5 ways To Know if A Man is Single: step by step guide!

Hello, this is David and if you’re interested in figuring out how you can know if a man is really single or available. We’ll stick around because I’m going to be revealing what’s required on your part to find that out in today’s article.

Today’s another edition of get the log you crave and I’m very excited to be sharing with you how to find out if a man a guy  is really single or available for that matter.

Here’s how this came about.

Someone asked me the question recently. They were basically  saying I connect with guys online and for the most part guys who are online are singles looking for someone but when I go outside if I don’t want to do something online and I go outside and I’m about to smile at someone, flirt at someone, create a connection with someone.

How on Earth should I know? I mean what if the guy  is single what if the guy married and I just don’t know about it. So obviously, you know, you can look at two guys ring and if you has a ring, well, you can say way but many guys this day and age many women took sometimes don’t wear a ring and they’re still married.

they’re engaged for example I don’t have the ring yet because they haven’t been married but there was someone and you have no idea if that guy’s single right? So here’s the first I’m going to give you like four simple ways to do this. But here’s the first thing that I’ll say with you.

1.there is no substitution for doing the work.

if you want to create a powerful relationship with a man and you want to not just rely on online stuff to be able to create it and you it’s like I really encourage you to go out into the world and create connections with men you have to do the work which means you will connect with men who are married and don’t have a ring and you’ll find that out.

When you do the work the work is asking questions. The work is creating connections. The work is seeing how he interacts with you. I mean, there’s a few things you need to do, but the I guess what I’m saying is there’s no x-ray machine that solve the market that allows you to wear those lenses and see who’s available and see who’s single.

You can’t you have to get your Dirty, so to speak and and create connections. That’s the first thing I’ll say so no substitution for doing the work. If you’re not willing to do the work. It’s a small price to pay I think to be able to create the connection you want if you’re not willing to face the I connected with this guy we’re having this conversation and then I find out he’s married. If you can’t face that that you’re not going to get what you want at least in the organic way.the second ways To Know if A Man is Single

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2. you ask better questions.

Just learn the art of asking better questions.

If you figure out that you’re creating connection with a guy and then the flirting starts and he starts connecting with you and and he starts flirting heavily with you. You want to find out if the guys available or not. So we ask one more question about himself. He’s alive.

What is about what is yeah, you can say. Hey, so are you with someone did you come here with someone are you in a relationship? You can definitely ask said you’re not relationship and the guy will if he’s a liar, of course he can steal lie about it, but if a guy’s percent of the question, so I talked to me about are you in a relationship?

Young couple in love outdoors

What do you mean you can that’s an easy question to ask that any guy should be able to answer is no I’m single great go forward.

No, I’m actually married or have a girlfriend and he’s still flirting with you heavily. Then that’s a big warning sign right so I know what some of you are going to say.

Well, the guy can guy can lie, of course he can lie, but there’s going to be a lot of guys who may be caught off guard by that question and end up saying yeah, I’m him with someone or I married and they wouldn’t have had you not ask the question.

So be willing to ask the uncomfortable question, especially if there’s chemistry and you feel of the guys heavily going for the kill right in terms of pursuing you in that moment on flirting with you now something else you do is that when you start seeing this guy, watch his actions.the third  ways To Know if A Man is Single

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3.Watch his actions

guys who are in a relationship guys who are dating multiple people, which is there’s nothing wrong with that but guys were guys want a relationship typically will do Things differently, there’s gonna be weird warning signals.

He’ll say that he’ll meet you sometime and then he won’t show up or you’ll see him nervous Looking his phone or he’ll just act weird sometimes so you just have to check just have to watch his actions and to understand if the thing that he’s staying is matching in reality right do not be afraid to when you see a warning sign follow it through which leads me to my fourth  Point intuition.he fourth  ways To Know if A Man is Single

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4.Honor your intuitive wisdom

You can ask all the questions in the world and they may match you can see the actions that match but the intuition piece is something that cannot be avoided there’s a part of you there’s a sixth sense you can have that will tell you if something feels off and you need to listen to it. Now. It doesn’t mean that it’s always right but it also doesn’t mean that you just get to ignore it.

Most women that I’ve had the blessing of helping who at some point recognize. You know, what this guy that I’m with is with somebody else or he has a family whatever they felt something and they just didn’t follow through with their intuition.

They never ask and said ,Well this 2 + 2 should equal to 4  or going to be five. Tell me why that is they never did that to their guy? So in terms of asking deeper questions when they felt something off, right you don’t accuse someone but you also don’t just say feeling like something’s up and don’t say it. So here it is just to recap again. If you want to create a powerful connection do not want to rely on online dating apps and websites exclusively.the last ways To Know if A Man is Single

There’s nothing better than going outside and create connections.

There is absolutely no fail-proof way that you can find out if a guy is single or not. There’s not even a shortcut other than the ring which for the most part many guys won’t were so you have to be willing to get uncomfortable you have to willing to invest time you have to be willing to ask questions that are may be tougher than the ones that usually ask and you have to be willing to get disappointed as well you the next step is you ask the right questions follow his actions and trust your intuition.

Hope this is helpful useful and insightful

If you have any questions for me place them on a comment below on this video and I’ll be happy to reply personally have an amazing day. And as always I challenge you to live a full and a conscious life.

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