how to make him miss you long distance

It can be hard to keep a long distance relationship–especially if it’s with your first love.

You might find that after being apart for so long, you don’t know how to connect anymore.

You might feel like the only way to make him miss you is by texting and calling all the time (and even then he won’t want anything to do with you), or worse yet–you may not have any idea how at all!

This article will teach you some creative ways to make him miss her and really want YOU back!

here is how to make him miss you long distance:

1. Send him pictures and videos of yourself.

It may sound cliché, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Seeing you in person will definitely make him miss you more than anything else!

If you can’t be together in person, send him short videos of yourself instead. Whether you’re cooking dinner, taking a walk outside, or just hanging out with friends, he’ll love getting a glimpse into your everyday life.

2. Make it clear that you’re thinking of him.

Whether you send a cute text message or a handwritten letter in the mail, make sure to let him know how often you’re thinking of him.

If he knows that even when he’s away from you, you’re still on his mind, it’ll be easier for him to wait until your reunion.

3. Make plans together.

When planning things to do while apart, don’t get too crazy with the travel arrangements and expenses! Take a look at your budget and plan ahead before booking anything too expensive.

Instead of going out of state every weekend, try going on a more affordable vacation closer to home instead! If possible, book a room at a cabin or a nice hotel– that will keep both of you longing for more.

4. Send him little gifts.

Gift giving is a huge part of any relationship, and it can be especially sweet when you’re long distance.

A small token every once in awhile will show him that you’re always thinking of him, no matter where he is.

If you know his favorite candy or drinks, send them to him in the mail! He’ll love getting random surprises from you.

5. Talk on the phone often.

Although technology has made it easier than ever to keep in touch with someone long distance, there’s nothing quite like hearing their voice on the other end of the line.

Make a point to call each other at least once a week (more if possible). Hearing the sound of your loved one’s voice will help make the miles between you feel a little bit shorter.

6. Keep your conversations interesting.

The key to any good relationship is keeping things fresh, and that definitely goes for long distance ones too!

Try not to just talk about mundane things like what you did that day or how your classes are going. Instead, mix it up with some deep conversations, telling jokes, or even reminiscing about old memories.

By doing this, you’ll keep him interested in talking to you and make him miss you even more.

7. Plan a Skype date.

Although it’s not quite the same as being together in person, scheduling a Skype date can be really fun and special if done correctly.  It’s a great way to keep connected even when you’re far apart.

If possible, try to set up a video chat before he leaves so that he knows what to expect. If not, just make sure that you have privacy and will be able to talk without distractions!

8. Don’t text him every day.

Although it might seem like the more texts and calls the better, don’t fall into this trap or you’ll quickly become annoying!

Constantly texting and calling him every day makes him feel like you need him (or at least really want him) as much as he needs (or wants) you.  You don’t want your long distance relationship turning into one where you’re the only one trying.

9. Be patient.

When it comes to long distance, patience can be a really powerful tool!

Try not to get frustrated when his busy school or work schedule makes him harder to reach than usual or if he doesn’t have much time for talking on the phone.

Instead, try focusing on all of the things that make your relationship so strong and worth waiting for in the first place!

10. Remember- stay positive!

Even though being apart from your loved one sucks, don’t let yourself become discouraged while you wait for them to come back home!

Just remember why you fell in love with them in the first place and how it’ll feel when you two finally reunite.

With a positive attitude and a lot of patience, your long distance relationship will be stronger than ever!

So there you have it! Ten tips on how to make him miss you long distance.

By following these simple guidelines, you’ll be able to keep your relationship strong and thriving while miles apart.

And who knows, maybe with a little bit of hard work he’ll be back home sooner than you thought! Good luck!