signs he secretly wants you, don’t worry.

There are many other signs that can help give an indication of his true feelings for you – some men will only show their interest in more than just casual dating if they already like someone, while others might do it more subtly.

So the important thing is to pay attention to what your guy does when nobody else is looking and see how he reacts when given a chance to share these thoughts with him without any pressure.

Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I won’t bite :). If you need me, just send me a private message here.