How To Tell If He Is Seeing Other Women



Hey, it’s David here, today I’m going to show you how to tell if your guy is still seeing other women. 

A lot of women wonder this and it’s super common I think for any of us when we’re first dating someone you like to ask thises questions

  • are they exclusive?
  • aren’t they what’s their situation look?

 I’ll give you six tips today to help you tell whether he’s seeing other women and kind of increase the level of likelihood in your mind that he is.

 But before I do as a prelude I always tell this to women one of the biggest mistakes I see girls make in dating is to assume exclusivity when it’s never been stated never ever assume a guy is not seeing other women unless he’s actually said that to you. 

It’s a way you can really get hurt it’s not a good assumption to be making and if the guy hasn’t said he is then technically even though it’s a little doggish. he still is okay to do that.

so make sure you don’t make any assumptions in dating and you’re a lot less likely to be hurt in the long run by them.

with that being said there are some ways to tell if you feel like it’s too early to ask him or it’s a bit weird there are some ways to kind of tell if he’s still seeing other women.

I know that sometimes it can feel like you're exclusive but until you have the talk, you can't really be sure if you're not ready yet to bring up the topic then these five signs will tell you if you're the only one or not.

#1. He's not consistent.

Doesn't feel to you like whenever he wants to see you and it is convenient to him, you're the center of his world and when he has other things going on, he forgets about you. yeah, that's because your relationship is not a priority to him.

Because when a guy is into you, he wants to see you and will make sure that he spends time with you consistently. So if you are still wondering how high you rank on his list of priorities, then it means that he's still playing the field.

Number tooth perfectly fits in with number one and that is that

#2. There's a lack of commitment

One way a man can show that he's committed to you even before your official is by actively planning dates in the future. So he will arrange for nice little dates on the following weekends and make sure that he puts you into his calendar whenever you ask for time together.

But if you only ever hear from him last-minute and you can never plan things ahead of time, then it means that he's keeping his weekends open for other girls and he will come back to you if nothing else works out. but like I said before no man is consistently too busy for the woman he's into.

Especially if you guys aren't official yet. So if he can plan for meetings and family outings but he can never plan you into this week then it means that he's just not that invested into you and probably seeing other women as well

#3. He is ambiguous

Have you tried bringing up the commitment conversation before? and all he said was let's just see where this is going. hmm. let me decode that for you what that really means. It means that he's not willing to be accountable to anyone, so he's trying to keep his options open

Commitment is a decision. You either want it or you don't. so if he's purposely keeping you in the dark and you're confused about his intentions with you, then it means that he does not want to commit which is a telltale sign that he's seeing other women and still making up his mind of who's going to become his ONLY ONE

#4. He keeps you a secret

That one should be obvious. if he tells you all about his friends and his co-workers hanging out on the weekend but he refuses to bring you around, then it means that he does not want to acknowledge you publicly.

Because the man who was all-in is excited to introduce you to his people and he was the whole world to know about you, He will plan meetups and get-togethers with his friends. So if he doesn't it's not because you're socially awkward but it's because he hasn't made up his mind yet who you are to him.

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#5. You can simply sense it

Listen I don't know how often I would have to repeat this one but your intuition is freaking magic. If you can tell that there's something off about him but you just can't put your finger in it. Maybe it's because he isn't putting in a lot of effort. Maybe it's that he isn't opening up to you.

If that’s the case then there’s a reason for that and your gut can sense it and I’m sure if your brain is honest. it can feel it too. So don’t wait for the red flags to get overwhelming except that he’s not actively pursuing you.

He might not actually be that invested and if that's the case it's most likely because he's still seeing other women and if you don't find anything wrong with that's fine but if you deep down want to be exclusive, you need to bring up the topic as soon as possible or you need to start dating other men. So that you can be in a relationship where both of you guys are totally HAPPY.


#6. He hasn’t opened up on a more personal level?

so as a guy, we are really like being vulnerable so if we’re vulnerable with you it’s going to mean that you mean more to us than ago we’re not people odds are if the guys opened up to you on a much more personal level.

you get a sense that he wouldn’t be doing this with everyone and there’s a lesser chance of seeing other girls on the other hand if he’s superficial with you if your relationship feels quite surfacing more of a chance that he’s going to have relationships like that Submariner photo girls.

#7. He is taking things quite slowly

There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact, it’s actually healthy if he is multiple dating.  A lot of people take casually to start with. that’s totally normal and there are good reasons behind multiple dating that we’re going to go into in another article.

but it’s important that you don’t kind of over-invest in someone while they’re still doing that it’s a bit of a dog act if he’s seeing three or four times a week and still seeing other women at the same time.

So he’s taking thing quite slowly it could just mean that you want to slow a healthier start to your relationship and that he needs time to sort of decide.

if you’re the girl he wants to commit exclusively to and the same is true for you if you’re only seen in once a week make sure you don’t close off your other options that still give up the guy’s a chance to go I hope that gives you six kind of guidelines to tell if a guy might still be seeing other women.

[wps_alert type="warning"]just remember never to make that assumption because I think a lot of women seek. it really hurt by assuming guys exclusive when he hasn’t actually said so if you really want to know have the conversation with him we’re going to post another article I’ll pop it up afterward how to ask a guy he wants to commit to you.[/wps_alert]

make sure you let me know your thoughts comments questions I love to hear from you tell me what you want to hear pick the mind of a guy to let me know your thoughts on how to tell a guy how to tell if a guy is seeing other girls as well if you have other ideas or things you’ve noticed with yourself or friends.

let us know we’ll pop it in another article we’ll get it out to more girls so they can know as well if you enjoyed the article make sure you check out the blog leave a comment no wait for thanks, ladies, I’ll see you soon and please share this article.


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