how to make him want you step by step guide

In this article , you will learn how to make him want you more.

have you ever wondered what does it take for a man to make a man want you  and how to make him want you forever?

You are in luck because that’s what you and I will be discussing in this article today

  • Have you noticed a change in your partner’s behavior?
  • Are you worried that maybe he has lost some feelings for you or that maybe he doesn’t love you like he did before?
  • Do you want things to go back to the way they were in the beginning?
  • In this article  I explain the reasons why men change,
  •  I’ll tell you exactly what to do to turn things around and have him WANTING you and VALUING you more than ever.

Do you know what the most desired women in the world all share in common?

They all share a single mindset that changes their whole demeanor when they are around men.

This mindset may seem counter-intuitive if you don’t attract quality men wherever you go, but I promise you when you take it on, you will immediately notice how powerful it is.

So what is the ultimate mindset to attract high-quality men? It’s called “assuming attraction”. And it’s as simple as it sounds.

All you need to do is assume that a man is attracted to you and it will set in motion a series of actions that will change how he looks at you. Does this sound too simple? Is it arrogant? Will it even work? read this week’s  article  to find out why this mindset is so effective and exactly how you can begin applying it in your life today. Let me know your experience with this in the comment section.

there’s a mindset  that almost all beautiful women have that’s almost essential to turn on high quality men.I’m not going to make you wait for it. the first way on how to make him want you is 

It is assuming attraction.

They assume that men are attracted to them and you may say well Jason that’s obvious. It’s because men are attracted to them. But let me tell you having this mindset in and of itself actually perpetuates how men view you and how attractive you are too high quality men in this article. I’m going to explain why this mindset is so magnetic an attractive to men and exactly how you can take that on for yourself.

Hi, I’m David mach . I’m the dating coach for ambitious women in this site is where i teach how to attract great guys, I break down strategies and mindsets on exactly what you can do to attract higher quality men in your own life.

So you don’t miss any of my upcoming training now assuming attraction is exactly how it sounds if you walk into a room And there’s another man there you’re going to assume that he’s physically attracted to you. That sounds really simple. However, it can be very challenging especially if there’s any insecurities that you may have about your looks but I want to break down and tell you why exactly this is so effective. the second way on how to make him want you is

The first reason is that when you’re assuming attraction

it removes the sense of neediness that you need his validation and neediness is actually Anchored In Fear And when we feel fear which results in us being median meeting other people to validate that we shouldn’t be afraid of how we look when we need that validation from other people. We’re exhibiting fear onto them and people can feel that and when you are acting in fear other people feel that fear and no one wants to feel fear no one likes that feeling so typically people are repelled from others that are exuding fearful energy and they are attracted to people that are feeling a secure confident energy.

It’s just kind of the way of the world How we work as human beings so you want to avoid exude in any fearful energy. Now sometimes what that fearful energy can do is it can actually attract the wrong kind of man. So if there’s certain men that are preying on women who feel fearful and insecure then it will attract them but assuming attraction typically will attract a higher quality man who exudes more confidence and self love so that’s why coming from a place of confidence and assuming attraction is going to be more attractive than when you assume that someone might not be attracted to you and your kind of hoping that they are attracted to you.

So that’s one of the major benefits of assuming attraction but along those lines when you assume attraction, it increases your self-confidence and when you have increased self-confidence, you’re basically putting out into the world that hey, I’m awesome.

All right, I feel great. I look great. I know I look great and when you view yourself like that it makes it easier for other people to view. You like that as well and that’s basically using the influence principle of social proof.

We look to other people for cues on how to how to act and what to believe. It’s kind of like if someone is running towards a screaming we’re probably going to run in the direction they’re running because we’re going to use them and their experience as a safety net for us to to view the world because there’s too much going on for us to process everything.

So we have to rely on the people around us to do some of that processing for us. So if you’re already looking at yourself, like you’re someone of high value makes it much easier for someone else to view you in the same way. And also if you’re more physically confident, it actually changes your energy and how you’re able to flirt with a man. So if you’re walking down the street and you’re feeling insecure and fearful and attractive guy looks at you. Well, the first thing most likely that you’re going to do is look down in a way because the first thought that you’re feeling is judgment and feelings.

However, if you’re coming from a place of confidence knowing and feeling that you’re very attractive and a man looks at you, well, that’s a good thing because he’s attracted to you. So you might hold that eye contact for a little longer. You might even smile at him because in your mind, hey, this guy thinks I’m attractive. I’m going to let him know that I think is attractive to I’m going to smile at him. I might even say hello.

So it changes your reactions and those reactions inherently change your ability to flirt and build connection with the men around you and when you’re reacting with different physical cues, it actually increases your physical attraction because you’re more attractive when you’re smiling with that sparkle in your eye or your body posture is standing up tall and proud and maybe you’re even moving in a feminine seductive way because you’re feeling like hey, I got my groove going on, right? I feel great. I see this guy. He’s looking at me. I’m feeling great about how I’m walking and how I look it changes your whole demeanor and when there’s a I mean walking down the street confidently feeling sexy.

It definitely looks different than if you’re walking down the street feeling like crap and feeling judged and another benefit is that you’re going to take more chances, right?

