signs a guy is jealous and likes you

So last time I made an article about ten signs a guy is jealous and is hiding it but I didn’t specify if it’s for romantic reasons or not. So now think of this as a follow-up to that article or a part to this time,

it’s for romantic reasons for some guys when they like someone they won’t just randomly go up to their crush and tell them because the fear of rejection is real plus most guys won’t tell you that they’re jealous.

When one day you decide to go out with another guy, but there are some signs to watch out if they are jealous. So keep an eye out for these signs because he might actually like you anyway here are ten signs a guy is jealous and likes you

number one. He becomes obsessed with you in other words.

He’s getting clingy with you. He’s texting and calling you almost every day and is always seeking your attention.

He might even have a love song for you who knows he goes out of his way to see you and even try to hang out with you whenever it’s possible at this point. He’s basically looking For reassurance from you. He’s jealous and hopes. You don’t go out find me another guy to hang out because he likes you.

the  second signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

number two. He stares at you a lot.

Whenever you’re in a crowded area at school or in a classroom and are far away from each other. You’ll find him constantly staring at you. It’s like he wants you but just don’t want to make a move.

Also. It’s another way of keeping you on check to see if you’re behaving yourself and not interacting with other people or guys sometimes staring at you for a long period of time can just be plain creepy / stalker status jealous much. I think so.

the  third signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

number three, he’s been acting strange lately.

most of the time when a person likes another person they tend to do something odd something that’s out of the norm of how they usually behave granted. I’ve been a victim of this multiple times because you want to grab the person’s attention, but when a guy is jealous and likes you they can either be bodily nice to you or strangely unsettling towards you.

He can be doing both and have these mood swing moments because however he’s acting he’s not quite getting the response that he wants from you. So he decides to test different Avenues.

So you give him the attention that he needs just note that he wants you to care about him because he likes you.

the  fourth signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

number four. He starts to wind up others.

Let’s say if you are ever hanging out together with him in a group setting and Tom is talking about how great he is at hunting and telling these awesome stories and you’re just fascinated by Tom.

He’ll eventually want to chime in to trying to one-up Tom.

Sometimes he might even lie or make something up so he can’t be like Tom and grab the audience’s attention and hopefully he gets your attention as well. If you noticed him doing that around you he’s probably jealous.

the fifth signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

number five. He wants to know what you are up to besides asking you a front on your whereabouts.

He’ll follow you on all you of your social media accounts and maybe be the first one to like or comment on your post he’ll Q on your social media accounts, but you’ll never know if he actually does until when you decide to post stories on your Snapchat or Instagram and he’s always the first one to view it then you’ll know what’s really going on.

number 6, he tags along wherever you go at first.

You might think. Oh, it’s fun having another guy in the group doing things together, but then you’ll start realizing something odd about him. He’s basically around you all the time even going to random events.

He doesn’t give you space and just follows you now you might like him following you and having him chase after you but then there comes a point where you need your own space.

And that’s when you’ll start to get annoyed when you push him he’ll get her and that’s when he’ll be jealous of you.

He’ll think that there’s something wrong because you used to be fine with him being around and now you don’t like it but he’s doing it because he likes you.

the  sixth signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

number seven. He starts to not care anymore at the end of the day.

He has no control over who you talk to or hang out. When you’re hanging out with your guy friends or talking about other guys that he tends to fade away in the background.

It’s easier for him to seem uninterested and unsupportive in the discussion then to actually speak up about it. He knows that he can’t control what you say or do so his best bet is to sometimes ignore.

the  seventh signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

You number eight.He freaked out once.

when you are talking to a guy, do you think the guy is way hotter or cuter than him if you answer? Yes, then that’s probably why he thinks you’re flirting with the cute guy or that the hot guy is trying to flirt with you. Either way.

He thinks that there shouldn’t be any flirting with anyone else but him doing so will only make him jealous because deep down inside. He likes you and he just got upset that the hot or cute guy is threatening his position overall.

He’s just not happy when you talk to another guy.

the  eighth signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

Number nine he starts being rude to those who are a Potential Threat to him.

what I mean by this is basically anyone who’s trying to steal you away from him. It could be your best friend General friends or that guy you used to hang out with back in elementary school, even though they have done nothing wrong to him. He feels like you might devote more time towards them than him. If you catch a making negative remarks about the people you hang out with you can get a hints that he’s jealous and likes you in.

the  ninth signs a guy is jealous and likes you is

number 10. He makes you feel guilty.

Now. This is a rare behavior for some guys to do but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen from time to time. Some guys might get defensive and start blaming you for what’s going on with whatever relationship you guys have going on.

I know it’s weird but the underlying issue here is his insecurities, which is the reason why he’s jealous if he can’t get you he’ll start blaming you as saying things like because of you this or that won’t happen.

We could have done this together or something along the lines of that again this Something unusual or rare but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen overall. If you’ve watched this all the way up to here to see if he’s actually jealous.

Then you might actually have some feeling towards him or care about him. If you like him or care about him communicate that with him to give him reassurance.

If you don’t like him romantically still communicated with him, so he can’t slowly let things go or not. But at least you are able to clear any misunderstanding that he might have and if he actually cares about you he’ll understand and won’t ruin a good friendship that you guys have by being jealous.

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