How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy ?


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How to make a man miss you. The six secrets to making a guy miss you and crave you. It’s what I’m talking about today.
 Now, I did another article on this topic and the really important points where you want to give a guy great experiences and then the space to appreciate those experiences. 
So today, I’m going to show you exactly how to create those great experiences that a guy is going to miss no matter what and How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy.
Tip  number one on  how To Make Him Miss you is

#1. Don’t talk about missing him… or tell him you’re going to miss him.

How To Make Him Miss

Don’t let him think you’ve become too attached or needy… let him wonder if you’re actually missing him. Then he’ll be the one reading these articles.. ok… I can’t believe I just said that.. but yeah.

 So, keep things light and fun..even though you’re disappointed by the fact that he doesn’t show you he misses you, you have to hide that disappointment… 

keep things light and fun and carefree. Not once, but every time..

[wps_lists icon=”check” icon_color=”#8224e3″]
  • light
  • fun
  • easygoing
  • confident
  • Not disappointed,
  • frustrated,
  • or insecure about where things are going.

Look, These suggestions aren’t anything that you haven’t heard before… But why are they so difficult for some people to do? Well… because they feel counter-intuitive and risky… I can hear the reasons and excuses now…

if I’m not available, he’ll find someone else, if I’m not responsive he’ll find someone who is, If I don’t call him back, he will think I don’t like him…. If I seem less interested, he will become less interested or find someone who is more interested….

Yes.. all of them feel risky… you’re fearing the worst thing that could happen… that he will become less interested, right?

You’re worried that It won’t work.. and think I should just be me… but All of these excuses are driven by fear.. the fear of being rejected.

So, as I’ve said in other articles, the most important thing you can do to increase the quality of your relationship…is to overcome your fear of being rejected…

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Overcome your fear of the relationship ending.. And in order to do so, you must adopt the belief that if It’s meant to happen, it will…

If you’re not compatible, it’s not going to work out in the long run anyway.

[wps_highlight background=”#48ea50″ color=”#000000″]Rejection doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you….[/wps_highlight]

It simply means that this is not the right person for you… period.

If he is the person for you if you are really that compatible, then implementing these suggestions will certainly make him miss you more…

Nothing you can do will change that outcome… it just won’t work… and that’s ok.

Tip  number two on  how To Make Him Miss you is

#2. A playful experience.

How To Make Him Miss

Men miss the experience of play when they’re around you, right? They just want to be around a woman who’s having a good time and having fun. Men can feel that vibrancy, they can feel that presence.

And this is why it’s so powerful to have playful experiences with a man where you are present. Because wow, men experience that at such a deep level and miss it when you’re not there.

Tip  number three on  how To Make Him Miss you is

#3. Connecting to your intuition.

How To Make Him Miss

A woman’s ability to be in touch with her intuition is unlike a man’s. And it’s, it’s something that you inspire in a man. So when you make decisions from your intuition around a guy, that man absolutely sees that part of himself and he misses it when you’re not there.

Now, an example of how to do this, it could be how you spend your time. For example,

[wps_lists icon=”question” icon_color=”#81d742″]
  • should I go to the gym right now
  • or should I spend time with my friends
  • Or should I cancel all of that to spend time with him

That’s where your intuition can really speak volumes. And when you’re in with that, when you’re in that with a man, he absolutely sees that and feels it and will miss you as a result.

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Tip  number four on  how To Make Him Miss you is

#4. vulnerability.

How To Make Him Miss

So when you expose yourself emotionally to a man, what that’s really doing is it’s allowing him to see parts of you that other men don’t get to see other people don’t get to see. That is the most beautiful side of you. That is the most real side. That is the most authentic side. That is the part that he doesn’t want another man to see that emotional exposure.

If a woman ever says to me, Hey, I’m scared to say this, but I’m gonna say it anyway. I know something real, something vulnerable and something authentic is coming next.

Tip  number five on  how To Make Him Miss you is

#5. Sensuality.How To Make Him Miss

Women have an ability to get into their senses and their sexuality way beyond that of a man’s. So again, you inspire this in a man. When you’re around him in your senses, when you’re around him in your sexuality, giving him amazing sexual experiences and losing yourself in your own body.

It can even be in the way you touch him. The experiences you create in the way you touch him.

He misses those experiences in a huge way. When you’re not around, this is the quality experiences you’re giving him and the space to appreciate those experiences. Tip  number six on  how To Make Him Miss you is

 #6. Standards.

How To Make Him Miss

You know, men can have many women, but they miss the woman who holds them to a higher standard.

They missed the woman where they think, Oh, you know, I can have these girls here, but it’s this one who walked away and held her standards up high. There was an extra level for him to jump through an extra hoop. He is inspired by that woman and that’s why he misses her.

All these are ways to give him incredible experiences and have that,

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  • that vulnerability,
  • that intuition,
  • that playfulness,
  • that sensuality,
  • and the standard
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for him to meet and miss when you’re not there. Which brings me to my last point on How To Make Him Miss You, which is

#7. The space to appreciate those experiences.

When you’re taking healthy, natural space away from him by doing your own thing, by going to the gym, by seeing your friends, by going on holiday, by doing all the things that you naturally do within your life. That is what gives him the natural space to appreciate you and to say, wow, I miss all those incredible things that she brought to my life.

I’ll tell you what, that is what makes a man truly miss a woman. It’s the qualities that you inspire in him, the experiences he has with you, and then space, the natural space to appreciate those experiences.

I’d love to hear from you these really specific ways to make a man miss you. Hopefully, there are some really good examples there that you can apply right now and have the guy missing you, craving you, and wanting to connect with you

The tips may seem pretty easy, but you need to stick to them; be disciplined.

Don’t give in to the temptation of answering his calls or texts too fast. Even if you’ve been dating for years, put in some effort and you’ll have him missing you and wanting you more.

So, Have I missed any good suggestions on How To Make Him Miss You? Have you tried any of these suggestions before? How did they work? I’d love to hear your stories…

Leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to respond to all of them.l. Thanks for reading. I hope you got something on our topic of how to make a man miss you… I’ll see you in the next article

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