How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back (Make Him Beg to Be With You?)



How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Was your partner slowly getting distant? Were you showing more and more interest to make them stay with you, but it didn’t help and you broke up? To begin with, after the breakup you can’t make elementary mistakes.

Don’t harbor a grudge against your partner just because they left you. Don’t blame them for the situation and don’t get offended. Such negative behavior leads to hostility. It only works for your disadvantage.

  • Don’t try to give your partner logical arguments about why you should be together.
  • Don’t beg them to get back with you and don’t suggest that you would still love to be with them
  • Don’t say anything about your feelings
  • Don’t ask your partner if they miss you.
  • Don’t reminisce about old good times.

Your partner broke up with you because you were the more engaged party. If you want to get back with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, You have to become a challenge for them once again. This is the most important factor. To achieve this,

You should show the lack of interest just after the breakup.

It’s best not to get in touch with your ex for a while or at least not to contact them first. For how long? This is a very individual matter.

The more mistakes you made after the breakup, this means the longer you showed your desperation, the longer you should not contact them. It’s usually a period between one week and two months, but in most cases, 3 or 4 weeks are enough.

The more time passes, the greater challenge you become, because after some time your ex-partner will have doubts if you still want to be with them or maybe you’ve already forgotten about them and are meeting somebody new.

Many people are afraid to give up the contact because they think it would make them lose the chance to get their partner back, but it’s not true. You can’t help the situation until you fix the balance of feelings.

Therefore the faster you break off contacts with your ex, the better for you. It’s important to show the lack of interest even when your ex-partner contacts you first.

Such a situation is very likely. Then you should answer at most 2 messages.

If they call you, then pick up the phone and talk for a while, but be the one to finish the conversation. If your ex proposes a meeting, say something like: “That’s a great idea! I’d like to meet you, but I’m a bit busy right now. I’ll talk to you when I have more time.”

Ignoring the first tries of meeting you is very important.

If you were immediately interested in meeting your ex, then you would show that only one word is enough for you to start meeting them again. In other words, you would just prove that you’re at your ex’s fingertips.

That’s something totally opposite to be a challenge. Besides, at the very beginning, your ex will probably contact you just to check on how you’re doing.

If your partner tries to contact or meet you, ignore it at first. Wait around one week and after the time you can try to renew the relation.

Well, you have to renew it anyway, but if your ex-partner doesn’t try to contact you first, you have to wait a bit longer. Remember to renew the relation gradually. It’s very risky to propose a meeting during the first call or in the few first messages.

 It’s usually best when the first try is very short and is rather like a reminder that you still exist. At the same time, you should still show a lack of interest. It may seem difficult, but there are many ways to do it. 

The second call should be a happy conversation just to show that you’re fine. Then you should wait a few more days and after the time you can propose a meeting.

There are opinions that getting back with an ex is impossible or even if it’s possible, then the relationship ends quite soon. It’s nonsense! If you stop making mistakes and start acting attractive, then the chances to be with your ex again are quite high.

What’s more, if you stop making the same mistakes you were making while being in the relationship, there will be no reason for you to break up again.

I hope that you have benefited our topic of today on How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back


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  1. Great plan We we’re doing so well I followed the rules perfectly, he had fallen for me very hard and then ghosted me I don’t know why we had no fight disagreement nothing but the anything a couple would want I did no co tact but after dating others I miss him more than I realized HELP.


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