ignoring him after he ignores you

It’s a common misconception that you should never ignore him after he ignores you. This is because it could be seen as if the woman doesn’t want anything to do with the man. However, this isn’t always true! If you are trying to keep your guy around just a little longer then there are some things that you can do to get his attention back so that he’ll start paying attention to your texts, calls or other contact methods.

The first thing I would recommend doing is not responding for at least an hour so that he will start wondering what happened and why you haven’t answered him yet. Next, try texting something funny like “hahaha” or “lololol.” That will grab his attention and let him know that you’re thinking of him. Once he responds then you can start to send your messages back and forth like before.

Don’t forget to be flirty when talking with him because if you aren’t then he’ll assume that you’ve lost interest in him. Try asking masculine questions so that he’ll know that you’re interested. He’ll be sure to respond!

Another reason why ignoring him after he ignores is important is because it gives him the idea that you’re not going to chase after him like everyone else does. It will make him appreciate your time and energy more when you actually do contact him again.

What’s the best thing that you can do to keep him interested? Don’t be too available! If he likes you then he will want you all for himself and won’t want to share your time with anyone else.

So don’t worry about ignoring him after he ignores. It could work in your advantage if it is done the right way, so just wait it out and see what he does next!

so in summary :

– don’t respond for at least an hour after he ignores you

– send a funny text to make him think of you

– ask masculine questions to get him talking again

– don’t be too available or easy going because it will make him lose interest in you!

– wait it out and see how he responds after ignoring him back.

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