how to make him fall in love with you forever



have you ever wondered what does it take for a man to fall in love with you forever and how to make him fall in love with you forever?

You are in luck because that’s what you and I will be discussing in this article today.

I’m gonna be sharing with you what does it really take for a man to fall in love with you? I get a lot of questions from women who really want to understand not how to make a man just crave them and feel the sire for them.

But how to make a guy go into his heart and fall in love with them.

I’m gonna share with you right now with three essential ingredients without which the matter will not fall along with.

 I know that this is an amazingly great start for you to understand, how the mind of a man works. what it really takes for him to actually go from just having some casual or having used a friend to fall in love with you, and being devoted. 

the first one on how to make him fall in love with you forever is 

1. He needs to understand your Worth and your value.


That’s something he doesn’t just get to understand on his own. that’s something you get to display by your actions.

there are two critical areas in which a man needs to understand your word the first one.

 the way he can connect and  see on the way he treats you


  • When he shows up as a man
  • When he shows up very purpose-driven
  • When he shows up and he has a clear idea of what he wants he has plans basically of what you’re gonna do together if it’s a day for example.
  • When he treats you with a lot of respect
  • When he treats you with a lot of enthusiasm and then the way

When he acts this way and he responds in a way where you know you’re being grateful for him.

he needs to know that the way that you are going to respond in the most authentic feminine rayon way.

He gets to understand your worth if he treats you in a way that’s not what you really want and you don’t show it.

Now you basically just go along don’t display in any single way in your voice basically.

the words you say or in your experience then he’s not gonna understand reward so that’s the first one

#2. He needs to understand the importance of sex.

Here’s why?

a man is going to want to connect with you sexually probably way sooner than you will and here’s why because he has so much sexual drive.

he’s energy sexual energy so high in terms of just testosterone or in terms of like the energy that is just the hormones in the body.

 he’s going to want to release in some way. 

So he has that need to connect with you and also polite himself as a man that way.

so when you are able to clearly define to him what are your standards for having sex with him whether

  • Whether that’s having a monogamous exclusive relationship with him
  • whether that’s whatever it is
  • whether That’s getting married to him

You need to be able to clearly communicate everything because without communicating that he’s not going to know that you are in the category of falling in love with introducing into my mom type of person.

You might just be in the category of I’m gonna get my release with this woman right now so very very important that you are able to clearly define what that is so he knows what are the rules of the game

What he needs to know and do and act upon to earn your heart, and also get what he really wants in addition to your heart.

  • he wants to connect with you sexually, so just understand that there are two sides of him

It’s not right or wrong it just the way it works the way nature works and the way the world is working these days okay so that’s one thing so clearly communicate what you want.

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#3. He needs to know that he can feel like a man with you.

He needs to clearly understand not here but in his heart that if he gets a chance to connect with you, consistently through time he’s going to feel more like a man versus less like a man more.

Like a man means that she’s free to make her own decisions that he’s not feeling judged that you’re able to communicate with him in such a way where there’s something that you don’t appreciate or like that he would respect.

  • That you don’t make him wrong for not doing it the right way the first time.
  • he needs  to also know that you need him
  • he needs to know that he can be a provider in some way
  • he needs to know he can protect you or help you feel more secure because he’s a nerd DNA part wants to make you feel secure

If he cannot make you feel secure because you’re so independent, you don’t need him in that way he’s going to energetically gravitates towards a woman who can allow him to feel like a man.

Now I’m not saying that you should play dumb or that you should actually do something that goes against your core.

I’m an ass to relax more into your heart and a lot of the things that you don’t have to do.

I know you can do them but you don’t have to do them to be done by him,

So that he knows and that you receive basic you receiving he knows if you can provide for you in some way.

#4. He needed to feel an emotional connection

This happens when he gets a chance to create a friendship with you. It doesn’t just happen when he’s just having sex with you if he’s just having sex with you.

he’s not gonna go down to his heart if he has to work hard to earn that with you.

it’s not an impossible thing but he has to work hard to earn that

He understands your worth because you’re proving it you’re basically showing me up in a way that says this is who I am.

these are my standards and you can play along or not but this is who I need.

 if you go along those lines and then you help me feel like a man by just being vulnerable and allowing me to do the things for you, and you create a deep friendship with him then he has everything he needs. 

He has the friendship, he has the sexual intimacy, he has the connection he has to feel like a man and then he can relax more and avoid the loss of freedom they’re connecting with you

I hope this makes sense to you so this makes sense to you and you have enjoyed this topic of how to make him fall in love with you forever then please consider sharing.

In summary…

How To Keep Him In Love With You Forever.

  • He needs to understand your Worth and your value
  • He needs to know that he can feel like a man with you
  •  He needed to feel an emotional connection

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