9 Definite Signs He Doesn’t Like You( He Is Not Emotionally Invested In You😢)


When someone is in love with you, they will make it obvious or perhaps evident in an elusive way. In today’s article, I will be going through 9 Definite Signs He Doesn’t Like You anymore.  Let’s dive in.

1.He flirts with everyone ( not only you)

Sometimes, we ou get thrilled or perhaps excited when a guy we like flirts back. make sure that he’s not flirting with other girls and perhaps women.

At the end of the day, if he is flirting with other women,  he’s taking time away from your relationship. 

Although it is NOT  considered cheating technically, however, he’s showing an interest in someone else which is not good for you. 

2. He distances himself from you. 

This one might shock you but his unavailability is increasing every day. He doesn’t want to be around you. Pay close attention to where he positions himself upon get-togethers or gatherings.  

Is he making plans to take you on a date or perhaps meet you? Does your absence bother him? Most of the time, Your absence is the most powerful mechanism to make your presence felt. 

If he is not worried about your absence, then he might not like you. 

3. He is not worried about whoever you hung out with.

When you’re into someone, you don’t feel comfortable when they hang out with other men. The same applies here. Try mentioning other guys you hang out with when you’re with him.

  • How does that make him feel
  • How does he react
  • Does his face change

 Pay attention to his overall reaction. If he is unmoved or untouched, then he doesn’t like you and perhaps not into you.

4.He likes to mention other women when he is with you. 

This is a huge one. If he is into you, he is not going to talk or make mention of other women. at the very least not in a sentimental way.

Some guys do this to get your attention but if he does on a regular basis, then he doesn’t like you NOT romantically.

Some of them do because they want to be honest with you by telling you how they feel but in this context, you’ve got to be careful and pay close attention to this sign and signal. 

 5. He is Too Guarded And Secretive.

There’s nothing worse than dating someone who is too secretive and guarded. Someone who is afraid of opening up.

If your man hides his emotions and his feelings, then it’s going to be a nightmare or perhaps a challenge for you to stay with him. 

He might be sharing his feelings with other women. Therefore he’s not into you. Don’t get me wrong, some people are introverted by nature but still, if he trusts you, then he is not going to hid or perhaps being too secretive.  

6.He hardly texts you first.

This one is obvious. You always initiate any conversions or perhaps may text.  He might reply to your message but he hardly initiates perhaps once a month which is not ideal. If he really likes you, he will always have time for you no matter how engaged his life is.

 Nevertheless. If he ghosts you or perhaps hardly initiates contact with you, then he might not like you. 

Don’t judge him on this but you should be very careful.

7. Trust your intuition.

Intuition is a very powerful gift that God has bestowed upon women. pretty much all the time, your gut feelings are dependable and perhaps worthy of paying attention to.

If you sniff something is wrong, then you should probably be very careful.

Sometimes all you can do to know if he really is into you is to follow your instinct and see where that leads to. 

8.Unwillingness to help.

 One way of knowing if a guy doesn’t like you is his reluctance and hesitation to help you when you need him at the most. This reflects that he is turning back on his natural instincts to contribute and aid.

 For entrance, let’s say, both of you are working and perhaps you need to give you a hand but he refuses and comes with these fake excuses as to why he cannot help you, then that’s a clear cut sign that he is not into you. 

How is going to help you in the future if he cants aid out with easy and straightforward tasks? That’s for you to answer. If he is a supporter, he is a protector. 

9. He only talks about himself.

This one is perhaps not common on all men. However, if the only thing that he talks about is  HIMSELF, then that’s not a good thing. Everything revolves around him and ONLY him Whether the topic is how he cooks or how he dresses, he is only focused on himself.

Naturally, that’s one of the signs of narcissists. He can’t love you because all he cares about is himself. Cut Out this  Truly Toxic guy out of your beautiful life.

There are plenty of good guys who will treat you the way you deserve to be treated and perhaps care about your feelings and emotions. 


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  1. Ive been with my now ex for 6 years the last 2 years have been hell
    And russell literally does not like me, he does all those heart breaking things
    Its depressing i just wanna crawl into a hole and never come out ive tried to catch his eye again ive tried to change he hasnt knowing ive tried everything and he still isnt giving his part … I give up im not good at this!


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