how to make a man feel like a hero

It’s not always easy to make a man feel like a hero. Men are often the breadwinners, the ones who do all of the work.

But women want their men to feel needed and appreciated, too! This post is going to be a quick and easy guide on how to make a man feel like a hero.

I know that all men love feeling special and appreciated, especially when it comes to romance!

What better way than by giving him the chance to be your knight in shining armor?

It’s time for you ladies out there to start taking charge – he’ll appreciate you even more as his partner because of it.

Here are 30 things you can do every day—no matter how busy or tired you may be—to make your guy feel like he is somebody special:

how to make a man feel like a hero?

1) Thank him for doing something nice

Every man wants to feel appreciated.

If your husband goes out of his way to do something special, make sure he knows that you noticed and appreciate it.

And women: if your guy does something nice, don’t just let it go without saying thank you!

Men love the reinforcement that we notice and appreciate all of the little things they do.

2) Ask for help with chores around the house

Men like to know that they’re needed and useful—and since most guys hate housework, asking for help will not only be a pleasant surprise but also very rewarding for him!

A lot of men actually enjoy doing household chores – so this is one way to get your guy to do more work around the house and save you time and stress.

3) Fix something around the house that needs to be fixed

It doesn’t matter how big or small it is: if there’s something in your home that needs to be fixed, ask him for help!

Whether you need a new doorknob or want him to install a new kitchen cabinet, this is one way he can take pride in helping out like a pro.

Plus, what woman doesn’t like coming home to a sparkling clean living room?

4) Ask him about his day

Men don’t always have much going on other than work—which means they might not have as many stories for you about their day as you might have for them.

But asking what happened during his workday will make him feel important, interested, and listened to!

5) Compliment him

Compliments are one of the simplest ways to make him feel like a hero—and they don’t have to be big.

Even if he’s sitting on the couch watching TV, you can still comment on something you love about his appearance or personality.

You can even thank him for something small that he does out of the blue just because he loves knowing that you noticed it.

It will boost his confidence and remind him how much you admire his hard work!

6) Tell him how amazing he is

Your guy works hard every day just so he can provide for you—so why not tell him?

Whether it’s about how much you appreciate all of his efforts or how much you love him, make sure he knows that he is not taken for granted and that his hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

7) Thank your husband or boyfriend every day

Whenever possible, thank your significant other for doing something nice.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal: just say thanks when he compliments you, holds the door open, or gets up with the baby in the middle of the night so you can get some extra sleep! Men love reinforcement.

8) Acknowledge his efforts

Men like to feel needed and appreciated. Since most guys hate housework, asking him for help will not only be a pleasant surprise but rewarding for him!

many men actually enjoy doing household chores – so this is one way to get him to do more work around the house and save you time and stress.

9) Ask for his advice

If there’s something in your home that needs fixing, ask you’re significant other for help!

Whether you need a new doorknob or want him to install a new kitchen cabinet, this is one way he can take pride in helping out like a pro.

Plus, what woman doesn’t like coming home to clean the living room?

10) Keep it a surprise!

When you’re going out of your way to do something special for him, keep it a surprise!

Men love being taken by surprise and will appreciate that they have a good woman who loves them.

Try surprising him with his favorite meal or a nice present just because he deserves it!

11) Let him know you need help from time to time

Just because men are known as the “fix-it” type doesn’t mean women don’t need help every once in a while.

Asking for his help is not only helpful but also appealing.

Plus, when he feels needed and important, he’ll be happier and more willing to work even harder at home and in life.

It’s a win-win: he’ll feel like a hero and you get what you really need!

12) Trust him to do his job

It might be tough letting go of some control, but when it comes to your man’s jobs, try not to micromanage.

Letting him do whatever he wants will make him happy and give him a sense of pride in his work ethic.

Just be sure to give clear instructions so everything is done right the first time around.

13) Give yourself permission to look foolish

Sometimes when we need help, the last thing we want is for our partner or spouse to see us struggle.

But if you want your guy to feel like a hero every day, then allow yourself to ask for his assistance in public once in a while.

After all, he is your number one priority—so why not let him know?

14) Don’t be afraid to brag about his accomplishments

When your husband or boyfriend does something great, don’t be shy to brag about it!

Whether you’re talking with friends at a party or sharing stories on social media, everyone loves hearing good news and this will make him feel like the most amazing guy in the universe – which will keep you feeling happy and fulfilled as well!

15) Give him a chance to show off his skills

Women usually intimidate men into doing housework, but that doesn’t always work out for us ladies.

Asking him for help with cooking dinner is one thing; asking him to make a complicated meal is another.

Encourage him to show off his cooking expertise by having him make dinner once in a while, and you’ll love his competitive side when he wants to outdo himself!

16) Put yourself in his shoes (he could use the help!)

When it comes down to it, men like feeling needed just as much as women.

If your husband or boyfriend has been working hard all day at work, chances are he doesn’t want to come home to an empty house with no food waiting for him (unless that’s what makes him happy)!

Allow yourself to take some pressure off of him by asking that you both pitch in around the house so he can relax after a long day of hard work.

17) Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want

If there’s something you need help with, don’t be shy!

There is no harm in asking for what you want.

From fixing the car to cleaning up around the house, remember that men are generally happier when they feel needed and wanted by their significant other.

18) Stop being so stubborn

Sometimes it can be tough to let go of our own control around the house. But if your man wants to do something for you, let him! When he feels like his efforts are being appreciated, he’ll feel motivated to work even harder on keeping the relationship strong and healthy.

19) Don’t make him feel ashamed of himself

It’s one thing to help out around the house, but it’s another to criticize him for not doing a perfect job.

Remember that complimenting him will get you much further than putting him down.

If he does something wrong, just be sure you’re being constructive with your criticism and offer some suggestions on how he can do better next time!

20) Get excited about his interests

Let’s face it: Men like having fun too. While this might include playing video games or watching sports, chances are he also has other hobbies that interest him too.

Be sure to look into his interests and ask what you can do together!

Chances are, he’ll love the chance to bond over something silly like dancing in front of an audience or learning how to play the guitar.

21) Give him a break

Last but not least, it’s important to keep in mind that all men need time to wind down and relax.

Don’t expect your partner to run at 100% for every waking hour of his life, because chances are he’ll be exhausted by the end of the day!

Ask him what you can do together so he has no reason to feel guilty about wanting some “me time.”

22. Let him win. All the time.

When you start learning how to make a man happy, make sure you learn to be happy yourself; it’s impossible for men to “save” women because their job is usually not to do so.

No one can make you happy–you have to find happiness within yourself and allow that serenity into your relationship.

This will create a healthy relationship that both you and your boyfriend/husband can appreciate for “just being.”

23. Learn to appreciate the little things.

It is easy to get caught up in life and the material things that we aim for, but it’s important to take a step back sometimes.

Learning how to appreciate something as simple as taking the dogs for a walk can bring you closer together.

Never underestimate the power of romance!

24. Don’t let him feel like less than enough.

Men are sensitive creatures with big hearts, so try not to be too demanding or expecting of them all the time.

They’re more than just your caretakers–they want to be special parts of your life no matter what they do for a living!

Their lives revolve around their families–just think about how much planning goes into each day before they leave for work or come home from work!

25. Be his biggest cheerleader.

Even if he makes a mistake, try to be positive and supportive of him.

Catch him doing something right–it’ll make him feel like the world’s greatest guy! Rest assured that there are good men out there who won’t disappoint you; they’re just waiting to find someone who will allow them to shine.

It is easy for men to feel criticized by women because they work hard for their partners, so always remember that if you want your man to treat you like a queen, then act like one!

26. Let him know how much you care.

There’s nothing more important than making sure your significant other knows how important they are to you.

A little bit of love every day can go a long way in making his heart melt.

As cheesy as it sounds, actions truly do speak louder than words!

27. Say things like “I love you” and “you’re so cute!”

As silly as this may seem for some women, these are the little things that matter most to men.

You might not realize how much your man needs to hear he is loved until he isn’t told once or twice.

So make sure you remember to give him some extra cuddles on your next movie night; sometimes all men need is some good old-fashioned romance!

27. Try to make his favorite foods once in a while.

Men love food, and there’s no doubt about it!

If you want your guy to feel like a hero, make sure you treat him with his favorite meal or dessert every now and then.

This is an easy way for men to feel loved and appreciated–remember that cooking isn’t just Chores.

28. Do something new together.

Life is an adventure, so why not live it with the one you love? You can learn how to make a man happy by pulling him out of his comfort zone every once in a while.

He’ll appreciate the chance to broaden his horizons and you’re sure to have some unforgettable memories!

Learning new things together will help your relationship grow because you’ll be building up experiences that both of you can cherish forever.

29. Make silly bets with each other.

If your man loves betting on football games or anything else he finds exciting, then try making bets with him every now and then!

This will bring out his competitive side; no matter what, he’ll always want to be winning! Don’t worry–he’ll get plenty of chances to win, too!

30. Remember that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Males process their feelings differently than females do–they’re quite different creatures in some ways!

Don’t judge your partner for being a “typical man,” because he’s not trying to be selfish…he just thinks a little bit more about himself than you may realize.

Give him the chance to have his time without demanding too much attention from him always–it is hard for men to feel loved when they don’t get any time alone!

If you follow these steps on learning how to make a man feel like a hero, then there will be no doubt in his mind that he’s the most special person in your life.

Being a supportive and positive influence is what men need to feel appreciated, so remember these steps the next time you want to show him how much he means to you!

Conclusion: how to make a man feel like a hero?

There are a lot of things you can do to make your man feel like a hero, and it doesn’t always have to be expensive or time-consuming.

You might not think that making his favorite food or saying “I love you” would really matter too much, but these small gestures go a long way in strengthening the bond between two people!

It’s important for men to know they’re appreciated–this is what will help them treat their partner the way she deserves.

If this article has been helpful for you today, please share with other women who may also want some ideas on how to make their guy happy!

I hope these tips have helped. If they worked for you, be sure to share this article with other women who are curious! Thank you for reading.