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how to make him chase you (WARNING: THIS REALLY WORKS!)


how to make him chase you:

It’s safe to say that today’s dating is significantly more difficult than it was 10 years ago. Every girl I know complains that they have no choice but to chase men.

Everything they do, he will invariably find someone new, and no matter how stable and healthy a relationship they make, it will fall apart.

Many of those girls end up getting their hearts broken, and as a result, they reassure themselves that they are unlovable and worthless.

Many people go through difficult relationships, which makes them feel bad about themselves.

Losing both their health and wellbeing as well as a significant amount of time to recuperate is one of the many dangers they face.

If they ever come across someone new, it triggers old traumas and they fear they will be plunged into the same hell all over again.

 The challenge is that those girls are too good to be true, and they make you believe that everything is perfect when it really isn’t. 

This advice is for heartbroken women who have consistently been left as secondary options and is not for those who are just looking for a nice guy to date.

Continue reading to learn about many amazing ways of making a guy chase you.

1.Demonstrate a feeling of confidence in order to keep the guy chasing you.

The best traits that a woman can have are confidence and self-esteem. It’s easier to draw the interest of a man when you are confident. Once he gets interested, he will want to get to know you better.

If he treats you badly, you will end up with someone better. You should also know that men appreciate women who possess self-esteem.

This is just as relevant for women. The presence of a confident person in a room instantly draws your attention. The best way to grab someone’s attention is to be confident.

The more you appear confident, the more the guy will chase you.

2.Encourage yourself to spend time with friends.

Women commonly make the mistake of spending too much time on their relationships and neglecting their social lives.

He shouldn’t feel important, as it just makes him feel egotistical. You should make an effort to go out on the town once a week, no matter your personal or romantic relationship.

It will serve you well if you keep in touch with your friends prior to his arrival.

When your relationship doesn’t go as planned, you can count on your friends for assistance in finding another solution.

Maintaining a balance between your man and your friends is a good idea. When he realizes that your friends are irreplaceable, this will serve as a wake-up call for him.

It’s highly likely that the guy you’re having a relationship with also goes out with his friends in the evenings. You will make him feel special and arrogantly assured, as soon as you start alienating your friends for him.

3.Encourage a guy to pursue you by being honest.

When it comes to a new relationship, we aim to show our best side. We strive to appear as positive as possible. The impression you make is fine as long as you are yourself. While pretending to be someone else, he may find you attractive at first.

There are two significant drawbacks to this: First, you’ll have to maintain the false impression. It is also possible that by allowing yourself to be who you really are, the man will lose interest. Perhaps he’s not the right man for you if he doesn’t appreciate you as a person.

Resentment will build if you attempt to change who you are in order to become someone else.

Because you cannot alter your core self for a relationship, this is why you must have one. At first, you will want to make changes, but over time, you will return to your old habits. If he doesn’t like who you really are, he will leave.

This is why you should not allow yourself to become involved with somebody who doesn’t love you in the same way that you do.

He won’t have many options, to begin with, and the only way he can be with you is if he wants you just the way you are.

4.Halt your pursuit of him.

When you actively seek a man, you only encourage him to pursue you. A man who can easily get what he wants will never pursue you. In his eyes, chasing a woman who offers herself entirely to a relationship isn’t all that exciting.

He will most likely have his sights set on someone who is unapproachable, and he will go after them.

To attract a man, don’t chase after him, but instead, send him clear signals to communicate your interest.

The more effort he exerts, the more you turn away from him. Everyone thinks it’s a simple trick, but it actually works perfectly.

5.Be no signs of weakness.

Guys have a harder time dealing with life’s problems because they do want a supportive woman next to them. It’s a real turn-off when a person cries for every little thing. 

They can’t count on you. They are searching for a woman who can manage things on her own, even if she hasn’t asked for help.

You need to resist acting submissive when you’re around him. Let him know that you can deal with problems without the help of a man. You’ll like him even more because that will show that you have an influence on him.

You might also consider finding support to handle problems on your own, even if you aren’t naturally a tough girl.

believe me when I say that will help you so much, and you will have more self-confidence.

6.Let him know that you’re not incomplete without a man.

He will desire you even more if you demonstrate to him that you really are perfectly capable of succeeding on your own and that you don’t even need a guy to pursue you.

To you, he won’t matter much, and so he’ll keep trying to catch your attention until he is now the most important person in your life.

Because you are an excellent woman, he would want you by his side. And that is whom he wants to be a part of his existence.

He understands that it is harder than ever to find a decent woman, so he will do everything he can to win you over, just to prove he is an excellent catch as well.

7.Strive to get as tight as possible.

The closer you are to a guy, the more likely he is to chase you. He will have the opportunity to see you every day, which will help him open up and speak to you.

If he enjoys your conversation, you may be able to discover a number of interesting topics that you can discuss, so in that way, you will be getting to know each other quite well.

The challenge here is that you have to move closer to the guy you want to pursue.

 If you’re not close to him, he will immediately turn to pursue the first attractive woman he sees.

That’s how guys operate. If you’re serious about him, don’t let him treat you this way.

8.Elevate his self-esteem.

Men all over the world appreciate women who help them to feel better about themselves. Therefore, if you’d like to increase the attractiveness of a man, focus on his self-esteem.

Let him handle the major decisions and allow him to believe he has control. He’ll think he is in charge of the big decisions, but you’ll be the one making the final decisions.

In this way, he will still be the leader and you’ll always be someone he can rely on. It’s a catch, but the main benefit is that you don’t have to put much effort into creating it.

9.Simply disregard him, and he’ll notice your presence.

There are many different methods for making a guy chase you, and it is one of the earliest known tricks. When you demonstrate that you’re not interested in him, he’ll like to commit to you and only you.

No, another woman will entice him, but only the one who turned him down. Because every other woman wants him, he’ll be unsure of whether or not you’re interested in him. It will drive him absolutely insane, so you can be aware of him.

10.Be an attractive woman to be with.

Everyone wants to chase after a keeper, regardless of whether or not he has all the qualities necessary to be one.

There are many reasons for this, but you need to be a woman, work extremely hard at your job, and cultivate a positive social environment.

This will help him to get to know you in a different way. He will finally realize that he must work difficult to win somebody like you, and you are an incredible catch for every man.

Be gentle, empathetic, and reliable when demonstrating your compassion.

In the long run, a better-looking and well-rounded person will be more likable than someone who is conventionally attractive.

It is the exterior appearance of a building that attracts customers, but what draws them in is the beauty of the heart and soul.

Conclusion on how to make him chase you

If you were to follow my advice, you should concentrate less on impressing the men around you, and more on taking your relationship to the next level. While chasing is definitely a part of a healthy relationship, there are also occasions when recognizing the dynamic nature and strategies of making people chase can benefit you. I hope You’ve learned several strategies you can use when the perfect opportunity arises.

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