how to know if he’s interested through text.

 Let me give you the secrets on how to know if he’s interested through text. I’m gonna give you six signs that he’s interested. This is a really important topic these days. A Lot of women are struggling in analyzing text messages because they want to figure out whether or not a man is interested. I’m so excited to share these six signs with you.

1.He responds to your text messages quickly.

Everyone pays attention to what they want. That’s just a fact of life. He’s fast to reply. He doesn’t keep you waiting for days or weeks. In certain cases, of course, If he prioritizes you, then he’s either into you or sees something amazing in you.

That Priority is demonstrated by providing a response within a short time frame. Sometimes he might be busy with work or sleep during the day.

So you don’t want to constantly be checking your phone if you send a man a message but in general, if he seems pretty quick to respond to you.

That can be an indication that he’s interested in you that he’s excited to get a message first line. You are an even more integral part of his life if he answers immediately.

2.He creates an implication that he wants to be with you.

Let’s say you’re texting him, and you send him a snapshot of your location and he says, “I wish I was with you now.”. implies that he’d like to have dinner with you, or try new restaurants together just opened up something like that where he implies that he is spotting right when a guy does that it’s pretty obvious that he’s interested so that’s a great sign.

3. He reveals things about himself to you that he might not tell just anybody.

He reveals his personal life. He might reveal  Some struggles that he went through. maybe work or a family situation or something like that and he reveals himself to you. He is showing you that he feels safe to do so. That he feels safe to open up and share things with you and include you in all of these different aspects of his life.

 If a man is doing that typically it’s because he feels like you won’t judge him that you’ll accept him and you know maybe listen to him or be there for him. a man really needs to feel those things in order to feel safe coming close to a woman so if he’s opening up and sharing things like that with you The clear sign is that he’s totally immersed and interested in you.

4. Longer paragraphs or text messages. 

The use of longer texts shows he’s interested in you and will want to devote time to you. engaging longer texts shows how much he is interested in you. He also makes a genuine effort to involve you and have meaningful conversations that go beyond small talk.
Now, I should point out that some guys are terrible texters who never text in complete sentences.

Personally, I find this a cumbersome way to text, but if he responds quickly to everyone, you can disregard this section.

5. He Flirts with you more often than not through text.

Flirting is an integral part of any relationship., If he texts you about getting to know you better, that doesn’t mean he will ask for exclusivity the next day. but be assured: He sees you as more than a close friend. take a look at his text messages! is he really boring or merely or descriptive? does he use humor, charm, and quite a few emojis .how do his words make you feel emotional? If that’s the case, then,  he must be interested in forming an emotional connection with you!

6. Follow your intuition.

If he texts you, you probably know whether he likes you or not. A lot of my friends ask me to check their texts and I am almost positive that they know what they want Following your instincts is generally a good idea. Neither love nor attraction is logical.

They go through the brain’s emotional section. That’s why you run into issues when you try to judge the situation on intellectual and intellectualistic rather than gut-emotional principles.

It tends to exacerbate uncertainty and leads to thinking too much and beating a dead horse which in turn leads to second-guessing. Your intuition could be wrong however, If you have a strong intuition about someone liking you over text, then you are probably correct.







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