8 Definite Signs He Doesn’t Like You( He Is Not Emotionally Invested In You😢)

David Keith

I’m going to give you the biggest signs he doesn’t like you and a strategy to know the answer for sure. So in the end, I’m going to give you the biggest BIGGEST biggest sign that he doesn’t like you as well.

So do not stop reading until the end because this one sign absolutely guarantees that he is not into you. So, without further ado, I’m going to get into the signs, but remember don’t stop reading because you need to know the biggest, BIGGEST most important sign.

1. zero jealousy.

So he doesn’t care at all if you’re openly talking about other men, like other men, if other men hit on you, not saying yes to go murder anyone who you know DMs you on Instagram, but if he doesn’t care at all it’s a pretty big sign he does not like you.
Next: he never contacts you first, you were always the initiator.

  • Are you always the one reaching out first,
  • making plans,
  • saying “Hey, what’s up”, texting?

That’s a pretty big sign that he does not like you.

2. He’s with someone else.

Okay, so he could easily be married with children and still like you, but if you notice this sign ALONG with the others, that’s important here, it means that he probably does not like you.

That doesn’t mean that it’s for sure but if you notice this along with the others.
What does that mean? It means he’s not proud of showing you off and has no desire to bring you into his life.

basically, a guy who’s not that interested or perhaps who doesn’t like you will not feel the need to tell you about his friends and will not feel the need to include you in that circle of his close friends.

3. he does not treat you differently.

How he treats others versus you is important. Look at how he acts with other girls and compare with you. If there’s no difference, he probably does not like you. So without further ado, I’m going to give you the biggest, most important sign that
he does not like you. So pay very close attention!


4. He is always trying to avoid you.

so this is when you walk it down the hallway and you say “hello?” and he just completely blanks you, You may think that oh he hasn’t noticed me. Maybe now, he’s noticed you, he’s just not talking to you. However, when you’re on your phone and you’ve sent him a message and you see that the message has been read and you think that you did it by accident. Now he’s deliberately ignoring you. guys can be such douches.

5.Body language.

so the next thing is when you’re having a conversation and he literally takes no interest in you whatsoever. look at his body language. is he looking at other things? This is kind of like twiddling around. if he’s not looking at you in the eyes and he’s not paying attention to you. It probably means he doesn’t care about you. what we’re saying in general and being a guy I know if I like someone I try and listen to everything they say. because I want them to know that I’m interested in that.

If they’re really bad in the conversation, It probably means that they don’t like you.

6. He tries to talk about people he likes to you directly.

This could be down to because he sees you more as a friend than someone who he wants to share intimate feelings with and if that’s the case, I’m sorry you just been friend-zoned.
just on a side note, this might be a load of crap and he’s actually just trying to make you jealous because he wants to know that you like him, and the best way to show that you’d like someone is by getting them angry.

7. Replying back.

The next thing is when someone takes too long to reply back to you. Now, being in the digital media age, we always have our phones on us. so if anybody says I didn’t see your message, they’re full of crap unless they’re in an area that has no Wi-Fi then you can probably give them some forgiveness.
But most of the time it just means that they can’t be asked to message you back.

8. Communication.

I always measure the quality and the quantity of communication that I have with somebody. When a man is very interested in you and that always happens at the beginning of a relationship and he’s trying to pursue you and he is gonna communicate with you very effectively.

He will actually be blowing up your phone by sending you text messages and calls and just communicating with you on social media and as the interest goes down, then you start to notice that you’re the one who’s reaching out a lot and he’s taking so much time to answer.
You could even wait for two days for an answer for God’s sake and you’re like what were you doing?

You don’t mean what he was up to.

So that is one of the indicators of the fact that he’s not interested or losing interest.
If a man is interested in you, he will really try to keep up this communication and just let you know that hey I’m here I’m present.

So I hope that this brought you some kind of clarity. And always remember, you need to just look at the situation objectively and try to analyze it in comparison with the signs, but pay attention to the biggest sign that I just gave you because that’s going to give you the best idea.

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  1. Ive been with my now ex for 6 years the last 2 years have been hell
    And russell literally does not like me, he does all those heart breaking things
    Its depressing i just wanna crawl into a hole and never come out ive tried to catch his eye again ive tried to change he hasnt knowing ive tried everything and he still isnt giving his part … I give up im not good at this!


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