How To be a Good girlfriend-



If you have come across so many fights and arguments with your partner or perhaps you just thinking how can I really open my game and how to be a good girlfriend make sure I’m the best girlfriend my partner has ever dated.

Well, Don’t worry because if you read the title below and you are gonna know by the end of this article how you can be a good girlfriend stay tuned.

#1. Trust and honesty

The most important part of any relationship is mutual trust and respect. So to retrieve this you need to make sure you are honest with your partner.

Give them the space to express themselves without judging them or pressuring them at all and if you do make a mistake big or small- take that responsibility and make sure you apologize.

You should also expect the same from your partner in return. Talk to each other openly if there is something that your partner does that upsets you or just gets on your nerves, have a conversation with them.

Let them know how you feel. Try to do this in a calm and rational manner and resist putting blame on them

#2. Small gestures

one of the simplest and sweetest ways to make someone feel loved is to let them know you are thinking of them and let you care about them deeply

An easy way to do this is to send them a soppy message out of the blue or leave them a cute note where you know They will see it these small gestures are easy to do but can make a huge difference to their day

#3. Be independent

Relying too much on your partner can put a lot of pressure on them and create a strain in the relationship. It can also be damaging to your own self-esteem

So, of course, there will be times when you need help or support from your partner and this is fine but this should go both ways,

So try to make sure you are your person and take responsibility for your own needs whatever you can

This one might sound new to some of you but

#4. Have your own hobbies

Having your own interests and passions outside of the relationship can be really helpful with keeping your independence

And with keeping that spot in the relationship alive, each of you having your own hobbies will mean that you would have a lot more to talk about and the time spent apart will give you a chance to miss each other.

#6. Respect their space

Sometimes they may need some space on their own. They may not be doing anything fancy which can make you wonder why they aren’t spending any of their time with you

But respect this time. everyone needs time to themselves and some need this more than others so try to be understanding

But if it does make you feel a little insecure then talk to them honestly and just let them know that you are looking for some reassurance.

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#6. Be encouraging

Be their own personal cheerleader. Help them find the confidence and assurance to tackle new things and let them know just how much you really do believe in them.

Avoid being negative when they mention new ideas or plans .sometimes you may need to be realistic or to keep them grounded but try not to completely shut them down.

#7. Accepted their

Flaws unfortunately everyone has flaws and no one is perfect and nobody should feel that they need to be. so never try to fix them or keep nagging them to change something that they cannot.

Sometimes once you accept a flaw, You can start to view it from a different perspective and think of it as a unique and charming part of their character.

#8.Compliment them

Everyone loves compliments.come on we love it. If you think they look especially nice today, let them know

If you think they did really well in a work or a social situation, then tell them it is especially nice if you compliment them in front of others or in a conversation with other people because this will make them feel extra special.

#9. Let them know you appreciate them

There was nothing worse than putting in so much effort and then feeling like it’s gone unnoticed. So if they do something for you make sure to thank them.

It may sound obvious but once in a relationship, You can start to take those things for granted especially if they do it often and it has become a routine.

Sometimes it is just as simple as thanking them just for being them let them vent to you.

Sometimes people just need to have that good rent and as their partner, you are likely to have to put up with a lot of listening to them go on and on about something that has annoyed them

It probably will end up annoying you too. just lend them an ear and let them get it all out.

Try not to look disinterested just remember that you would be happy when they listen to you so remember to do this vice versa.

#10. Acknowledge their feelings

If they feel stressed take this on board. If you can you could try to pick up some slack where you can to help them out and to lessen their burden.

Alternatively, if they are really happy about something join in celebrating and if they are sad to let them be sad. Even if it is about something that doesn’t make any sense to you like a sports match or a video game their feelings are still feelings.

So treat them as such of a big deal because they are to them even if there is nothing that you can do to help even just acknowledging their feelings can be comforting

#11. Pamper them

Men like to be pampered and treated like princesses just as much as women do just don’t admit it to their guy mates.

Take into account what he would enjoy and surprise him maybe give him a warm bubble bath. Maybe try cooking his favorite dinner or maybe try getting him that game that he wanted and let him have the rest of the evening to play it

#12. Involve them in your life

Don’t keep them completely separate from your work or your social life. even if it is just chatting to them about your week at work or what your friends are doing.

You don’t want them to feel that you are not invested enough to even bother telling them about your life as they may become very isolated in their feelings or maybe feel quite used.

#13. Make an effort with their friends and family

This will mean a lot to them if you can get on with their close friends and their loved ones .so make an effort to attend those social events and get to know them and do your best to make a good impression.

Respect yourself remember that a relationship is give and take and all of this advice needs to go two ways.

You need to be able to respect yourself enough to expect the same treatment back that you give out.

#14. Learn how to communicate

by that, I don’t just mean like talk about your feelings, but learn how to listen to you know, when you’re fighting or even debating something or having a lively conversation a lot of the times at least I and sitting there thinking like, oh, yeah, they said that well, I’m going to say this next time once they finish talking blah blah blah. They have an opinion. Here’s what I’m going to say.

Shut up.

Shut up, and listen to what they’re saying actually listen actively.

Listen, and then when it’s your turn think about it for a second and respond that is how you have a proper conversation and also kind of on that same point learn how to apologize because it’s not a real apology if you’re like, well, I’m sorry you feel that way. It’s like no, I’m sorry. I was a dick I won’t do that anymore.

There you have it, my beautiful person, some tips of how you can become a better girlfriend even if you just choose to take one piece of advice from this article and do it for the next couple of weeks you will notice how much more love your partner will feel in the relationship because you have taken that active step to becoming the best version of you in the relationship



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