how to make him chase you |(WARNING:THIS REALLY WORKS!)



Have you ever wonder what it takes for a man to chase you and how to make him chase you. well, you are lucky cuz that exactly what I am about to share with you today

This article, I’m going to be sharing the seven factors that make a man chase you and feel addicted to you.

Addicted in a really good way, where he just feels inspired to keep pursuing you throughout the course of your entire relationship.

 Because he just feels so good every time he’s around you. So let’s get started I’m gonna be sharing these seven keys or seven factors to make a man feel this intense urge to pursue you. 

It’s something I haven’t talked too much about but it’s really important so make sure to read this article to get that one. The first fact on how to make him chase you is

 #1 Feminine Energy.

how to make him chase you

The first factor is when you’re in your feminine energy. That feeling that a man gets when he’s around a woman and her feminine energy is just so addictive.

She’s so magnetic and intriguing to where he just is gonna want to keep coming towards you, especially if he’s a masculine energy man

  • being in your feminine energy is when you are in a place where you’re leaning back and receiving and experiencing the moment you’re feeling.
  • all of your feelings and emotions and expressing yourself from that place
  • when you’re responding to a man you’re in your feminine energy

on the other hand

  • when you’re in cheating
  • when you’re up in your head wondering what the next steps are,
  • or where you stand with a man or trying to figure a man out or analyze the situation you’re in your masculine energy.

So as much as you can see what you can switch into your feminine energy when you’re with a man and you will see him start to come towards you. both physically and emotionally.

You’ll see him open up to you and just want to keep pursuing you, and being around you more and more because it’s an incredible feeling for a man when he’s with a woman who’s in her feminine energy.

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

Discover how to use this “Secret ingredient” to get a man to fully open up his heart and devote his love to YOU and only YOU.

Especially like I said if he’s a masculine energy man, The second factor on how to make him chase you is

 #2 unpredictability.

make him chase you forever

The second factor is the unpredictability. if you can keep a man on his toes and infuse variety and lifelong memories,

These fun playful light-hearted moments when you’re with a man that’s just gonna make him feel addicted to you in a really good way.

Especially if you’re in a long-term relationship with a man. these moments these everyday moments can become kind of boring or routine sometimes.

 So as much as you can be unpredictable and just kind of playful and light-hearted when you’re with him rather than everything having to be so serious all the time, he’s just gonna feel so good when he’s around you 


he’ll just want to keep coming towards you. that’s really what keeps the man’s energy coming towards you throughout the course of your whole relationship

By the way, all of these keys and factors have to be authentic. you can’t be faking this .so it’s not about pretending to be someone you’re not.

It’s just the opposite. it’s about tapping into some of these parts of yourself that might have. been dormant for a long time, and just it’s because about becoming more and

Being more expansive and expressing these different parts of yourself when you’re with a man is really really important to keep in mind. These have to be authentic. The third factor on how to make him chase you is

 #3 challenge

how to get him to chase me again

The third factor is a challenge. When you can be a challenge to a man not by playing games or shutting down and pulling away or doing anything that feels like pretending.

But you challenge a man by challenging yourself. By becoming the best version of yourself to where you know a man see you as this high-quality woman. Who inspires him to be the best version of himself.

 It’s really important you do this in the relationship by sticking to your boundaries and standards that you have for yourself, 

Just in your life as well really committing yourself to your own dreams and desires and to grow as a person.

Where a man will see you as someone who’s like essential to him. becoming the person that he wants to be and living his purpose. It’s really really important

So if you can challenge a man in a really positive way to be the best version of himself .he’s gonna see you as irreplaceable. he’s gonna just see you as that one woman that he never wants to live without. The fourth  factor on how to make him chase you is 

 #4 Respect

The fourth factor is respect. Respect is so important. Men just desire to be respected to a degree that’s hard for women to even understand.

Sometimes it’s as important as his feelings of attraction and love for you. Sometimes it’s even more important, especially in long-term relationships.

Men just desire respect so deeply that’s why they compete with each other out there in the world.

They might feel like they don’t get the respect that they want at work or in other areas of their life.

So if you can be that person that just respects him and admires him for who he is like

  • his character,
  • ambitions,
  • accomplishments

He’s gonna feel so good every time he’s around you.  He’s gonna want to keep pursuing you and want to be around you more and more,

 Of course like I said these have to be authentic. So you really want to make sure you’re with a man who you do respect. 

Because you can’t be faking this. if you don’t respect a man for who he is that’s definitely not a good guy to be with.


The fifth factor is excitement .this could include passion and energy and it’s being exciting when you’re with a man.

Being excited about a relationship is fantastic. But what I’m really talking about here is excitement for yourself.

Your own life passion for your own dreams or maybe a cause that’s important to you, or if you can just express how excited you are about maybe like a hobby or something.

you’re working on that energy that feminine, joy, and enthusiasm just pulls a man in and that’s what men want to experience

That passion and feminine magnetism that you exude when you have an excitement about something in your life.

So if you’re able to express that to him when you are in your feminine energy like I talked about in the first factor and just to be this person who’s excited about life. He’s going to just feel so addicted to you.

He won’t be able to get enough of you and of course, this doesn’t mean you have to always be perky and bubbly when you’re not feeling that way.

Again this has to be real and coming from just who you are. but every once in a while if you can kind of infuse some excitement into the conversation.

When you’re talking about your life or your weekend or something like that that can go a long way with a man.


So the sixth factor is appreciation and I always say that acknowledgment and appreciation are the fuel that men run on especially masculine.

In a relationship, men gravitate towards people and experiences that make them feel appreciated. It’s just a fact and they tend to avoid situations or people that make them feel incompetent

Like they’re not quite good enough. a lot of men feel really inadequate deep down. they have this deep fear of not being enough.

So if you can appreciate his efforts and just show him a lot of acknowledgment anytime he does anything.

That makes you feel good or helps you out he’s just gonna want to keep doing those things for you and keep being around you more and more and that brings me to the last factor that makes a man feel addicted to you.the the seventh factor on how to make him chase you is


When you trust him and this can just not be overstated. it’s so important.

The most relationship operates on trust and all starts with trusting yourself, and your own feelings and intuition, of course, you never want to be with a man who you don’t trust

 Because that’s gonna come out in the relationship in all different aspects of it. I can pretty much guarantee, so you gotta be with a man who you trust. 

This could look like giving him the benefit of the doubt if he has to kind of pull away for a day or two to find himself or work on something.

If there’s a crisis in some other area of his life.  trusting that he has your best interest at heart and

This is where it’s important to be with a man whose Energy’s coming towards you pretty consistently too.

When he does need to take some space for himself or take some time alone for a little bit .you trust him and you trust its life as well.

But if he’s the right man for you. he’s gonna come back towards you. all on his own and you don’t have to like shame him for needing some alone time.

That’s one example another example is trusting him to make decisions in his own life. and in the relationship as the masculine energy partner .trusting him not always having to like you

Give him unsolicited suggestions and advice constantly .if you can really trust a man to figure things out on his own. it’s gonna go a long way.

You might be surprised how often you’re kinda offering unsolicited help or advice or telling a man what to do on these subtle levels.

You can all do this easily. So if you can pull back on that a little bit and just trust that a man can figure things out. he’s gonna feel so good every time he’s around you.

he’ll just want to keep coming towards you throughout the course of your entire relationship.




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