How to Know if a Man Loves You๐Ÿ’–


people always want to know does he love me? how can I tell? are there any indicators that will give me some insight into how this person feels about me or perhaps even if he loves or not?

I’ll be going through some unambiguous signs that a man loves you no matter if he says or hides the magic word.

You might be wondering if the man you’re relationship with is in love with you or not. The fact of the matter is that he can admit and say he loves or but in reality, he doesn’t really mean it.

 perhaps he might just utter it in order for you not to be disappointed or he actually might be in love with you but you don’t see it. 

In any case, how do you tell or perhaps feel it? Obviously, there are some signs and signs that you need to observe. I’ll be going through those signs and signs. So let’s dive in right?

#1. How unselfish is he with his time with you?

When a man is in love with you, he is going to give you the most of his time but he might not share with you his wealth, money, or perhaps energy but he’s got to share with you his time.

 This means that he is going to have to take the necessary time to spend with you not necessarily on daily basis but he has to. 

Don’t ever take the most common excuse of oh ” I don’t have the time at the moment”. that’s just nonsense. If he really loves you, he will make the plan to connect with you and give you his time either by calling or texting.

It just takes a couple of seconds.

#2. Planning for the Future.

One of the ways to determine if he really loves you is that he talks about the future on a constant basis. He is constantly coming up with ideas, strategies, suggestions about your future.

If he is doing these, that means he loves you. he constantly pondering about how he going to take things to the next level by going through the process known as life together. That might be buying a house, having children, or perhaps changing careers.

If he doesn’t discuss with you about the future, that doesn’t necessarily mean he does love you. It just means that he is afraid and scared of commitment or perhaps the future might not be the top priority in his mind at the moment.

#3. Does he facilitate or perhaps support your ambitions and dreams?

If a man is in love with you, he’s going to support your dreams and ambitions, goals and dreams. he can support in different ways. By verbally telling you like ” honey you can do this Y because I believe in you.” or perhaps by reassuring you upon failure and encouraging you to go again and again.

He can support you by listening to you and respecting your opinion. his means that he loves you more than anything.

Unfortunately, some men don’t even care or know what your goals, ambitions, and dreams are.

#4. Is he having a strong desire to get to know you?

Is he asking you the right question to get to know you? Is having the curiosity to know who you really are? If he has that desire and determination to know you e on a deeper level, then he loves you.

He might sometimes ask you some of your biggest fear or perhaps what What’s your principles or values in life?

Whether you’re religious or spiritual? all of these are indications that he loves you and something that you need to pay a closer look at.

#5. Are you are an option or a priority?

If your man is making significant life decisions without consulting or sharing with you, then you are not his priority but an option. But he is sharing those big decisions, then he is thinking about you hence he loves you.

If he is sacrificing his needs to fulfill yours then, that means he loves you more than anything else.
Been the priority also means Getting to know your family is also as important.

 If he is putting the effort to get to know your family members and form a connection, then he loves you. 

You also don’t want to be the only priority he has because that means he doesn’t have a life of his own which in turn is going to hurt you even though at the start things were good. If he doesn’t have a life or perhaps plans then, that’s going to affect you as well.

#6. He is sympathetic, compassionate, and kind.

When a guy loves you, he is going to reassure you that you’re not harmed or perhaps hurt, wounded in any way possible. he sympathetic and kind enough to acknowledge his mistakes and apologize. have you ever had a relationship whereby a guy just keeps hurting you time and time again.

That’s just not fair and if he really loves you, he is not going to exhibit this behavior. He wants what’s best for you. He communicates through his emotions or perhaps takes some of Your Responsibilities. this means that he loves you


These are some of these signs and signals on how to know if a man loves you. please let me know your thoughts and if you agree or disagree with me and share it with your friends.


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