If you’re up to bat you’re going to swing more times because if you assume that a man is attracted to you then why wouldn’t you smile at him or why wouldn’t you go ahead and ask a guy out and be bold or or wave to someone at a bar do things that you might not normally do kind of getting outside your comfort zone .

be vulnerable and risk rejection and you’re going to do that because it doesn’t feel like the end of the world like there’s only one man who’s attracted to you because men are attracted to you all the time. So why not try to be flirtatious with one guy you’ve got nothing to lose and there’s plenty of opportunities in the future. It changes your mindset and allows you to put yourself out there and obviously the more that you put yourself out there the higher chance that you’ll have actually meeting someone when was the last time that you put yourself out there that you were vulnerable. All that you risked rejection in order to try to go for that higher quality guy. the third  way on how to make him want you is

How often have you let your eyes Linger on someone who’s looking at you that an attractive guy?.

Ask yourself this questions? How often have you told maybe a friend or someone close to you that you really like him and you would like to go out on a date or even just letting him know that you’re physically attracted to him. How often do you do that?

Typically we wait we wait and we wait and we wait until it’s too late and we never take that chance. So assuming attraction of builds that confidence it allows you to take more chances to be more vulnerable and ultimately when you’re putting in throwing more spaghetti against the wall more spaghetti is going to stick you’re going to have more opportunities to match up with that high quality man.

Now you might be asking yourself. Well Jason isn’t this like the direct path to being a sociopath or narcissist isn’t this very arrogant?How is it helpful for you to go around and just assume that other men are attracted to you. That just seems a little bit stuck up.Well, what’s the alternative to that?

And think about it for a second if let’s say you’re walking down the street with a woman who you think is highly attractive. You think she’s absolutely beautiful in your mind. She’s she’s beautiful and high value.

Why wouldn’t you why would you assume that other men are attracted to her, but you wouldn’t make that same assumption about yourself it obviously, there’s some judgment that you have and if you’re going to be judging yourself, why not judge yourself as being beautiful.

This is really about loving yourself in the same way that you might love or respect a high-value woman and when we begin to love ourselves, it makes it much easier for other people to love us as well. And again, what if you’re wrong what if someone isn’t attracted to you? Well, what’s the worst thing that can happen the worst thing that can happen? Is that okay?You’re wrong

Maybe you smile at them and maybe they weren’t attracted to you before but all of a sudden you’re your confidence in yourself love maybe it flipped it around and maybe they became more attracted to you, which is typically what happens and why it perpetuates how men view you just By feeling and more self-confident and more attractive. But if you’re wrong and you get rejected, well, that’s probably way better than you already assuming they don’t they don’t like you and just never taking the chance because if you never take the chance, you’ll never know when you’ll never have opportunities that you might have had otherwise, so I don’t see any risk, I guess the risk of you not assuming attraction is to say that you’re just having no expectations.

That’s great.

But you’re basically not really valuing yourself or looking at yourself as beautiful as maybe you could be because I guarantee you if we walk to the edge of the Grand Canyon and look out and we look to the person next to us. We say wow isn’t isn’t that just beautiful.

We just assume that they think that this is beautiful and again, why not view yourself with that same love and admiration that you’ve been given this gift of your body and why not learn to appreciate It now, let me tell you the easiest way to do this, especially if you don’t believe it if you think Jason whatever I’m not that hot, I’m not that attractive.

I can I can sit here and assume it, but I’ll be wrong. It’s just not going to work. Let me tell you a little hack that you can do to assume attraction. You don’t have to believe it and You don’t have to have any conviction about it or You just need to act as if that’s the key act as if men are attracted to you and and all you have to ask yourself.

Is this what if you a hundred percent knew that this man was attracted to you, how would you act and what would you do?

if you can answer that question here an answer and then act as if this man were a hundred percent attracted to you that is the best way to begin to assume attraction. And again if you’re wrong, what’s the worst thing that can happen? What if he’s a good friend of yours and you’re finally for the first time after many years opening up and sharing that you’re attracted to him or making some moves or being more flirtatious. the the last way on how to make him want you is

Well, would you rather do that rather than being in off? I’m taking a friendship for years and years and years only have nothing happened life is too short and it’s so important for us to fully express ourselves. And the best way to do that is through assuming attraction. And if you rejects you, that’s great. That’s awesome.

Because the more rejections that you can experience and survive the more that you can learn that rejection is not the worst thing in the world that you can survive it most of the time most of our Lives we spend trying to avoid rejection and then if you speak with any anyone that works in hospice, or as with dying people all of those same people said, I wish I risked more I wish I lived more nobody at the end of their life regrets Taking Chances and truly living so I encourage you to get rejected more and learn that it’s not that big of a deal and that you can you will survive a rejection.

It will be okay. I’m a very shy client who lived in Manhattan and I had her every single day after work this was this was very unique to her but every single day after work I had her go up. And approach attractive men and start flirting with them just start a conversation and she literally did this every single day after work.

She started conversations it completely changed her life because she actually started getting asked out and going on dates with men that were just so far beyond anyone that she ever thought would ask her out on a date and she became so confident and it was really scary and really hard for her because she was introverted to go up and begin these conversations, but she realized that the risk involved in these interactions and in rejection was so minimal compared to what she thought it was in her mind that it made it much easier and her life is forever changed.

So again, I encourage you to go out there and ask yourself. What if I 100% knew that this man were attracted to me. How would I act what would I do in that moment and then try to act as if and let me know in the comments if you have any questions or experiences, please comment below on your thought  and I’ll see you next week where we’ll go through another.

Thanks so much.

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