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how to make him want you

In order to make a guy want you, you need to know how he thinks. Guys are from Mars and women from Venus, they say. But what is it that they really want? What makes them tick?

And most importantly of all: How do you get him interested in the first place?

This article will cover all these topics and more by exploring what guys actually find attractive in a girl and how to use this knowledge to your advantage.

You’ll learn why playing hard-to-get might be just the thing for getting his attention, which flirting techniques work best, when it’s time to break out the big guns (like courtship!), and so much more!

here are 16 simple ways on how to make him want you


You need to be confident that he will want you, even before you make him interested in you. If you are very confident and happy with yourself then this is the best possible thing for attracting someone new into your life, whether it’s a guy or not!

You can never get someone who loves you if you don’t love yourself and you can never get someone to love you if he doesn’t like your confidence and the way you feel about yourself.

If you go in trying to be really confident, when he finds out that you’ve been faking it all along then this will make him want to run the other way when he finds out what kind of person you really are deep down.

2. make him laugh

Flirting with a guy is one thing (and we’ll get to that later), but being able to make him laugh after enough time has passed so that he knows who you are is another thing entirely.

If he finds everything about you funny or cute or interesting, then this shows that even though there are tons of things for him to get frustrated about, you’re a really easy person to be around and he can just sit back and relax with you.

Even being the cause of his laughs will work wonders for him!

3. play hard-to-get

One of the most important things that any guy will look at in a girl is how much effort she puts into their time together.

You need to learn how to play it cool, not show all your cards upfront and make him want to win your heart over; this will only make him want you more than he would if he felt like he already had his way with you right from the start.

He’ll love this because it’s an ego boost (he feels like he’s won something) and this also keeps your relationship exciting because he can’t be sure if you like him or not, whereas if you seem to be totally in love with him right from the start, this will make him lose interest pretty quickly.

4. be positive/happy about life

It’s impossible for someone to want to spend time with you if they feel like all you’re doing is dragging them down.

A guy wants a girl who makes his life better when he’s around her, not worse! So even though guys are attracted by confidence and charm, these things only work when they come paired with happiness.

If your life seems really sad and miserable then how can he ever feel interested in seeing where this goes?

He probably won’t even bother trying because it will seem like all you’re doing is bringing bad energy into his life and he doesn’t want that, especially if he’s already got a lot going on!

5. be yourself

This might sound self-explanatory or redundant, but it isn’t. You can’t force someone to like you just because you’re pretending to be something that you’re not.

The only way for him to find out what kind of person you are is by spending time with you (obviously).

If your true personality seems fake and forced then he will definitely lose interest in this because this proves without a shadow of a doubt that all these little games you’ve been playing are totally false, despite how much effort you put into making them seem real!

This will make him lose respect for the effort that goes into hiding who you really are and if someone doesn’t respect who they’re with, then the relationship won’t last too long!

6. touch him when necessary

Flirting with a guy is one thing, but something that must be done when the time is right is to touch him in a way that’s sexy.

We all have different comfort levels when it comes to being touched so if you can feel out what his boundaries are, this is the best way to go about it because he won’t get mad or anything.

A good way to touch him without making things awkward or uncomfortable is by touching him in a way that’s not too intense, like quick little brushes of the hand every once in a while throughout the conversation, but never grabbing onto his arm tightly or anything like that!

7. be passionate about something

If you’ve got nothing going on with your life then how is he supposed to see this relationship lasting?

He wants someone who can make him happy and who will give him something to look forward to every, whether it’s doing fun things with you, learning new things together, etc.

If there’s nothing to look forward to, then he will lose interest pretty quickly because this starts sounding like a real commitment and guys don’t want that!

8. be independent/understand what it means to be an adult

If you seem really young and naive for his age, you’re not going to get anywhere with him because he wants someone who can keep up their end of the relationship so if your maturity level seems way below his then how is this ever gonna work?

He needs someone who knows what they want in life, whether that’s focusing on themselves or having fun with friends.

If you’re just kind of out here floating through life without any passion or purpose then he isn’t going to see this working for either of you!

9. be kind/don’t be mean

Being kind is more than just saying hello to someone when you walk down the street. It’s about being considerate of how people are feeling, not judging what they’re doing or who they are, and putting others before yourself.

If this is an important thing to you then it should be one of your number one priorities because if you’re not very nice at all then nobody wants to spend time with someone like that! Yeah!

This will come in handy if he does ever lose interest in you for whatever reason and moving on from him will be a lot easier when no feelings are involved whatsoever.

