How To Tell If He Is Seeing Other Women


how do you know if a guy is seeing or perhaps dating someone or not? life would be a lot easier if everybody would just date one person at a time but today’s age is seeing or not really the case and it’s not really realistic to expect that.

So I’m going to give you some tips to make sure that you’re getting yourself into the best possible situation and today I’m going to be talking about twelve different signs to find out if he’s seeing other women or not and what you should do about it.

Here are some common signals and signs that you need to be aware of. 

 Let me say this. Never assume exclusivity at the beginning of a relationship if he hasn’t mentioned or perhaps discussed. Because you don’t want to get hurt and wounded after you’ve invested a lot of time in this relationship.

1. He is always not persistent.

He only cares about you when he needs something from you or perhaps when it’s appropriate and convenient to him.

Because you’re an option and not his top priority. if he really loved you, he would have spent most of his time with you.

But the fact that he is not showing you that consistency and persistence goes to show you that he is seeing other women. 

2.he is deceptive and unclear.

Whenever you ask him or talk about commitment, he doesn’t give you a clear cut answer. He will be telling you that “honey we’ll see how this goes”.  That’s a vague answer and he’s keeping his options wide open. 

If he is not committing and holding you back or perhaps confusing you with his deceptions, he is seeing other women and wasting your time.

3.He doesn’t want to commit.

He is not actually telling you that he is not seeing other women because he is keeping his options quite open. The chances of him seeing other women are quite high if he is not talking about commitment.

You should keep your options open too and talk to other guys NOT sleeping with them unless he is ready exclusively and the relationship becomes exclusive. 

4.Intuition is freaking magic.

You can actually sense it. Women have this magic ability called intuition. Although it’s based on your ability to read his facial expressions and his body language, you’ve got to trust your gut feelings and your intuition.

 You know something is off about him but you cannot actually pinpoint it directly. Perhaps it is because he is not showing you the effort or perhaps he’s not invested in you.

You should just follow your instinct and gut feelings and not wait for any red flags. That’s why it’s called a woman’s sixth sense( your intuition). 

If he is not interested in you, then there’s a good chance that he is seeing other women. However, if you still think that he is good, Then that’s good but you should often bring up this type of conversion if you really want to be in an exclusive relationship. 

5.He keeps you in the dark.

He likes to hide you from his friends and his loved ones. Whenever he goes to hang out with his friends and he refuses you to go with him, then that, unfortunately, means he wants to keep you in the dark and not acknowledge his love publicly.

If he really was into you, he would have organized a get-together with his loved ones and perhaps introduce you. He might be seeing other women if he is afraid to be with you publicly. 

6. He hasn’t connected with you on a personal level.

Sometimes, when a man is really serious about you, he will share with you every moment of his life. He will be vulnerable with you and that means he will open up much more than he used to at the beginning.

Hower, if he’s distancing himself from you emotionally, he might be onto something else or perhaps seeing other women. The chances of him seeing other women will significantly decrease if he opens up to you. 

7.He acts nervous when you touch his phone. 

This might come as a surprise to you but this true if he is seeing other women, he will probably freak out if you touch his phone. He is probably hiding something. If you’re in an exclusive relationship, you have every right to go through his messages because there shouldn’t be any secrets and perhaps private affairs.

8. He ditches plans regularly.

If he cancels or perhaps discards plans on you, he might have something going on the side. And yes, you can understand if he ditches you one or two times but ditching out on a regular basis without much explanation means he is keeping his options open and probably seeing other women.

10.He is doesn’t spend enough time with you 

 For some reason, if the amount of time he spends decreases, then that means he might be spending time with other girls or perhaps women.

He might be prioritizing other women over you and therefore his availability diminishes and you’re left in the dark.

However, you’ve got to take the necessary precautions and find out where he spends all this time? and what’s the actual cause of his unavailability?

11.He is not bothered about the future.

If he doesn’t want to discuss the future with you, he might have other plans in his mind. After all, a future is part of a healthy relationship. You want to know where you guys are heading and perhaps what the future holds.

However, if he does not care about the future, then there’s a good chance he is seeing other women and keeping them as an option or perhaps an alternative. 

12. Social media is a big one.

In today’s Digital Age and social media, it’s quite common to see what each partner is posting and perhaps share your loved ones with the world. If he doesn’t share your pictures or perhaps mentions you in any of his posts, he might be hiding something.

If his post contradicts what he is telling you, he might be seeing other women.

Of course one can use social media negatively which is extremely problematic. So that’s why you’ve got to be cautious l.

If you don’t like Facebook or Instagram, that’s fine but it’s very common in today’s technology to see what’s going or follow our partners on social media. 


 However, it is kind of complicated and hard to detect. Just follow these suggestions and your intuition. Hopefully, he is not seeing other women.

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