how to make a guy text you every day

If you are looking for a way to get the guy who is always on your mind, to actually be on your phone, then this article is just what you need!

This article will present different methods that can help you get that guy who’s always on your mind, to actually be on your phone!

Some of these tips include: sending him open-ended questions and compliments.

We’ll also tell you how to know if he has feelings for you or not and how to make him like you more by following his lead.

So don’t worry about waiting around any longer–get started today with these crazy tricks and make texting work in your favor!

1. Send him open-ended questions.

When you ask a guy question that requires only a “yes” or “no” answer, it’s difficult for him to respond thoughtfully because he doesn’t have any other options to choose from.

By asking open-ended questions, you are encouraging conversation and the development of your relationship!

Plus, he won’t be able to ignore your text messages if there is no question for him to answer!

2. Send him compliments.

Everyone likes receiving compliments, so why wouldn’t he? By complimenting his appearance or personality without being obvious about it, you are just fueling the fire even more

! He will definitely want to know more about you once you start sending these lovely texts–and trust us, text messaging is definitely better than Facebook messaging!

3. Don’t be available all the time.

Don’t be available for him 24/7…be a little difficult to get a hold of!

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Make sure you tell him that you have other things to do besides talking to him, and if he really likes you, he’ll want to find out how to get in touch with you on his own.

This will show him that you are serious about your relationship with him!

4. Follow his lead.

The worst thing you can do when trying to start a text message dialogue with someone is to try way too hard.

If this guy really doesn’t want anything serious, then waiting around for him would be an absolute waste of your time!

Plus, it could be very frustrating for this person because they probably won’t answer any of your messages anyway…so why bother?

5. Ask him how he feels about you.

This is a straightforward way to find out where you stand in the relationship! All you have to do is ask, “what are your thoughts on us being together?”

If he answers with something that doesn’t seem sincere or positive, then just cut all contact with him and move on.

However, if his answer is something that makes you blush for hours, then it’s time to get serious!

Now that you know different ways to text message guys, why not try them out?

Even if they don’t work one hundred percent for this guy specifically, they will most likely help in the future when trying to start up a conversation!

6. Give Him A Reason to text you.

Be creative. If you’re thinking, “this guy will never like me” then this is definitely not the route to take.

Don’t sit back and wait for him to start something because if you do that, you will be waiting forever! Be proactive because there is plenty of fish in the sea…

he could text next week’s girl tomorrow if he wanted to! This isn’t like grade school where girls get all giddy when they get a note from their crush; believe us, these days the rules have changed dramatically.

7. Don’t act desperate or clingy.

This can totally kill everything before it even starts.

Would you want your dream guy to become totally turned off every time he reads your name on his phone? Not likely.

Don’t overdo it with the texts because he will only find you annoying and too clingy–and how could ANY guy resist that?

So make sure your text messages are short, interesting, and leave him wanting more.

8. Don’t play hard to get…just be hard to get!

Do not say things like “I don’t know, what do you think?” or “I’m not sure yet”.

This is a total turn-off for guys because they want to feel like they are STRONG enough to CONVINCE you into doing things–because then they feel powerful!

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Be straightforward but also keep them on their toes by being unpredictable at times! That way he won’t ever get bored of you.

9. Don’t answer every text he sends you.

This makes him feel like he is annoying you, which totally SUCKS because guys want to feel wanted by their girl…not as though they are a nuisance!

So play around with this one and see what happens…if it works out, then great–but if not, keep searching for that new number you have been dying to get your hands on!

10. Make plans to meet up in person or hang out but counter with a date over text message first.

While the possibilities of a relationship might be exciting, don’t give everything away right off the bat! Keep things mysterious and unpredictable by making small talk over text messages only

(like how long have you been doing _____? How often do you ____?) and only go on a date with him in person when it’s time.

Chances are, he’ll be happy to see you in person soon enough!

11. Don’t text him every day without getting anything out of it.

If this guy texts you every day but the texting is always one-sided, then something needs to change or else nothing at all will work.

You can send messages that are similar to this: “Hey how’ve you been?” or “what’s new?”.

This helps break the ice between each other…which they both need desperately! If not, they might feel weird about starting up a conversation.

.so make things easier for them by sending a simple text.

12. Create a sense of mystery and intrigue, but don’t be so mysterious as to not ever reply back!

If this guy never knows what you are up to, he will definitely lose interest…fast.

So try to put your phone down every now and again and go live life without worrying about him too much–but keep it active and light-hearted!

You should feel like you can tell him anything and that he doesn’t judge you for the person that you truly are.

13. Hold back on some information if needed.

This is something we should probably stress more:

do not give away all of your secrets right off the bat! It will make things harder later on because he’ll only want more and more every time–and there will be nothing left for him to discover.

Men like to feel special so holding back the little stuff here and there will not only keep things interesting but allow you to create a ton of mystery!

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14. be honest with what you are looking for in a relationship.

This will save both of you so much time!

He won’t have to wonder whether or not you two are compatible and vice versa.

Let him know exactly what your intentions are…and if they aren’t the same, let him go before it’s too late!

15. Be yourself.

Be the person you are without hiding anything!

Being a “fake” or a “trying-to-please-him” girlfriend is a definite NO in most guys’ books, so don’t try to be someone you’re not.

If your intentions behind being with him are true and pure, then there should be no reason why he wouldn’t want the real you!

16. Don’t be afraid to go after things you want.

This just goes right along with being yourself–because if he likes YOU then he should really like ALL of you!

So don’t be afraid to flirt a bit, or ask him out on a date–or whatever it is that will make your relationship grow stronger and more stable.

17. have fun with it!

If you take things too seriously and let the relationship get to your head, then he won’t be able to handle it if something goes wrong.

Always make light of every situation by keeping things fun between the two of you–causing less stress for YOU, him, AND your relationship as a whole.

18. be independent, don’t rely too much on him for everything.

Sometimes it is okay to be dependent on someone else–especially if they are the only person you can turn to.

But if your whole life is revolving around this guy and there is no room for anything else in your life then that’s just not healthy!

Make friends with others or go outside yourself to help you get through tough times…or even just difficult days.

19. surprise him once in a while.

Doing something unexpected every now and again will keep things exciting between the two of you.

This means doing something out of character–like leaving him a cute little note somewhere he’ll easily find it (his car, wallet, bathroom counter) or giving him a cute little gift–something that will make him smile and appreciate you more.

This creates a bond between the two of you, causing a stronger connection to form!

20. Be patient with everything.

Nobody is perfect and things don’t happen as quickly as we’d like them to.

Love takes time to develop, so be patient through all of those “boring” moments…because they will lead up to something big, eventually!

There you have it, 20 tips on how to make a guy text you every day!

Whether that guy is a potential love interest, a new romantic partner, or even just someone you want to be friends with–you don’t need some expansive list on how to make him like you.

Conclusion: how to make a guy text you every day

If you want to make a guy text you every day, there are many different tactics that can help.

One of the best things is being yourself and not trying too hard–because guys like girls who they know will be honest with them about their intentions.

If he doesn’t feel special or important then it’s time for him to go!

You should also surprise him every now and again by surprising him with little gifts so he knows how much you care about your relationship together.

Be patient in this process because relationships take time but if done properly, they’ll grow stronger than ever before!

A little bit of positive thinking and some patience will do the trick!

Do you have any secrets or pieces of advice? Comment below and let us know!

I hope you enjoyed the article on how to make a guy text you every day!