How To Make Him Addicted To You


I’m going to skip to the important part of this topic on How To Make Him Addicted To You without wasting your time … The ultimate  charming trait that a man needs to love you forever is

#1. humility.

So what is humility? Well, humility is to act without pride or to face your pride and change your course of action.

Humility is about being acutely aware that we are all limited and fallible human beings. Humility is getting off your high horse and taking a look at yourself from a Bird’s Eye view and acknowledging that sometimes we can be overly

  • sensitive,
  • indifferent
  • irritable,
  • quick to judge,
  • emotional,
  • and perhaps unreasonable at times

And that’s the shortlist.

And yet, humility is not self-deprecation, it’s not taking the blame for things that you did not do, nor is it allowing yourself to be criticized or controlled, or allowing others to wrong you or put you down because they feed off shaming and blaming you.

To paint a clearer picture here is an example of what humility is…

Imagine you’re cooking dinner with your partner, music is playing, and you’re having a good laugh together. You’re teasing each other in a cute kind of way, BUT then you say something a little sarcastic and negative to your boyfriend. the moment that words leave your mouth, you come to the realization that what you said was unkind.

 This is not the first time you’ve done this, and like each other time, you notice the expression on his face change, his body withdraw…. and you know your words didn’t land very well. 

If you’re stuck in a mindset of being right, or while you believe that sarcasm is funny and words can never hurt, which is not true, they do hurt.

You won’t feel the need to apologize and show some humility, you will believe that your boyfriend is too sensitive and needs to get over it.

Or maybe you have some unresolved issues in the relationship and these little digs are your way of hurting him.

what are the reasons why someone would put someone down or be unkind?

Well, Some people like to create distance because they actually fear intimacy, some people are as I mentioned resentful about unresolved issues and instead of talking about these things, they lash out in small or big ways, while others associate drama with love and they believe they need drama to feel connected…

AND This is why humility is so attractive because it takes real courage to admit that we’re not perfect, to admit we have fears, and it takes even more courage to admit why we do what we do so that we can change what we do.

A relationship does not need to be perfect to be healthy and connected, though it does require two people to face and heal their internal pain and struggle so that they can wholeheartedly love themselves and another…

Have you ever had a man admit to you his shortcomings or voluntarily apologize to you for his actions? It’s pretty damn special when they do…and then…

when they follow that up with changing their behavior it reveals the strength of character and a commitment to themselves and the relationship… to you.

There’s no better aphrodisiac than; truth, mindfulness, and a willingness to change… A willingness to face your “stuff” – and I can assure you, you’ve got stuff, I’ve got stuff, and so will your current man or a future man. Why? Because we’re human… and it’s okay. And yet, some people really aren’t interested in looking at their “stuff” it terrifies them.

So if you want to have the most beautiful, heartwarming, and passionate relationship and you want to make him addicted to you – then don’t be afraid to face your so-called flaws and love blocking actions…

Humility is about

  • honoring yourself,
  • loving yourself,
  • honoring, and loving your partner…

Of course, you need to be with a man who can do the same in return because that’s when things really get hot and steamy. When we’re no longer hiding, we’re able to truly experience the depths of emotional and physical intimacy – without humility and vulnerability this level of lasting passion is impossible.

Without humility, we’ll stay rigid, opinionated, disconnected from true love, narrow-minded, and stuck revisiting old patterns that no longer serve us or a relationship… and that ain’t sexy!

It’s time to get down and dirty and BOND with your man with a big healthy dose of mutual humility! If you’re single then start honing this skill with your friends, colleagues, and family…

All relationships need humble souls to stay strong.

There you have it How To Make Him Addicted To You, So tell me–what can you do today to be more humble?


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