20 signs he pretends to love you

Signs he pretends to love you

You are wondering if it is possible that he pretends to love you for some reason, but the reasons for this are not always obvious to us. There might be a way to tell if he is pretending when you look at his actions and how he acts in front of others..

The idea that your partner pretends to love you for some reason is a difficult one to grasp. It seems like such a huge betrayal, and it can really make you doubt yourself. One of the most important things in any relationship is trust, and if your partner pretends to love you then how can there be trust?

You’re not sure if he pretends because he doesn’t want commitment or has lost interest in the relationship but either way it feels bad.

There are many signs that could indicate this behavior on his part so take a look at them below before making any assumptions about what they mean.

1) He flips between being loving and cold towards you: This might seem like an obvious sign that something isn’t quite right, but it can be hard to spot if you’re not aware of what’s going on.

2) He pretends to love you when others are around:

While this is often the most obvious sign because he pretends to enjoy being around you as much as possible in front of people, sometimes he’ll act this way very subtly. Even when he pretends to love you for a little while, it won’t last so there will always be signs that tell you he pretends.

3) He’s cold and detached:

Many people think it’s simple to know if someone pretends, but a lot of the time warm and loving actions are what gives him away. If he’s giving you the cold shoulder most of the time then that is one major sign that something is not quite right with your relationship.

4) He pretends to say he loves you:

This one can be harder to spot, but if you ask your partner how he feels about you and he pretends that he has feelings for you then it’s a sign something is up. While it may not seem as bad because it seems like he still cares about you, it’s a sign that he pretends at least some of the time.

5) He pretends to be interested in your life:

A lot of people will say they love their partner, but this is different than being invested in their lives. If he pretends to be interested in the things you do and care about how you’re doing then that’s a sign he pretends to love you.

6) He doesn’t trust you:

If he pretends to love you but doesn’t trust you then that’s a sign something is not right with your relationship. Many of the other signs could be hidden in order to keep up pretenses, but this one can’t be without being outright obvious.

7) He doesn’t express his true feelings to you:

This can be another very difficult one to spot, and it might not always be obvious. It’s a bad sign if your partner pretends to love you in front of others but doesn’t express those feelings when the two of you are alone together. While he may sometimes show those feelings if they aren’t expressed often then there’s potential for pretense.

8) He does prioritize you:

For pretense to occur, he does need to care about you and have feelings for you. This doesn’t mean that he pretends completely but it’s necessary for pretense. If your partner pretends to love you at all then there is potential that it’s not genuine.

9) He pretends as nothing has changed:

If you’ve noticed a change in how he pretends to love you or if he pretends like nothing is wrong then there could be a pretense at play.

10) He can’t say what’s wrong with the relationship:

To pretend to care about someone, one needs to understand why they’re doing it and have a reason for pretense. If your partner pretends to love you yet can’t tell you why or what’s wrong with the relationship then that’s a sign pretense may be involved.

11) You feel like he puts up walls and pretends:

When someone pretends, they’re often putting up a mask around those close to them. You may feel that pretense is involved if it seems like your partner puts up walls around you and pretends to be interested in the things you do, etc.

12) He pretends he’s over past relationships:

This one can be a bit tricky because some people will say they love someone but still hold onto past feelings for exes. If your partner pretends to love you but pretends like he’s over past relationships then that’s a sign pretense may be involved in the relationship.

13) His actions don’t match up with what he says:

This is one of the easiest ways to tell if pretense is involved. If it doesn’t seem like his actions line up with what he pretends to love then there is the potential pretense that might be involved.

14) He pretends you’re friends without outing it:

Putting on an act and pretense usually come along with a lot of stress, but if your partner pretends like he’s your friend or pretends like you’re just friends then pretense is likely involved.

15) You notice a change in how he treats you:

If you’ve noticed that pretense has crept into your relationship, then there’s a good chance some of the pretenses include how he pretends to love you as well.

16) He pretends like it might work out:

Pretense is a lot of work and pretends requires energy so if your partner pretends that it might work out then pretense may be involved.

17) He pretends to love you when he’s in pain:

This one can sometimes seem like everyone pretends at least some of the time and some people more than others. If you suspect pretense is involved then look at the other signs to see if pretense might not be present in your relationship.

18) He pretends like he isn’t pretending:

This may seem like a strange sign but sometimes pretense gets buried deep within ourselves so much so that we don’t even realize it’s there. Pretending like pretense isn’t there is a sign pretense might be involved with your partner.

19) You can tell he pretends:

Sometimes pretense is obvious and sometimes it’s not but if you’re able to tell that your partner pretends then pretense may be involved.

20) You feel like he doesn’t really love you:

Pretending takes a lot of effort and pretends can be difficult so if you feel like pretense is involved then pretense may be involved with your partner.

If pretense seems to be present in your relationship, it’s important that you think about why pretense would be there and whether this could potentially cause problems for the relationship.

Final Word: 20 signs he pretends to love you

Pretending to love you might seem harmless, but pretense and pretends of love just might not lead to the results that are hoped for in a relationship.

Pretenses to love someone can be done with good intentions, but pretenses will still require effort on your partner’s part so it is important to think about whether pretense would even be beneficial or not.

If pretense seems present in your relationship, it is important that you look at why this may have happened as well as how much these kinds of behaviors could potentially affect the future of the relationship before taking any action.