5 Best Tips to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work



Hello, this is David today is another edition of aspirin of any of you amazing beautiful women get to ask me a question on understanding men how to create the relationship of your dreams and I create an article based on a response just for you.

Do you ever think to yourself, “how to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work? well, today I am gonna be answering that question. 

if you’re interested in finding out how to step into a long-distance relationship in a way that creates much more joy than pain will stick around. I’m going to be sharing with you how to do just that on my episode today.


Welcome to relationshipadvicetip.com Today’s question doesn’t just come from one woman. It comes from so many of you who’ve asked me how long the last few months. How do I make a long-distance relationship work? So I finally decided to let’s create an article on that today.

Here are the situation most human beings who end up being in a long-distance relationship end up suffering more than enjoying and the reason is that they get a chance to see part of I mean like see someone that they really wanted to spend time with but they can’t for whatever reason.

So if your longest relationship it’s going to work if you find yourself in one of these and it’s going to work I’m going to give you some guidelines.

This five guidelines will make it easier for you to really create a sustainable long relationship that ends up in being together versus something that’s  just a fling or that doesn’t last long

1. Spend more time in person before you called it a relationship.

the less time you’ve spent connecting as human beings in person before you call this a relationship the less likely it is to work.

Why because we tend to project if you never met somebody in person and you’ve all you’ve seen is texts and emails and Skype conversations the likelihood that you’re projecting a big part of who this human being is incredibly high.

So if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve never met this person, you must make it an absolute priority to spend some time together in person.

Why because you want to know for sure if all this poetry and this incredible experience can translate into someone really being there for you and with you. Okay now that’s not a rule that’s going to make this work, but I can tell you that if you actually meet this person or you spend more time with this person, you’ll get a chance to really know. What’s Not impressive but you’re projecting your mind because you want to feel this great emotion Called Love.

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2. Communicate more often than not.

Communicate naturally and often and here’s why because when you are in a long-distance relationship, you don’t have the luxury of waking up next to that human being and not having to say anything and just spend quality time together.

you’re driving down the road and you’re both singing for example, and you don’t have to be talking about anything but you can just understand you don’t have the luxury of being able to see them when they come back from work necessarily and seeing their face if they had a great day or Shady.

If you are to really grow this relationship, you need to be able to communicate more continuously and make a bigger effort than you normally would with the person you’re with because otherwise, they’re going to miss out on a big part of your life. They’re not going to understand what’s really going on.

Both of you need to have a commitment of communicating a lot of communicating often and spending quality time together meaning if you were in the same city, you would actually have dates Right. Well, you need to create virtual dates. Why cause otherwise it’s not going to be fun for either of you

3.continue growing and passion.

you need to continue growing and passion. Here’s what I mean. If all of a sudden you create this long-distance relationship and you put all your energy all your effort all your life’s purpose into like this human being this guy then the part of you that made him attracted to you in the first place a part of you that’s alive and fun and excited is going to start diminishing and if that starts diminishing, you’re gonna start putting on necessary pressure on the guy to fill up the void that you’re not feeling in your day-to-day life.

So if you still regardless of having this relationship in your life don’t make this the only thing that’s important to you.  make it something that’s very important for you. It’s a high priority in your life. But one of your highest priorities needs to be continuing to Foster that sense of passion excitement community that you have in your life

So that you don’t isolate yourself from the world and it’s basically just you and your virtual friend here. Okay, you need to be able to continue creating humans.Because they’re so important. So part of a woman’s life.

4. have an end in sight.

Let’s put all bullshit aside if you’re a long-distance relationship and it’s one of those indefinite long-distance relationships.

It’s going to not boring but it can get tiring very soon. Here’s why because no matter how much you connect no matter how amazing their relationship gets.

You don’t have a feeling that this pain of not being with the one you love is going to end.

So I’m not saying this needs to happen at the beginning but at some point in the relationship, if both of you don’t come to a realization of this is how we can take it to the next level meaning being physically closer together spending more time together leaving the same city.

It’s not going to work. Okay, so just know that even though that may not need to happen at the beginning at some point. You need to come to the realization. If it doesn’t go to that step it’s going to be an illusion more than a relationship.

5. Be radically honest with yourself(NO B.S).

Don’t be as yourself if it’s not the right time to move on and here’s what I mean. Doesn’t mean that the human being is not an amazing person for you. It doesn’t mean that this person is not someone who can add a lot to your life.

But ultimately in this relationship the timing based on where you’re both living and what each of you has going in your life and also your willingness to do whatever it takes to move to the same location sooner rather than later if that’s not something that’s going to happen. Then don’t be as yourself life is so short to spend your time missing someone every single day of your life.

And if you are really honest with yourself a lot of women a lot of men enter these long-distance relationships as a way to protect themselves because it’s something that’s much safer.

You don’t have to put yourself out there as much a not be as vulnerable.

So I’m not saying that that’s the reason why everyone goes into links relationship.

But if you’re one of those if you catch yourself in the safety of a long-distance relationship to avoid feeling the ultimate level of opening then don’t be as yourself and take the next step and that means finding someone who can really love you and give you the love that you want and deserve  Where you are? Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you find this helpful insightful useful.



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