Why did he Pull Away After Getting Close

David Keith

Today I’m super excited I’ll be sharing with you Why did he Pull Away After Getting Closer and most important of all what to do about it.

 You’ve had the situation perhaps in your life or a friend of yours has had it. you’ve connected to an amazing guy, and he seems to be really motivated to really drive into you, doing the right things, and out of the blue when you start falling for him.

  You start getting anxious because you don’t know what to do. You don’t know if you should text him or call him or say hey “what’s happened”?

 Sometimes even if you do, he responds in this weird random way that doesn’t let you know that he’s really into it. So you feel frustrated.


 number one reason why men pull away is because

 #1. They don’t feel enough emotional motivation to go for it.

 They don’t feel enough drive inside towards you or in life about themselves or in general to actually do something to earn your heart and to connect with you. Right?

 It might be that the guy has something else going on. It might be that the guy is focused on other things but the truth is he’s not connecting.

 so there are a couple of reasons why this happens.

  • #1 he’s not feeling you completely 

Meaning you haven’t shown him enough aliveness, passion, some connection, some spark that makes him want to wake up and move mountains and do whatever it takes to connect with you.

 So if that’s the case at that moment, there’s nothing you can do until you meet him again.

 so if he’s not connecting with you, there’s nothing else to do at that moment but when you do connect with him. You need to show your aliveness and connect with him in such a way that you’re carefree and playful and showing who you really are without holding back.

 another reason why he could basically be not enough motivated not enough motivation to actually make this happen is

  • #2. If he’s not smart enough to recognize your value.

 That’s another thing. Sometimes women blame themselves for guys not showing up and they go incessantly crazy like why is not happening not connecting?  And the truth is some men don’t recognize the truth.

 You can give a guy diamonds and gold and he doesn’t feel the difference between them like fake jewels you know. 

So the guy that connects with is not smart enough despite you showing up strongly to recognize your worth then that’s a guy that you shouldn’t waste your time with.

 okay but the second Reason Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close or stop following through or don’t take action is sometimes 

#2. Men are not commitment-minded. 

Meaning there are many guys who have this vague idea about relationships and are kind of playing the game and if the guy that you’re connecting with is this type of guy not committing-minded then he’s doing you a favor by disappearing right?

 Because when a guy starts showing up and you show up strongly, he starts getting afraid sometimes because if you mean business and he’s really not looking about thinking about commitment then he starts freaking out because he doesn’t know what to do.

 he doesn’t know how to deal with it. he doesn’t want to feel attached or smothered. so he disappears right? That’s another reason why guys disappear.

 Now at the bulk of that is number three the third reason why guys disappear and don’t follow through or don’t take action is

#3. Men get scared of losing their freedom.

If a man starts losing his freedom, he freaks out. right? and sometimes what happens is a guy hasn’t felt what it is that you offer. basically in such a strong way where the freedom that he feels he’s getting from being single and being a bachelor is strong enough.

 here’s what I mean

 The value and the power and the aliveness and the love that you can offer a man who is commitment-minded is tremendously more powerful in the freedom he’s gonna experience from the variety of what he’s getting.

 So when he gets a chance to experience that directly from you, in a way that’s connected, it’s game over for him. because that freedom is a lot more intense than the freedom of variety.

 so just recognize that if you’re bringing aliveness and you’re bringing an open heart and the guy’s not feeling it. the guy’s not connecting the guy’s not doing what it takes then it’s a chance for you to do them.

 The last thing I’ll tell right now is that if you want a guy to reconnect with you or if you want a guy to start pursuing you again and he’s not doing that the best thing you can do is nothing at all.

The best thing you can do is lean back and here’s what I mean. Most women go into this crazy thing where they start playing games or where they call the guy or where they pursue the guy or some sort of combination of those things and it usually doesn’t work.

 because it makes the guy even more scared about this thing but if you lean back if you say you know what, You don’t wanna connect with me fine.

 have it your way and don’t call him. don’t text him, don’t play games.

Let the guy feel the pain of not experiencing you.

 two things will happen as you continue doing fun things in your life as you continue connecting with people in your life as you continue connecting with a man as you continue doing amazing things to feel that passion of that purpose that you have either the guy will say you know what I don’t like and I want to connect with that woman.

She’s a high-value woman that I want to connect with or he’s going to say you know what amazes at all in which case you win as well.

 So if the guy connects with you because he feels your absence, you win. if the guy doesn’t have what it takes and doesn’t connect with you, you win because guess what happens? It opens the space for somebody else who’s more passionate, more alive, more connective. Consider valuing you to connect with you and make something amazing happen.

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