11 Sweet & Simple to make him feel special

If you want to make a guy feel special, it’s quite simple. Even if you are not his girlfriend, you don’t have to be. Give him the opportunity to think of you as a friend and he will feel that way.

It’s easy to overlook him, so just watch him.

When you take care of his wants without him mentioning, he will be thankful. Talk to him about your problems. He may not want to share his problems with others, but he will appreciate your listening when he is going through a difficult time. Encourage him to go out for coffee with you. Both in friendship and in love, be possessive of him. In short, guys love that.

A guy feels particularly attractive when you take an interest in things he likes and then go out of your way to participate in those things. Just relax and enjoy that football game with him and he will really thank you for all of your efforts.

Here are 11 ways on how to make him feel special.

1. Surprise him.

Unexpected gestures (for example, a card, gift, or trip out to celebrate something like an advancement or an anniversary) give a special boost to the positive power of their impact. It was also recommended to buy small gifts around the holidays that weren’t associated with birthday celebrations or Halloween Day – especially for a surprising time.

People fell in love and stayed in love thanks to the element of surprise. Most important: Take the initiative to be the one who makes things exciting.

 When you have an attitude like that, it sparks the relationship fire.

2.Help him with his household tasks.

In this case, it is more appropriate if you are currently living around each other (but it could still work if you are not). It is often reported that taking on an annoying chore for a person you are dating is one of the most effective small, good steps one can take. Instead of purchasing expensive gifts, I was told that giving freely offered chore assistance was a better option.

Small, frequent acts of kindness are much more effective than large, rare acts of love. When it rains, taking the dog to the professional cleaner. That has a huge impact.

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3.Make a nice remark or Compliment him as much as possible.

Appreciating and expressing gratitude is a positive action you can take to show your gratitude and admiration to your partner. Through talking to these women, I learned that one of the most widely known remorse of older women is failing to provide and feel positive and compliments. A warm environment of mutual appreciation was the reward for elders who used to compliment their partners.

4.Make a genuine effort to hug him whenever you see him or whenever you suspect he is having difficulties.

I always felt great when I hugged my girlfriend, it was so peaceful. While returning home from a stressful day at work, I arrived to find my girlfriend already home. I quickly wrapped my arms around her and it felt fantastic. My stress was literally draining away as she was a delight to be around.

5.Make your own greeting and give it to him on his birthday.

When a guy likes to be surprised, he’d prefer a tiny surprise, or it might just be me. On my birthday, my girlfriend had planned a surprise party the day before my birthday and had given me this special greeting she had made using a poem she had written on me. When she decided to give me that handmade Christmas card, I was overjoyed. That card was priceless, yet I still have it!

6.Protect his private details:

If your boyfriend has confided in you with some of his most personal secrets, you should absolutely keep that information to yourself. Do not divulge it to anyone, not even your best friend. He might tell you a few little secrets at the start just to test your ability to keep secrets. If he discovers that you’re keeping his secrets safe, he will begin to trust you and that will ultimately make him feel special.


7.In order to show a man you care, prepare something special for him.

To be a guy, I know how very much cooking food for someone means to them and how much they appreciate it. When my girlfriend cooked me a fish dinner, it took her around two to three hours to make, but the meal was delicious, and even now, I can still taste it and recall how grateful I was for the meal. She just put in a lot of effort, and that was great.

8.Grant him some personal time.

If you’re mad because he’s having too much fun with his relatives and friends, don’t get in the way of his friendships and familial relationships. When all of his friends are busy, they only get a few more days of the month to relax. Therefore, this will be an issue.

9. be critical of his misguided ideas

If he mentions doing something that’s wrong, you’re free to express your thoughts (i mean he doesn’t feel it’s wrong even though it’s wrong). Opening new perspectives may interest him, and he will be thankful for it. While I was previously a somewhat vengeful person, my girlfriend has helped me be a better person over time.

Had she not constantly pushed me to be more generous, more open-minded, and more tolerant of others, my kindness, openness, and friendliness would never have developed in the first place. Providing constructive criticism is always a good thing.

10.Go the extra mile and sincerely inquire about his day and his life.

Gain his trust by inquiring about his day, his life, his family, his friends, and his pets if he has any. This will enable you to develop a deeper bond with each other.

11.Support him in his aspirations and his goals.

Regardless of whether or not his priorities are morally questionable, You should support and care about them. A lot of people keep their goals and dreams hidden because they are afraid of judgment and of failure, especially if their goals and dreams are particularly large. encourage him to have a vision The cheerleaders do not get involved in problem-solving; they simply preach a supportive working environment that empowers success.

As per seniors who have “been there,” there are three fantastic ways of making a guy feel special. In recommending that small “gifts” be given as much as necessary, the elders are on the same page as the studies. Studies of positive psychology reveal that daily happiness is reliant on unexpected positive events.


Do as many little things as you can to boost your guy’s morale. The elders say that this practice will enhance and liven up your relationship. There’s no need to sit tight for his b’day to have your portrait painted.