14 Signs An Introvert LIKES You! step by step guide



Is there a special someone that you like, but it’s difficult to tell if they’re into you? Are they reserved, less talkative than others, or difficult to strike up a conversation with? If so, it could mean that a person is introverted.

From switching up their instinctive habits to revealing inner mysteries, here are 14 signs an introvert likes you: the first Signs An Introvert LIKES  is

1. Making an Effort

One sure sign an introvert is interested in is if they’re actively trying to start a conversation with you. Since these less-social people become mentally drained by interacting with others for significant amounts of time, it means something special if they are making a point to talk to you.

 Introverts usually don’t initiate discussions with other people, because opposed to extroverts, they retreat into their minds instead of outwardly expressing themselves. It takes a lot of energy for people with introverted personalities to be the ones who spark up conversations. 

Plus, as a general rule, this type of person doesn’t find small-talk engaging. They would rather get to know you more deeply than chat about the weather. Let’s face it, you’re both in the same place and can tell if it’s raining, so what’s the point in going over it?

If an introvert likes you, they’ll ask about your

  • likes
  • dislikes
  • dreams
  • your aspirations

Keep that in mind if a person who’s normally reserved wants to learn more about you on a personal level. 

the second Signs An Introvert LIKES  is

2. Special Invitation

It’s a great indication that an introvert likes you if they invite you into their homes or personal spaces. Since these people regain their energy by taking time for themselves, they often have a quiet place they go to recuperate. These places can include their bedrooms, cafes, libraries, or parks.

These are the spots where they feel most comfortable, and more often than not, introverts want to be completely alone in these locations. So, if they ask you to join them, that’s a huge sign that they’re into you!

It may not seem like much, but it means a lot that they want you around at a time and in a place they’d generally prefer to be apart from others.

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the third Signs An Introvert LIKES is

3. Just Avoiding YOU

Although it contradicts the conversational effort we already discussed, if an introverted person is ignoring you, it could be an indication that they like you.

People with these more reclusive personalities find it difficult to display their interest in someone openly and find it even harder to start talking to them.

Not all introverts are the same, so they react in different ways in various situations. Plus, they’re often insecure about their mingling skills and don’t want to feel embarrassed or foolish if they seem a little socially awkward.

So, if you’ve noticed a person specifically ignoring you during a party, it’s probably not that they’re repulsed by you. In fact, it’s more likely a sign that they find you captivating and are too nervous to say so.

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the four one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

4. Personality Shift

Does an introverted person you know act differently around you than they do other people? If you answered “yes,” then it could be a sign that they like you.

Many people with this personality find it difficult to act like themselves in most social situations. They often grow up feeling a little awkward and different from the norm.

This distinctive way of behaving around others can intensify or change entirely while they’re around somebody they’re interested in.

Maybe they’re acting more shy than usual around you, stumbling over their words, finding it challenging to keep the conversation going, blushing, or attempting to be a social butterfly against their secluded nature.

Whatever the case, if they’ve had a personality change as soon as they got near you, it’s likely that they’re intrigued.

the fifth one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

5. Online Flirtation

Since it proves strenuous for introverts to be forward with their feelings for someone, it’s often easier for them to express their interests through social media sites.

Has somebody who’s usually a little shy in-person liking a lot of your Instagram selfies lately? Are they using the “love react” to your Facebook profile picture? Maybe they’re responding to your tweets with cute remarks.


Any of these actions could be an indication that they like you. Introverts often find it easier to flirt with people if there is a barrier between them and the other person. Don’t be afraid to come back with the “heart eyes” emoji, and you two will be meeting for coffee in no time!

the six one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

6. Regular Meetups

Another sign that an introvert likes you is if they want to see you consistently. Since most people with these shy personalities are usually averse to many social situations, if they continually ask you on dates or invite you to spend quality time together, it means they’re into you.

They are overcoming their instincts to take time for themselves, and instead, choosing to give that time and attention to you!

Having daily or weekly meetups will bring the small-talk to an end and make both parties involved more comfortable with each other.

the seventh one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

7. Expressing Themselves

Most introverts don’t like to talk about themselves, and would rather listen to and learn about you than get into their details. This stems back to their supposed awkwardness in social interactions and feelings of being the odd-one-out. Plus, they’re very guarded and often in fear of being hurt.

