9 Signs Your Partner Is Controlling you?find out today

Is he controlling you?

Hello, this is david and if you’ve ever been in a relationship with a man who’s controlling and you want to avoid stepping into that in the future and you’re scared, perhaps of putting yourself out there because of this well on today’s article.

I’m going to be sharing with you nine signs that are often overlooked that can lead to you being in a painful relationship with a controlling man. So stick with me.


This is David.

Welcome to relationshipadvicetip where I share with high value conscious and vicious heart open women how to create the relationship you crave and attract the man that you want as a result of stepping into the highest version of yourself, no gimmicks no manipulation.No fake strategies.

Simply you shining your brightest light today.

I want to share with you nine signs that Lead to the man you’re with being a controlling man and entering a painful relationship. And the reason why I share this is because I have connected with so many women who have suffered so much for men who are hurtful and who are controlling and it’s like a frog in boiling water.

If you throw the frog in boiling water, she jumps out or he jumps out but if you turn off the heat slowly, they don’t recognize that they’re being cooked alive.

that’s what happens to so many women who allow themselves to be manipulated by guys who show up in a specific way. So the first sign and by the way, the signs that I’m sharing with you right now some are obviously more clearer and more punching than others in combination.

They create a pattern if you do the guy just has one of them and it’s one of the simple ones. He may not be a controlling guy. You just want to understand that it might lead to that and use your best judgment, right?

1.Disproportionate excitement relative to knowledge you.

if he shows up this proportionately excited about And interested in you without any level of feedback from you like you haven’t given him any clues.

You’re not really flirting with him.

You’re not he doesn’t really know who you are. But he’s showing up like he knows you like he wants to marry you from day one.

He’s showering you with love and attention in a disproportionate way to the death that you connect with each other at or with the level of you know, I mean amount of days you’ve known each other that’s a sign that he could be showing up with so much not necessarily because he is there that way emotionally but because he’s actually in his mind planting some seeds in your mind that would allow him to make withdrawals later on.

So he’s giving you something and then you expect something on the back end that is not for your best interests at heart. Now. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t want a guy to pursue you shouldn’t want a guy who shows up with interest but there is a fine line that you showing up with interest and showing up showering you with interest in an almost like sneaky way that feels Off at some level number two.

He speaks a lot more than he listens to you.

He interrupts you constantly if you connect with a man and you should go on a date and he’s just talking it’s all about himself almost narcissistic.

He’s talking about himself and when you start talking he like push it push it on the wrong or he doesn’t he does. He doesn’t really give you the space to speak and he interrupts this he’s point of view is more important.

That’s a subtle sign that he’s that guy who wants to control situations and potentially wants to control you in the future

He gets visibly angry with you when things don’t go his way.

like there’s always a situation in life where you’re going to get paste or he’s gonna get pissed when things don’t happen, but when it has to do with both of you and he doesn’t get something he wants. you don’t go to the restaurant he wants you. don’t respond in the number of minutes if you can see this and he starts going out of his way in Anger almost like it’s it’s disproportionate. He’s level of anger is proportional to what’s going on.

That’s a clear sign that this guy’s Controlling a mofo

4 He doesn’t ask for your opinion on things you are gifted at.

he doesn’t ask for your opinion or point of view on things that you are obviously qualified in or even much better at in life than him.

He’s a lawyer you’re a doctor and he’s not asking you for your opinion on bench proceedings. Well, that’s cool because you know your stuff but if there’s things that you have knowledge or expertise in

He’s voice is the important one  another subtle sign that he might be the kind of guy who likes it. He’s weighing likes to do things his way and also likes to control things in to a certain extent number five.

5.He feels like you should contain you should consult with him on things he has no say.

He feels like you should contain you should consult with him on stuff that you don’t feel like you should consult with him.

He feels he should ask for his approval on the way you dress or the things you do or the times you go out with friends like he’s tempting.

He says it’s a double standard right because he doesn’t ask For your opinion on him doing certain things, but he wants to have a say on the way you do things. You start feeling early on that. He has a strong point of view that infringes on your freedom in a way that feels not healthy.

When you start noticing he’s asked me for something that he’s not my dad and he’s acting like I’m 15 and he’s wanting me to ask for permission to do things.

That’s a run the fuck away sign that.

6.He has unfounded  jealousy issues.

So he gets jealous for no reason whatsoever or for reasons that are really not to be jealous about and then instead of him expecting he himself like once he clarified inspect instead of him saying well, it’s my thing. I’ll work on it. He says well, I know it’s my thing, but you work on it. Like I know it’s insecurity of mine, but you should still change to fulfill mine. My insecurities needs that’s a again another Runaway.

Side if you start noticing that that’s something that’s that’s a common theme or happens a couple of times. He’s reading up on me jealousy that’s unfounded and an unwillingness to work on that jealousy is also a sign of control that you absolutely want to run away from they actually you can start noticing some of them get heavier than others. This one is a heavy one, right? He’s always right

7.  Lack of humility he’s always right .

when you know that the guy no matter what happens. He’s word is the last word. He says the right say he’s opinion is a valid one. There’s no humility entering situations.

That’s a controlling sign that you want to be very cognizant off because it can create the deepest sense of not being seen not being heard up being experienced the way you want to in a relationship and obviously at the end the destruction of it number 8.

He’s manipulation strategy.

He’s go to manipulation strategy is guilting you or shaming you into feeling bad about something like when things don’t Go his way he wants to do he wants to play the victim in such a way that you feel guilty or that you feel ashamed of your behavior.

He’s never won. I mean, he’s one who would actually speak loudly at the  restaurant in a way that you would feel so uncomfortable out of feeling like he wants to have one up on you. That’s a controlling sign as well last but not least and it’s probably more but I’m giving you right now in off where that you can really run with the last one is and this probably would be one that the moment you feel it and you understand it. That’s a sign of getting out of the relationship when he wants you to feel pain because he felt pain.

9.he want you to suffer because he felt pain,aka revenge

Okay when someone experiences pain in some way he experiences anger or sadness or feels familiar in some way and then he wants to punish you he wants to make sure that you suffer as a result of what he suffered so that you understand what he’s doing.

that might mean that he does something to create painting your If whether it’s raising his voice or ignoring you for days at a time until you feel like you’re out of your brain exploding and then he comes back because now you understand the way he felt.

he wants you to experience pain as a result of what the painting experience that is the worst controlling sign that you could ever experience with someone and one I mean aside from somebody beating you up or trying to force himself into you. That’s an emotional site.

That’s a sign of emotional abuse that’s controlling as fuck and something you should run away from so hopefully by going through this list understandably knowing that some of them are higher than others. Some of them are more subtle maybe in him and are not maybe a red flag completely.

but the combination of some of these are a clear sign that the guy you’re with wants to control your life as a sign of his own insecurities and it’s going to be an unhealthy relationship that will end in honor of Destruction emotionally even physically at some point hope this is helpful useful insightful to you. If it is, please share with your friends and your family

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