how to make him addicted to you.( 9 techniques that always works)


I’m going to skip to the important part of this topic on How To Make Him Addicted To You without wasting your time … The ultimate charming trait that a man needs to love you forever…

In today’s, you’ll learn how to turn yourself into a gorgeous goddess who men will love and want to stick with. There are countless ways to get a man interested in you. the majority of such advice should have stayed in the late 1800s.

What is the single key ingredient that can turn a man into a hopelessly devoted worshiper, and that makes him addicted to you, adore you, and think about you nonstop?

The key is being authentic and being confident as an independent woman. Pay no attention to what others think. It is possible to make a man love you simply by making him regret losing you, to appreciate you, and to hold you in high regard.

In order to make him completely addicted to you, you’ll have to go this route.

In this article, we’ll go through 9 tips to help you gain his undivided attention and total devotion and make him addicted to you.

1. Always be happy and never stop smiling

The more cheerful the woman, the more men are addicted to her. Just being around a woman who is always happy and smiling positively influences the people around them and boosts their own happiness as well. When you first started dating, did you find it hard to stop smiling? Remember how you felt when you first met him.

Now, use that same level of passion to engage your current relationship. Practice smiling frequently, and over time watch as your relationship moves in a more positive direction.

If you stay happy and always smiling, you will inspire others to be happy as well and that starts with your partner. he’s going to so addicted to you as long as you keep smiling and making him happy. In no time, he will yours, and you will have him for as long as you want.

2. Unveil your real worth

If you discover that you become completely immersed in a relationship, it’s time to eradicate that behavior from your life. Men enjoy being with women who know what they want and therefore aren’t afraid to express their concerns.

He will fall head over heels in love with you if you know that you have self-respect and always strive to get more out of everything.

Self-love is an essential part of loving others. You must love yourself in order to be loved. To achieve this you’ve got to set clear boundaries for yourself around dating. Make sure that your partner knows exactly what you won’t tolerate.

Know that the only things you get from a man are the ones you’re willing to accept, and a woman as fine as you deserve nothing less.

A woman who is confident and has options will be highly attractive to her man because he knows that she’s someone who understands her value, someone who is not content with the basic essentials, and someone who is worthy of greater things.

He’ll be powerless to control his feelings for you.

3. Keep in touch with him(Communication).

Confidence, mutual trust, and communication are all required for every successful relationship. When you are unable to express yourself and to have your thoughts and feelings acknowledged, it’s impossible to build or maintain a meaningful relationship.

It is hard to achieve the level of commitment required to truly make your partner addicted to you or vice versa when you are each living in 2 distinct worlds. It is critical to open up with your partner.

 It’s crucial to talk to him about all the little things going on in his life. While doing that, you should also be an active listener. 

This approach enables you to build a secure environment for him to talk with you and enable you to learn to trust and be a best friend to each other, which is a critical step in the development of your relationship.

When you only communicate through texts and emails, you create a large gap in your connection, because you aren’t revealing your thoughts and feelings to each other. your life doesn’t seem as frightening when you realize your partner is in your corner.

4. Offer support, safety, and security.

When it comes to your partner, his daily life is full of constant events and new situations to handle. he has to deal with all of the chaos in the world each and every day. Everything in his life is piling up, He will be addicted to you even more if he knows that he can count on you to make him feel safe and comfortable.

In order to unlock his heart, you must become his rock and his safe haven. In general, men just want a steady, reliable companion in their lives. if you are that person for him, your relationship will change for the better.

He will definitely fall in love with you if you become an emotional and physical rock for him. Your connection has become quite strong, and nothing can tear it apart now.

5. Let Him Have His Space

It’s quite normal to crave to spend every waking moment with someone who you have fallen in love with., unfortunately, this is detrimental to your relationship. Being in constant contact with your significant other whenever you have free time can make the relationship fall through the cracks.

You’ll get so used to each other and accustomed to being together that your romance will have virtually ground to a halt by the time you realize it.

Letting your man have some personal space is essential if you want him to become addicted to you. this means doing away with your

  • constant texting,
  • frequent calling,
  • and extreme expectation of seeing him every now and then

 Engage in your hobbies, and develop your skills, your relationship will flourish.

