how to spot a narcissist-11 Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist



Hey, guys welcome back to another article. Today’s topic is eleven common things that narcissists do and how to spot a narcissist.

Narcissists are kind of floating around in the media right now. it’s a term that we are really realizing is someone that is very toxic,

So I have eleven things for you today. so you can identify whether someone is a narcissist or if they are not

1 Narcissist Blame You For Everything

One of the things that narcissists like to do is always cast the blame onto somebody else because they never see that they are wrong.

So they will always say this is your fault that’s your fault I had nothing to do with it.

2. They Disrespect Other People’s Time.

Narcissists see their own time as very important and this can result in disrespect in other people’s time. Typically you’re going to find them talking in the conversation about fifty percent of the time.

When you stop talking about something to do with them in the conversation, They will always find a reason to bring it back around because let’s face it narcissists love themselves

3. They Burn Relationships Through Crazy Behavior

Now, narcissists are very forceful in the way that they get things done. You are either in the way or not in the way and if you are in their way, their way is always the best way.

Now, this type of behavior will wear down relationships with friends and family.

You’ll find it very unlikely that someone who is quite as a narcissist that has been officially diagnosed as one has had any long-term relationships with friends people or even family for that measure.

If you have ever been in a relationship with a narcissist where romantically or from a friendship side, You understand this

4. They Can Hold A Grudge

Now narcissists are some of the most vindictive people that you can meet and they sure know how to hold a grudge when they want to.
This will be them giving you the silent treatment and really blaming you for years about something that happened which maybe you’ve even forgotten about.

number five on how to spot a narcissist

5. They Have More Than One Face

This is exactly how it sounds narcissists have more than just one face that they like to display to the world. There is that fake face they put on which is the one that they use when they want something specific from people.

When they’re trying to manipulate people and then there is their real face and that is the ugly abusive one that when someone has provoked them, it comes out, and whatever they say is terrible.

Now this next tip has something to do with the chemical imbalance inside a narcissist’s brain

number six on how to spot a narcissist

6. They Fail To See When They Are Crossing A Line

Narcissists can get so wrapped up in their own perspective that they may not realize when they are purposely crossing other people’s motives or if they’re really upsetting someone,

For example, they never want to be defeated in an argument. If someone else is getting upset that won’t be the moment when they reel it back in.

That’s when they think I’m getting somewhere someone’s finally understanding my ways the best and there you have it. They just get worse and worse,

number seven on how to spot a narcissist

7. They Fail To Listen

When other people try to give them helpful feedback when narcissist asks for help, They’re often really just looking for appreciation and admiration.

They devalue other people and therefore become quite dismissive of other people’s feedback, even if the feedback was potentially helpful

And why is this? because narcissists believe that they are the best version of themselves and they do not need to make any changes at all

8. Narcissists Are Always Unimpressed With You Or Other People

No one else can be the best version of themselves. they’d like to bring everybody down. they will never give you praise.

They would not even say if you asked them to.

They would always say but you don’t deserve it just yet because you haven’t done this or because of this they always find fault in you and others even if it’s not a big deal to a narcissist it’s huge.

9. They Love To Lie About Anything.

Narcissists are prone to chronic lying simply because anything they can lie about to make themselves look ten times better then they will do just that.

It could be something crazy from the type of car they drive to even a type of shoes or socks they buy or even which supermarket they go to.

They will lie honestly everything and anything

10. They Avoid Taking Responsibilities

Narcissus will take any kind of opportunity to avoid taking responsibility for something they did.

Most of the time, they will flat out deny any kind of confrontation when it comes to dealing with the responsibility. They feel as if they are completely able to get away with things without the consequences to follow soon afterward.

11. They Expect People To Go Above And Beyond

They will expect help from you but they would never give you help back. let’s say your car broke down, they would not offer to help you, however, If their car broke down, they would guilt tricked you into helping them out.

It’s just one of those things that narcissists, unfortunately, have going on inside their brain that they think that they deserve all this help in the world and

They don’t realize that it can really break down relationships when you are this arrogant person who doesn’t care about family and friends

Hopefully, you don’t have anybody in your life that has these traits and I really hope that you don’t have these traits either remember if you have these traits go out there and get some help there are so many people that can really help you to
become the best version of you


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