10. Be receptive to new things.

This is another one of those “be yourself” things because if you’re not open to new experiences and you don’t try anything new, then he will think that this isn’t for him either.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in and watching movies every once in a while, but outside activities are really good for your relationship when it comes to keeping the fire alive when everything seems normal!

If everything stays relatively the same, then boredom can set in and all of a sudden there’s no more spark whatsoever.

He wants someone who is always up for whatever so even if it’s just going out for coffee or dinner to talk about something random like the weather, he’ll be very grateful that you didn’t give him any attitude when he suggested it!

11. Make yourself unpredictable.

There’s nothing worse than someone who seems like they’re always up to the same thing over and over again.

If you can make an effort to not let anyone know what you’re doing or where you’re going, this will give him something really great to look forward to every day just because he doesn’t know what might happen.

The best way for this is by saying that you’re staying home all weekend but then inviting him over for a movie just before it starts snowing outside!

Nobody knows how much time they have left with someone so why waste it inside watching Netflix together if there’s no one else around?

Being unpredictable will keep your relationship exciting even when it feels normal so don’t forget to take some chances once in a while if only just for the sake of it!

12. be honest

This one seems obvious but it’s not! Being honest is about more than just telling him how you feel, it’s about being honest with yourself so that the feelings are actually real.

If you truly don’t have feelings for him yet or if they’re weak then move on to anyone who you do have some sort of connection with because he’ll be able to tell when you’re just stringing him along and that’s the last thing that he wants in this situation!

He may say he wants someone who doesn’t care either way but if this isn’t what he really means then chances are there won’t be any point in even trying because you know how this ends…

13. don’t play games

Guys are pretty simple when it comes to this kind of stuff so if you’re trying to gain his attention then just tell him how much he means to you!

If you pretend that there’s nothing between the two of you, he’ll assume that you don’t like him and probably won’t want anything to do with you even if it’s true.

You might think playing hard to get is the right thing to do but all this does is make things confusing for everyone involved.

Instead go ahead and let him know exactly what your intentions are without putting on an act of pretending like everything is fine when it isn’t because that’s not fair for either of you guys!

The truth will set both of you free in more ways than one so just be honest and the right side will win every time!

14. don’t pressure him

When you like someone, it’s really hard not to get anxious about whether or not they like you back because there are times when we all want what we can’t have and this is especially true for guys.

This makes it really easy for them to lose interest fast because if he thinks that he’ll never get what he wants then who cares?

Most women don’t understand that if a guy likes them too much, then there’s more of a chance that he’ll end up wanting nothing at all because nobody wants to deal with “clinginess”

! If you’re getting super attached and start nagging him a lot in order to see where you stand, he’ll either feel really smothered or he’ll start pulling away entirely so just let him do his own thing and it will come back tenfold!

15. leave him wanting more

The number one thing that guys love the most is a girl who doesn’t need too much from them because if they have to keep proving themselves over and over again, it gets exhausting very fast.

This is where you can leave a genuine impression on a guy without having to do anything at all but then again, you might also want to give these tips a try as well!

If nothing else, treat this as your general guide for making any guy fall head over heels in love with you but if by chance these don’t work out…

you could always put these tips to work for yourself, couldn’t you?

16. respect his space

This goes back to the whole idea of “leaving him wanting more” because if you’re always around, then there’s nothing that really makes you stand out from the crowd.

It may seem like a good idea to spend every waking hour together but all this does is make things feel less special and before you know it, he’ll start thinking of you as just another one of his friends or someone who isn’t really worth making time for.

Guys need space to think about how they truly feel so get out there and do something fun without him because even if he says he doesn’t want anyone else…he might be saying it just because he can’t have you!

how to make him want you

There are some out there that will never work no matter how much effort.

Yeah! Being yourself around him allows him to get to know this side of you while still having the wild side of you that will make him want to get closer.

You don’t need to do something big or out there, instead just be your normal self because it’s the best thing about you!

You’re not doing yourself any favors by trying too hard especially if what you’re doing isn’t really who you are at all.

Be yourself around him and this includes showing off your strengths but also being willing to share your weaknesses because what guy doesn’t want a girl that he can respect?

Everyone has flaws so why try to hide them when it’s so much better for someone who truly cares to know the real person behind all of this?

A lot of women tend to think that putting in way too much time is going to pay off in the long run but if he doesn’t want anything to do with you at first, making a bad first impression is only going to make things worse.

There’s a fine line between being persistent and being desperate so instead of showing all your cards upfront, just give him some time to think about everything.

It might take a few tries before it starts sinking in for either party involved but as long as you’re doing it right, this will be one of those lessons that you won’t soon forget!

I hope that these tips will help you make a guy want you and not just for one night.