9 Signs An Introvert LIKES You & Is Just Scared To Show You


How can you be sure that an introverted guy actually likes you? how do you know when he’s someone who cares maybe there’s a guy in your life who’s kind of quiet reserved maybe a little bit shy but you have a sneaking suspicion that this guy actually likes you.

It’s tricky and complicated to tell if he’s into you or not. does talk less than others? if that’s the case, it could perhaps mean that he is an introvert.

Here are some signs and signs to tell if an introvert likes you or not. 

1. He dodges or perhaps ignores you.

If an introvert is avoiding you, that might suggest that he likes you. It’s for an introvert to display affection publicly and perhaps openly because of their inclusiveness personalities.

Introverts are like everyone else. They respond in various ways in different situations and circumstances. He doesn’t want to feel embarrassed by others when he is in public such as at a party or perhaps a club. So if he ignores you in public, he is definitely into you. 

2. Frequent encounters.

Another prominent sign that an introvert likes you is if he craves to see you on a regular basis. 

Despite being an introvert, he is averse to social sets and gatherings. 

As such if he wants to meet you on a regular basis like inviting you for a date, then he is totally into you. He is willing to hang around and spend quality time with you which is really awesome. 

So give him the opportunity and the chance to have a conversation and make him feel comfortable. 

3. Excessive compassion.

When it comes to introverts, most of the time they don’t have that deep friendship. However, they rather have acquaintances. They just don’t like a friendship that comes and goes way because of personal interest.

He wants to feel a personal connection with you however, that is going to take time obviously. If he asks you how your day was, lightens your day with a big smile or perhaps inquires you general questions about your daily life, then he most definitely likes you. 

4. He  Overcomes  Fear And Steps Out of His Comfort Zone.

It’s indeed difficult for an introvert to step out of his comfort zone. In general, he wants to be alone and not interact with other people because of his reserved nature. However, if he is interested in you, You’ll be an exception to this rule. 

 Since he likes you, he is not going to feel uncomfortable when you invite him to gatherings or perhaps get-togethers.

  If he is willing to try and do all these unfamiliar things and put himself in awkward situations just because he wants to please you, then he likes you for sure. He is stepping out of his comfort zone because he’s interested in you and cares about you. 

5.Trying harder.

One definite signal that an introvert likes you is that he tries hard to start a dialogue. Because of his quiet, reserved, and thoughtful personality, it’s strenuous and daunting for him to express his feelings. However, if he is taking all this time to interact and perhaps get to know you better, then he most definitely likes you and he’s into you. 

Introverts are known not to express or perhaps talk about their inner thoughts, they keep it to themselves compared to extroverts. This brings me to my next point.

6. Getting to know you.

If an introvert is interested in you, he will do everything he can to get to know you on a personal level. He wants to know what you enjoy the most, things you do for fun, what your ambitions are or perhaps aspirations, goals. What makes you angry. I mean he will dig deeper just to get to know you. Be open-minded and realize that he is opening up to you as opposed to the general society.

7.Extraordinary occasions

If an introvert is into you, he wants to invite you on special occasions such as birthdays, graduations, and perhaps his family or friend’s weddings. Since he often likes to stay silent and perhaps quite an environment, inviting you is a huge indication of how he likes you and he is into you. He feels comfortable sharing these special occasions with you. Honor his request and know that he likes you.

8.Flirting through social media.

Since introverts are cautious, thoughtful, and quiet by nature, expressing their feelings openly is difficult as we have mentioned previously. However, using social media to express their feelings is much easier than doing it in face-to-face situations. 

If an introvert likes all your Facebook posts or perhaps Instagram pictures, then he is most definitely like you. Because now there’s a barrier in between you two and he feels comfortable expressing his feelings for you. Feel free to send him an emoji with captions.

9. He shows constant interest or perhaps concern.

If an introvert is really into you, he will do everything he can to make sure that he is there for you whenever you need him emotionally and physically. 

Since an introvert likes to keep to himself and process his own feelings, the fact that he is showing genuine concern and interest says a lot about him and how much you meant to him. Hence he definitely likes you more than you can envisage. 

Alright, well, I hope you now know or perhaps some idea on how to know if an introvert likes you or perhaps interested in you. Either way, I hope you’ve learned something about being an introvert and how to know if they are into you. 


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