10 Signs a man likes you at work( #9 Makes NO Sense)

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have you ever wonder what are Signs a man likes you at work? well, today you are lucky

Hey guys, welcome back. This is been before I start talking about this. I want to let you know that dating someone at work can be fun and risky at the same time because if things don’t work out it can really compromise their professionalism.

So a male coworker, huh, is he acting differently recently? Is he just being a friendly co-worker or does he actually liked you when a guy likes you they can show some clear signs for you to pick up but that’s outside of the work environment? You can check out my other articles.

So I’ve broken it down to ten signs a male coworker likes you at work.

Number one he brings you coffee snack or lunch

if he surprises you with these items occasionally, then he’s trying to make a good impression.

So he can’t get you the morning coffee is probably the most frequent items to bring because it’s cheap and who doesn’t like coffee. He Loki is trying to get you to think of him. Whenever you receive his coffee.

It’s like part of him is with you when you accept his coffee.

Okay, that might be a little creepy just forget. I said that.

the second Signs a man likes you at work is

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number two, he goes out to find if you’re single

before he wants to start a romantic relationship with you. He will definitely need to know if you’re single and ready to mingle.

Some guys can be really direct and straight up asked if you’re a single some guys, on the other hand, can be really smooth and settle and be like, hey does your boyfriend fine with you working this late? And if he says, oh, I don’t have a boyfriend.

Then he will know you’re single next thing, you know it he’ll be sliding into your DMs.

the third Signs a man likes you at work is

Number three. He talks to you more than anyone else at work.

So out of everyone in the office. Why does he spend more time talking to you than any other co-workers the truth is that he’s really interested in you. Does he swing by your desk or your workstation?

Frequently just for a quick chat perhaps he’s chatting with you online via the work Messenger Service.

If so, he’s probably trying to connect with you more than friends.

the fourth Signs a man likes you at work

Number four. He helps you a lot at work

whether you’re staying late for work or don’t know how to do a task. Don’t worry. He’s there to help you. He wants to be helpful. So you will notice him more. But please please don’t take advantage of him and use him. Let’s just say that some people could be at super lazy and just rely on others to do the work for them.

If you are honestly a good person you wouldn’t take advantage of him. But like can you finish this report for me before 9:00 when I leave.

the fifth Signs a man likes you at work is

Number five. He always invites you to social hours.

This could be hanging out after work company socials happy hours lunch hours or vacation parties.

This is probably an easy and low-pressure way to get to hang out with you. It’s so subtle that if you end up saying no, it wouldn’t sound like a big deal to him. He’s already used to rejections.

His heart is already shattered into a thousand pieces. It doesn’t matter if it’s a thousand in one piece is at this point, but anyways hanging outside of work will give him the opportunity.

Need to talk about something else other than work

the sixth Signs a man likes you at work is

Number six. You see him frequently

seems like where you go, you come across him once you are on your break.

He takes his break the same time as you during meetings. You’ll sit next to you. Oh, yeah, you’re going out for lunch. You bet. He’s tagging along with you when he likes you it feels like he’s a magnet attached to you. So wherever you go, he’ll be there.

the seventh Signs a man likes you at work is

Number seven. He tries to get help from you.

He may or may not really need to help but he will ask for you specifically even though his other co-worker is just right next to him. He will like it if you can show him how to complete a certain task. He could also be making up more questions and excuses to spend more time with you.

I know this is kind of unproductive for a work environment. But hey, he’s trying to get with you and actually have a life beyond work.

the eighth  Signs a man likes you at work is

Number 8. You have inside jokes and secrets with him.

This is what makes work fun and pleasurable. it brings humans along and can enable him to induce nearer with you building a stronger relationship, on the other hand, sharing secrets with each other allows it to be more intimate with you now, you know.

the ninth  Signs a man likes you at work is

Number nine. He gets jealous when you neglect him.

This means that if he finds out you’re going on a date with someone it’ll break his heart now. It’s a thousand and two pieces. As I said, it’s no biggie.

Here’s a Telltale sign that he could be jealous if he used to be nice and talkative with you then all of a sudden that all stopped then that could mean that he’s taking a break from you and trying to figure out if he’s still even has a shot with you his behaviors

and actions will reveal it all to you and you kind of betray him by not telling him you went on a date with a guy. therefore if someone(women) did that to me I would have shattered them before they break my heart.

Number 10. He stares at you.

This is a huge giveaway sign that he likes you when a guy likes you he won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you. That’s why he knows everything that’s going on at your station or at your desk when you’re working.

Do you find him getting lost during meetings? Do you catch him staring at you dreaming lie? If so, there’s a huge chance that he’s just mesmerized by you. That you simply attract him overall.

You should already know that there is a risk when dating your coworker policies can be in place to band dating within a company.

So be warned also, he could be really scared to ask you out because if things don’t last then it could be really awkward working together in the future.

But hey, if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be if you both don’t care and it’s just a temporary job than live that yo lifestyle that is you only live once.

Hey, if you like this article, please share and comment down below to share a story about your male coworker who potentially has a crush on you and as always thanks for reading.


10 Signs a man likes you at work

  • he brings you coffee snack or lunch
  • he goes out to find if you’re single
  • he talks to you more than anyone else at work
  • he helps you a lot at work
  • he always invites you to social hours
  • You see him frequently
  • He tries to get help from you
  • you have inside jokes and secrets with him.
  • he gets jealous when you neglect him
  • He stares at you.



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