How to Know if a Man Loves You



if you’ve ever been confused and can’t really figure out if a guy loves you or not stick around.


In this article, you will learn the unmistakable signs that a man is in love with you and signs that he loves you even if he hasn’t said those three magic words.

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How to Know if a Man Loves You?

Hey, I don’t know if this guy loves me or not because the reality of things is that the guy can tell you I love you and not really mean it.

Or maybe he just saying it because he doesn’t want you to be upset or he could not tell you he loves you and really be in love with you or neither.

So how the hell do you feel is that? Well, there’s no one true Surefire way to no, but I can give you some signals.

I’m gonna give you five signals that will let you know in your heart that the guy is a growing in the direction of loss versus direction of just being friends or playing or having fun with you. Okay.

#1 Are you a priority in his life?

by that, I mean a priority his life means that you’re not the only priority because if you want to be the only priority in his life, then that means the guy doesn’t have a life of his own which is, in the end, going to hurt you even if at the beginning feels really Cool.

if the guy has no plans, no life in any of his own you’re gonna feel smothered and that’s not a cool feeling. So if your prayer in his life, he’s going to show it and he’s going to show it in one clear way for a guy.

  • Is he putting some of your needs ahead of his that’s true service

That’s true love. that’s true giving so if you start noticing that the guy sometimes one certain thing and he’s willing to put his own selfish needs below and not every need but many of these need to be low to actually serve you and to connect with you.

That’s one sign that he’s going to the direction of Love.

#2. how generous is he being with his time? 

I mean when it comes to his money and with his energy, a guy who starts falling in love with someone or who is in love with someone is going to be generous with his time.

Meaning he’s got to take the time not every single day necessarily depending upon what stage you’re in the relationship but he’s gonna take some time to connect with you.


Do not ever fall for the bullshit trap at I have no time in my life for you right now if I Guy really wants to connect with you. He’ll make the time for you.”


He doesn’t have to be ours and ours necessarily every single day, especially during the week if he’s working

But he can make the time, anyone can take 5 seconds and write a text or call you or make plans for you.

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If you really want something you’ll make myself like I am telling you if you really want someone you’ll make time for her.Okay.

#3. Does he plan for the future?

Is he talking about things events and activities that involve you and him in the future? Is he making plans? That’s that means that he’s in love with you.

He’s thinking about how he can take this to the next level and how he can take you with him through this process called life.

If he’s not talking about the future not thinking about the future doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you, but it means that he’s more afraid of commitment.

 When he’s afraid of commitment the law of aspect might not be the thing that’s at the top of his mind right the fourth key that will let you know of a guy really loves yours falling in love with you. 

#4. Is he supporting of your dreams?

First of all, ask yourself this question.

  • Does he even know what your dreams are
  • Is he being supportive
  • Is he asking you questions about it
  • Is he encouraging you to go deeper
  • Is he there for you in times of trouble
  • Does he disappear in times of trouble

some guys don’t even know what your dreams are.

the fifth sign that will let you know if the guy loves you or is already falling in love with you is

#5. Does he want to know you? (Is he hungry for seeing the real you?)

Does he want to really get to know you deeper not know someone know you deeper meaning does he have a curiosity about you?

Does he ask you questions? Because he really wants to know who you are. Is he giving you the presence to understand what you’re saying?

 how you’re saying things in a way that makes you feel seen and heard.

if the guy that you’re with is exhibiting some of the science that means he’s growing the direction of loving you or already loves you.

whether he says it or not know these many guys are going to feel Afraid of saying I love you because that means if I say I love you I have to now commit right?

that’s the next thing but many guys already are in love and the woman doesn’t know it because the guy’s not saying it guys will speak in actions much louder than words. Just know it’s okay.

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