So, if an introvert opens up to you about their feelings, pay attention because it means they like you enough to let you in. They only trust a small group of people, and it’s even difficult for them to dive into their emotions with the ones they’re very close to.


Outwardly expressing their inner sensitivities to you indicates that they are putting their faith in you as someone on which they can depend.

They want to further their relationship with you by sharing a piece of themselves.

the eighth  one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

8. Extra Caring

The majority of introverts consider most people they come into contact with to be acquaintances, not true friends. When it comes to these less in-depth relationships, it’s not necessarily that introverted people don’t care, but they don’t have as much personal interest in the friendships that come and go.

They often don’t feel the need to pursue more meaningful connections with the majority of people they run into, so, it’s significant if an introvert takes the time to show you that they care.

If you notice them asking about your day, being a shoulder to cry on, or trying to brighten your mood however they can, these are sure signs that they like you more than most other people.

the ninth  one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

9. Spending Time

It’s a huge indicator that an introvert likes you if they’re spending most of their free time with you. As we already discussed, these generally shy people regain their energy and balance by being alone. This usually means they’ll want to be by themselves for large parts of the day, especially after social situations like work, school, and seeing friends.

But if they like someone, they’ll give up many of these restful moments to invest time with that person. So, if you have met an introvert that wants to see you during these vacant hours, it means that they’re into you.

the tenth one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

10. Comfort Zone

This indicator encompasses many of the topics we’ve already discussed. Introverts are known for being reserved, somewhat reclusive when it comes to social gatherings, and often more interested in being alone than interacting with other people.

But, they will make exceptions regarding the people they are interested in. If you invite an introvert to a party that they’d normally say “no” to, but they come out anyway because it was your suggestion, it’s a huge sign that they like you.


The last advice on introvert is If you ask them to join in an activity they’ve never done before and aren’t comfortable with, and they agree to participate, it’s also evidence of their affection. So, If introverts are willing to try all of these new things and put themselves in uncomfortable situations for you, don’t take it lightly because it means they care about you.

the eleventh one on our Signs An Introvert LIKES is

11. Little Things

They’ll often take details into consideration, as we’ve already talked about, but introverts will do extra things for someone they like as well. Whether it’s small actions like bringing you a coffee in the morning or more obvious things like taking you to your favorite restaurant, it all points to an introverted person having an interest in you.

It proves that even while they’re not with you, they are thinking about you. Plus, it isn’t common for introverts to act on their feelings, so it’s very showing if they take the time to do something special.

12. Befriend Your Friends

Have they gone to hang out with you and your besties? Are they taking the time to ask your friends some personal questions? Do they make an effort to know more about the people you like to spend time with? If you answered “yes,” then it’s a sign that an introverted person likes you.

They’ve developed an interest in you, and they feel like they should get to know the people you’re close to as well. It isn’t easy for them to spend a lot of time in these social situations, so if they’re making it a point to do so, it shows that they care. It isn’t often that they’ll join in for a group outing, so pay attention if an introvert is willing to do this for you.

13. Answer the Phone

It’s common in today’s world for people to ignore phone calls, since it’s often telemarketers and because it’s easy to send a simple text. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to get dragged into a two-hour conversation with extended family members. Whatever it might be, it’s safe to say that people frequently let their calls go to voicemail.

However, if an introvert likes you, they won’t allow the phone to keep ringing. In fact, they’ll probably pick up immediately! They’ll want to hear what you have to say and will be happy that you took the time to dial them up. Another indicator is if they phone you.

It can even be difficult for introverts to contact people in this way. It takes some nerve since they’re not sure if you’ll pick up or if they’re bothering you.

So, if you’re getting a phone call from someone with this personality type, don’t overlook it. They’ve taken the time to try and start a conversation, which means they’ve been thinking about you throughout the day.

14. Body Language

This is one of the most prominent signs that an introvert is really into you. Since they don’t generally express their feelings by talking, it’s important to pay attention to their body language because it will show you a lot. If they’re facing toward you, studying your face, or touching you lightly throughout a conversation, it probably means they’re into you.

Most of the time, body language is more telling than words anyway, so it’s a wonderful way for someone to show interest. A simple smile can mean more than saying “hello,” so remember that if you think an introvert might like you.



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