The Best 10 Ways To Get Him To Commit


Have you ever wondered what it takes for a man to commit and perhaps what the best ways to get him to commit? I’ll be going through some of the best-underrated ways to get him committed to ONLY you. 

First of all, guys have this anxiety of commitment these days which is actively increasing. What goes through your head when you hear the word commitment?

Commitment means making your relationship a fundamental aspect of your life in terms of your relationship. The number-one goal of commitment is to actually feel some sense of control and security.

That also means having the right understanding, respect, trust, and of course mutual agreement.

Commitment is essential in any relationship. It influences how you and your man handle the dispute, fight, and perhaps disagreement in addition to the expectations of the relationship. 

The worst feeling one can have is to put too much in a relationship and not feel qi=ute appreciated in regards to commitment no matter what.  

how to make him commit without pressure?

Let’s dive in right?

1. He’s got to work for it and ultimately deserve it.

keep in mind that he has to earn and deserve your commitment exactly the same way you have to earn or perhaps deserved his.  This is not to say that you need to play a mind game by making him overcome obstacles and challenges to win your commitment.

 But you’ve got to see through his actions and behaviors. The way he respects you honors you and of course makes you feel like a queen should indicate the level of his commitment. 

He got to realize that commitment is not an easy thing and of course, that’s why he has to earn it through some sort of balanced challenges and he’s going to love it. 

2. blow his minds out.

Everyone enjoys having the company of someone who is carefree, fun and at the same time 

Someone that is unconcerned. I’m sure you would like someone with those qualities. it is for that reason that commitment should be based on fun, love, enjoyment, beer, and skittles and not tension or perhaps pressure.

  You’ve got to show him reasons why he should commit and not ask him to commit to you  Because actions speak louder than words. 

Telling jokes and weird stories is a great start. Let him relish those moments that he’s with you. 

3. be in harmony with his colleagues.

This one might come as a surprise to you but it’s really essential in any relationship. Acknowledging his colleagues or perhaps his friends is one of the ways to make him commit to you.

You don’t want to see statements like “hey buddy is she going to let you out tomorrow night”? Which is weird, to be honest with you.

By getting along with his colleagues, it going to get much easier in the end.  

4. Let him feel extremely important.

Most of the time guys flourish on unraveling women’s issues or perhaps problems. in the event that you need help or perhaps you’re having a problem with your stove, or you have an issue in general, just ask him.

He wants to feel extremely important and needed in times of crises. He wants to be there for you when you need aid and be the primary solver of your problems.

Even though demanding your man’s aid might seem unexceptionable but in reality, it facilitates to spark an essential element within and him deeply.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that your man adores your resilience and perhaps abilities to have that independence but he nevertheless wants to feel  Helpful and valuable-  not nonessential.

5. Ensure the dialogue is natural.

it is acceptable to have a healthy discussion about commitment. Specifically, once you have been in a relationship for a while, or perhaps things are getting weighty and serious. 

However, the talk or perhaps the dialogue should be on point and feel natural. Let him not feel like he’s been interrogated.

Be honest with him and ask him what he feels about this relationship.

Let him feel like he can trust you and perhaps talk freely and without inhibition.

6. Mutual exchange.

There’s an investment in any relationship. This is an emotional and physical investment. So this mutual exchange of emotions is required in any relationship.  If it’s done right, it’s going to lead ultimately long-lasting commitment.

 Don’t make demands like if you don’t do this, I wouldn’t be doing that. 

However, don’t get scared to expect to have this reciprocating benefit. After all, both of you are in this together. 

The dialogue, the intimacy, the suggestions, and everything should flow naturally. 

7. Act independently and with confidence.

You may think that in order for him to commit, you’ve got to be as pleasurable as possible. Ensuring his arrangement, plans, or perhaps his principals. But the reality is quite different. 

He wants you to act independently and with confidence. He wants you to have your own views and opinion and perhaps priorities. The best way to get him to commit is to be that woman. 

7. Don’t be envious and jealous.

It’s certainly achievable to make him envious and perhaps jealous but that’s not going to make him committed to YOU. that’s for sure. That’s only going to increase how bad he feels about you.

 He will be disgruntled, unhappy, and perhaps discontented which will be detrimental to the long term. The jealousy game is the most dangerous game in any relationship 

Don’t ever play with his emotions otherwise, you might regret the consequences which might include using you and unfortunately dumping you. It’s the vicious reality of this world and it happens more often than not. 

8. Make him feel  so special 

Let him have the chance to make you feel special however, you should do the same on your side.  Be amiable and act genuinely interested in whatever he says. 

You’ve got to smile when he makes you feel good and wanted. Going out for dinner on special occasions will make him feel good and special.

Rewarding him when he does something good for you will most definitely make him feel special. 

 9. build better boundaries and maintain them.

This is very crucial in any relationship. Setting up robust limits and boundaries means that you actually know and understand what your boundaries are.

You can start by communicating your intention and thoughts. Taking responsibility for your actions and of course never assuming your man’s feelings.

This will enhance his commitment to you and ultimately be on your side. 

In conclusion 

As I’ve mentioned before, commitment is a long term thing that you need to be aware of.

It is a very complicated situation and you just have to focus on yourself first by seeing up boundaries and doing all the above-mentioned suggestions and perhaps advice.

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