There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

Discover how to use this “Secret ingredient” to get a man to fully open up his heart and devote his love to YOU and only YOU.

The Best 3 Ways To Get Him To Commit

 If you’d like to find out what are three simple and underrated ways to get an awesome man to commit and Ways To Get Him To Commit stick around because I’ll be sharing them with today.

The first thing I’ll say is that a lot of men these days experience a fear of commitment. But here’s the thing a lot of women . when you think about

what is a commitment?

Commitment is being willing to say yes where do I sign in. right? That’s commitment.

Commitment is saying I found enough value of each human being that I’m willing to forego other opportunities to fully pursue and to fully experience this relationship. Now, for a guy to say that he needs to know that he’s committing to something that’s gonna continue to grow and it’s going to continue feeling exciting and a life.

Same thing for women so if the first commitment that the first step you can take if you want to have significantly exponentially more options in terms of guys is

#1. Commit to radiance.

Ways To Get Him To Commit

Instead of following a bunch of different strategies, if you commit to radians which is what the hell must I do in my own life so that my inner light is being expressed to the outer world.

So that my sense of aliveness vibration sensuality flow excitement passion playfulness can come out in an unrestricted way hit the guy in his chest and allow him to step up.

I think a certain level guys when they feel a lot of radians, first of all, it’s not their head. The heart gets instigated and they start taking more action but when a guy feels that sense of radiance, he’s willing to do a lot more for that woman. He’s willing to do a lot more to serve that light and that radiance.

So that’s number one very important to mention that not every guy can do this right? There’s gonna be a series of guys who are ready for a commitment, not a big deal. some guys who can’t commit, it’s gonna take a little work meaning the guy is gonna have to feel more and more.

There’s a relationship “secret ingredient” that a man craves in order to feel intense, committed love. Without it, he will always keep one foot out the door.

Discover how to use this “Secret ingredient” to get a man to fully open up his heart and devote his love to YOU and only YOU.

And that this is gonna be the right thing to commit instead of committing to a life of pain and there’s gonna be a number of guys that no matter what you do, you could bring the number one actress in the world and the number one model put together and they’ll still not commit and that’s the type of guy that you need to identify quickly and move away from. 

#2. Commit high standards.

Ways To Get Him To Commit

Create a commitment to yourself to high standards so I start with radians because if you commit to high standards first which is what a lot of women do, you start by saying you know what here are my standards but the light the radiating is not high then they’re met with crickets right?

But if the radiance is the part where you start from and then you say here’s what I commit to having a standard

  • where a guy needs to be respectful towards me.
  • where a guy needs to pursue me instead of me pursuing him
  • where a guy needs to ask me out when a guy needs to establish his intentions

 I mean where a guy is being generous I'm being generous in terms of my expressiveness. he's being generous with his time he's being generous with invitations and things of that sort if he commits to that then, the guy feels unique when he connects with you, he feels I'm committing to someone who's making me my light live full of light. 

Basically, he's feeling that from you and she has high standards meaning not any idiot can get her. He's gonna think he's a unique guy. It takes a unique awesome guy like me together therefore that's a great combination.


#3. Recognize that commitment is a daily choice.

Now, the third step is gonna be to recognize that commitment is a daily choice. what do I mean by that? I think that a lot of people feel that commitment is the static step. This milestone that once you reach the milestone, you're safe and you're set it's absolutely not true.

If you look at commitment as a moving target where you need to continue growing in your light and he needs to go grow in his level of support and adoration of you, Then that commitment will be a lifelong strong steady thing.

If you create a commitment and then you lose yourself in the relationship and you stop doing the things that allowed him to feel your light in the first place or he basically gets a little lazy and slower sees standards and you lowers yours as well, Then the commitment lessons in intensity as long as you’re doing both the radiance and the high standards throughout and you recognize that today I commit to you tomorrow I commit to you.

I mean it's a day-by-day thing. once you do it that way, then the commitment is something that you'll have to fear. Something that you feel in your heart and it's the magnet in your circumference keeps growing in strength

So he has more and more and more need to continue serving that light. hope this is helpful and useful.please share it with your friends.

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