Giving him personal space will only enhance the joy of your time together.

6. Always show him respect, and, in return, expect respect from him.

Amongst the most important elements in any relationship are respect and loyalty. Loyalty can only arise from a willingness to respect one another, so love and respect must be present in a lasting relationship for it to succeed.

The question, then, is how to gain him. Once you’ve earned his trust, you have to respect his personal space and his time, just as you would really need him to respect yours.

Encourage him to have fun with his friends if he says he is going out. demonstrate your trust in him. Put the same amount of effort into fulfilling his wishes as you would want yours to be honored.

Successful relationships require the commitment of both people to sacrifice and make compromises. But giving yourself for someone else’s happiness without any hopes of reciprocation is a ticket to misery.

7. Displaying confidence.

Men can be overwhelmed by women who display confidence. Go on a new adventure and try something new, do spa weekend nights, go fancy dinner with your best friend, or discover some offbeat hobbies, such as drawing or writing. Be yourself. Keep your authenticity intact in everything you do.

Whenever you feel extra self-confident, trust me, he will quickly become addicted to you.

As a man, there’s no question that it feels better to show off your partner. Do not, under any circumstances, think that this is about your looks only. Forget about heavy makeup or hair.

What you really need is confidence, personality, and natural beauty. Instead of striving for ideals that aren’t real, rock your own personal perfection, and start embracing it! One of the most attractive qualities in a woman is her confidence, her self-esteem, and her respect for and belief in herself and others.

Fluff things up underneath the sheets, in the hallway, with text messages that are over the hot threshold. Spend time flirting with him, using body language, doing what and whenever you want, and always be authentic in your approach.

8. Get creative and spiced up.

Many couples end up falling into a pattern and start following routine activities.“Being ‘stuck in a rut’” zone isn’t at all what you want in your life, especially if you want your relationship to blossom.

To be addicted to someone is a slow, gradual process that is fueled by daily affection and devotion.

Give him some ideas for positions you want to try in the bedroom, or perhaps send him a few sexts, or perhaps take advantage of him early morning before he goes to work.

Remember that your enjoyment of the experience is important since there’s no point in making things more interesting if you aren’t completely immersed in it. He will definitely feel it, and it will not be as exhilarating as usual.

The only time you should ever do this is when you are ready and when you feel that it is the time.

9. Extremely difficult to achieve.

Because men are natural hunters, showing him that he has to work for your affection will ensure that he stays after you. He’ll get addicted to you when this happens.

As a result, it is absolutely necessary that you are not “too available. It implies that you don’t interrupt your daily routine to talk to him, and you establish your own personal framework for making arrangements with him.

In other words, if he decides to call and starts asking if you’d like to go out for dinner tonight, say that you’re too busy and propose a different date.

You might not be planning on seeing him that night, but keeping him guessing is bound to capture his attention. make sure that you are not the one who is reaching out to him every now and then.

It will serve as a distraction from his pursuit of you if you are doing all the text messaging, messaging, phoning, etc.

 Summary of how to make him addicted to you, follow these steps.

Always be happy and never stop smiling.

Displaying confidence.

Always show him respect, and, in return, expect respect from him.

Get creative and spiced up.

 Unveil your real worth

 Let Him Have His Space.

 Offer support, safety, and security.

Extremely difficult to achieve.

Keep in touch with him(Communication).

Conclusion of how to make him addicted to you.

The best way to make him addicted to you is to slowly provide him with everything until he earns your trust and wait for him to make the effort on his own.

When it comes to him being addicted to you, your secret ingredient is not only to live your life to the fullest, but also to be somewhere for him, accept him, support him, and occasionally spice things up.

No matter how busy you are, it’s critical to make time for yourself, to replenish your friendships, and to focus on personal growth. I can assure you that no man will be strong enough to resist a woman like that.

If you demonstrate to him that you are capable of handling your life without him, he will be addicted to you. He will crave your presence, your aura, and everything you do because he wants to be a part of your life.


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