how to make him chase you (WARNING:THIS REALLY WORKS!)


Have ever heard of the phrase ” A Real Woman would never chase a man.. but men do chase them”. In reality, this is a good piece of advice but the question is how can women do that exactly? ( desperately chase her forever.)

well, we will go through some of the practical ways to make him chase you. stick with me until the end.

#1. Never show any signs of vulnerability or perhaps a weakness.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be aggressive but rather having that some sort of inner self-assuredness and self-trust.

You should be a strong, fearless imperturbable woman who is not scared of a guy leaving them. You’ll be in return a magnet woman who men will be fighting for and trying to win your heart.

Have that inner strength and let everybody should know-how satisfied you are. in the end, all that matters is your happiness let alone some strange man. Nobody can take that way from you.

#2. Don’t be difficult and make it easy and natural.

Most women have this habit of being too complicated to get to them. aka backbreaking when in reality, that’s only going to push men away. you’ve got have fun, joy thrill cheer but not available to him.

 You might want to try to look like you don’t know him or perhaps trust him or even tough to sway. 

however, the key here is to constantly crack a smile tease and let him have the hope that if he works a little bit harder, he is going to get. that is going to force him to chase you over and over.

#3. Do Not surrender or perhaps walk away from the thrill of chasing.

Guys are known to love the thrill of hunting and chasing not only at the start of the relationship but also lobe at the present or perhaps for years to come.

No one likes a boring relationship especially men.

He wants that mystery at the start of the relationship. he always wants to feel as if he’s in the honeymoon period with intimacy, passion, or perhaps enjoyment that he felt at the start.

#4. Don’t be too submissive.

let him feel that you’re actually relishing the chase but not in a submissive way. Constantly looking at him is not a good idea but a slight eye contract is fine. grasping his nice but snugging him ain’t good.

don’t reveal or say anything that’s shockingly too explicit like lovemaking or dating.

You’re not been excessively aggressive when flirting but rather it attracts his natural pursuing instincts.

#5. Don’t chase him.

I know this is contrary to what am saying. however, you need to slow down once you have that connection and compatibility. He has to chase you rather than chasing him. he is going to get the excitement and the thrill of chasing you.

 learn how to build confidence. building confidence in yourself and really truly believing that you’re worthy and beautiful and deserving of true love of finding love and of being pursued and chase you deserve to be. 

 That is the most important shift that you need to make.
Change your appearance and focus on your health and focus on yourself and gain the confidence that’s required in order to attract guys that are gonna pursue you.

6. Holding onto your mystery.

A lot of women making the same mistake of prevailing everything there is to know in the first five dates. So now he knows all about you, your family members, or perhaps your friends, your worst experiences, nightmare, and of course your sexual queerness!

But here is the issue ..whats happens now or perhaps what’s remaining? He might lose interest in you by now because he knows too much and perhaps everything about you.

That’s why you should maintain your mystery and not the real you.

You should only reveal and share with him little by little or gradually. The less he knows the more he is going to want to hunt you or perhaps chase you. He is going to have to work harder to get to know your inner flashbacks, thoughts, and of course your dark secrets.

#7. To Actually make Chase YOU, stay hot and sexy.

Figure out what hot and sexy or perhaps attractive means to you and do it. whether that means dressing differently or having that natural outlook of your body or perhaps wearing sexy outfits that make you feel look good.

Do whatever is necessary that makes you feel assured in regards to taking care of your body and appearance.

 This doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do whatever it takes to look fake or unnatural and for him to chase but it rather means that you should be the best version of yourself as a high-quality woman. 

As you can probably tell, there are many ways to make him chase you, longing for you and be infatuated with you. It involves making him motivated by showing the proper signs and signals and making him put in the work and for what he looking for which ultimately is your trust and respect.

Just bear in mind that this should be a long game and you should keep it exciting or perhaps enjoyable.

Don’t make him feel as though if this is a requirement that he has to chase you every time. He has to enjoy and want it more and more. That should be your main aid and thinking.

please let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree with me in the comments section and I will see you next week.



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