How To Tell If He Is Seeing Other Women


 so I’ve had a lot of you write in asking me this question about how do you tell if the guy you’re seeing is still seeing other girls. A lot of women wonder about this and it’s super common.

I think for any of us when we’re first dating someone, you’re like, Oh, are they exclusive, aren’t they? What’s their situation? Look, I’ll give you six tips today to help you tell whether he’s seeing other women and kind of increase the level of likelihood in your mind that he is.

 But before I do, I always tell this to women, the last thing you want to do in dating is to assume exclusivity when it’s never been stated. Never ever assume a guy is not seeing other women unless he’s actually said that to you. It’s a way you can really get hurt

It’s not a good assumption to be making. And if the guy hasn’t said he is, then technically, even though it’s a little doggish, he still is okay to do that. So make sure you don’t make any assumptions in dating and you’re a lot less likely to be hurt in the long run
by them.

With that being said, there are some ways to tell if you feel like it’s too early to ask him or it’s a bit weird. Here are some ways to kind of tell if he’s still seeing other women. Number one is

#1. He’s taken things quite slowly.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with this. In fact, it’s actually healthy. If he’s multiple dating, then he’s doing you a favor. If he’s only
seeing you once or twice at the most per week, a lot of people date casually to start with. That’s totally normal and there are good reasons behind multiple dating that we’re going to go into in another article.

But it’s important that you don’t kind of over-invest in someone while they’re still doing that. It’s, it’s a bit of a dog act. If he’s seeing you three or four times a week, and he’s still seeing other women at the same time.

So he’s taking a thing quite slowly, it could just mean that he wants to slow a healthier start to your relationship and that he needs time to sort of deciding if you’re the girl he wants to commit exclusively to and the same is true for you.

If you’re only seeing him once a week, make sure you don’t close up your other options and still give other guys a chance.

#2.  Is he seeing you regularly?

are you guys seeing each other three or four times a week? You know it’s still possible he’s seeing other girls. If you are both seeing each other that frequently, but it’s kind of doggish on his part. On the other hand, if you’re only seeing each other twice a week or even once a week, it’s probably going to be more likely that there are still other people in the picture.

#3. He’s not happy to make advanced plans with you.

I always use the guideline of between half and as long as you’ve been dating, so say you’ve been dating a month and you suggest to do something in say two to three weeks time. And he’s a bit funny about it. The reason he’s funny about it could be he’s not gonna know where he’s at and he’s got other girls to balance out and he’s not sure where he sees the future for the two of you.

#4. He hasn’t opened up to you on a more personal level.

So as a guy, we don’t really like being vulnerable. So if we’re vulnerable with you, it’s going to mean that you mean more to us than a girl we’re not being vulnerable with. Odds are if the guy’s opened up to you on a much more personal level and you get the sense that he wouldn’t be doing this with everyone, then there’s less chance of seeing other girls.

On the other hand, if he’s superficial with you if your relationship feels quite “surface,” more of a chance that he’s going to have relationships like that still going with other girls, and

#5. Dropping off the radar when he’s not with you.

So a guy who’s say really warm when he sees you but then disappears for a while, he could well be seeing other women. It might take him days or perhaps weeks for him to respond before you finally realize that he is gone or perhaps ghosted you.  He does not extend his hand, and never answers your calls or messages. Unfortunately, this could be an indication that he might be seeing someone else which is damaging. Don’t stress yourself with worrying about it. get over it and move on.

#6. Does he just see you for sex, or is it mostly about sex?

Odds are, if it’s just a sexual kind of thing, there might be other girls around as well. When he calls to speak with you, regardless of the topic, he always finds a way to include sex in your discussion. when  You talk about your good sales presentation and he mentions how hot you look in your business suit.

When you tell him you’re eager to return and take a bath, he excitedly says that “he can hardly wait to wash your back.” all of these are indications that he’s only seeing you for sex, and here might be other girls around as well.

So, girls, I hope that gives you six kind of guidelines to tell if a guy might still be seeing other women, just remember never to make that assumption because I think a lot of women that I see get really hurt by assuming guys exclusive when he hasn’t actually said so. If you really want to know, have a conversation with him.

I love to hear from you. Tell me what you want to hear. Pick the mind of a guy. Let me know your thoughts on how to tell a guy, how to tell if a guy is seeing other girls as well.


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