how to keep a man interested in you

hey there David here where I help the 21st-century woman create a love life that she absolutely loves, and in this article right now I’m going to be teaching you the secret to keeping any man interested in you in the relationship.

Now usually when you first start dating a person, usually that person and you are very very interested in the relationship everything is new everything is exciting the smell of the world is incredible you wake up and the birds are chirping the Sun is out everything is great.

but as time goes on you start to settle into your life a little bit you start to settle into your boring routines and you go back just to a normal life biopsies baby.

we’ll just Hulu and commit tonight we’ve all been there in relationships but let me tell you the secret to keeping a man interested in a relationship is to do away with the predictability predictability is the killer of attraction and routine is just too predictable.

So the real secret to keeping a man interested in you and the relationship is through variety I mean do something that he’s not expecting to pique his interest that you don’t have to do this all the time of course we’re all going to have our routines in life.

But you also want to make sure you’re bringing that variety back into your life right take off your your current brain take out that brain that you have right now and find that nine that you had when you first started dating him go ahead and create variety in the bedroom.

Do something never done before

You don’t to get too freaky it’s okay but find something that at least switches things up a little bit create variety and what is that you do for fun if every single night you just go out for dinner maybe.

This particular night you go do a show or you go to a sports game just great and variety and what does you do for fun green variety and the topics that you are talking about right in your conversation.

If you talk about the same old boring crap such as what what happened today or stories that happen to you at work then switch it up a little bit and really dive into different types of topics that are going to stimulate parts to his brain in your brain that have not been stimulated in a while.

Create variety and the people that you hang out right if you’re always hang out with that same couple every single weekend and you’re finding that the nights are just getting a little freaking boring .then go ahead and reach out to an old friend of yours who you haven’t hung out with in a while go ahead.

Reach out have him reach out to some of his old friends and do something a little bit new or even creating variety and where you travel. go to new places have new experiences together I mean the world is such a vast and beautiful place you can do and try so many incredible things so if you at the end of the day want to keep your man interested.

never stop improving

Never stop being curious about life and the world around you never stop changing yourself and improving yourself for the better most importantly never stop being interesting. and lo and behold your guy won’t lose interest so hope you enjoyed this article and if you did please go ahead and share with your friends .

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