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If you’ve been through too many conflicts and disputes with your boyfriend, or maybe you’ve just been wondering about how should I be the best girlfriend he’s ever had. then, make sure to stick with me.

Ok, take it easy, by the end of this post, you’ll have some idea on how to become the best girlfriend he ever had.

#1. honoring and trusting each other

The most significant aspect of a partnership and intimacy is trusting each other and honor. But to regain this you’ve got to make sure that you’re been straight and realistic with your boyfriend.

grant him the space to express his feelings without judging or pressurizing him at all. furthermore,  when a mistake or misunderstanding happens, you’ve to apologize and own your mistakes. 

In return, he’s going to do exactly the same thing for you. there should be an open conversation if something is not right. both of you should be open to each other and know the feeling of each other.

#2. Try New hobbies of your own.

Developing your own new hobbies besides your relation will enhance your independence and give both of you a lot to discuss and talk about. You will also miss each other when either of you is focusing on your own hobbies.

If you need some ideas of the best hobbies for women: You might want to try some of these. painting, Gardening. Jewelry making or perhaps playing instruments.

#3. Be supportive and encourage.

Help your boyfriend find the self-assurance to handle hardships and difficulties. Let him feel and realize that you believe in him he things get bad or worst.

 on occasions, you might want to keep it real but don’t be negative when he comes with new plans or perhaps ideas. 

Don’t turn him off completely. Always be there for him when he needs you and be positive.

#4. Applaud and praise him.

everybody enjoys compliments and praise. You love it and I love it. therefore, compliment him when he takes a picture or perhaps you think he looks nice.

Tell him that you look good tonight. You can take it to the next level by complimenting him in front of his friends or colleagues.

He is just going to feel so special and be the best partner for you.

#5. make him aware that you appreciate him.

There is nothing worst than knowing all your efforts and hard work unobserved or perhaps unnoticed and not appreciated. it just human instincts. Therefore, if he does something good, just acknowledge him and appreciate him by saying “baby thank you so much”.

It might look easy however when you’re in a relationship, You may take these things easy and for granted.

lots of times, you might have to endure a lot of listening for quite a while and probably get annoyed. Just listen to him and remember his happiness is your happiness.

Focus on appreciating him and you’ll be the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

#6. recognize his feelings.

When he is in a bad mood or perhaps distressed, try to calm him down and acknowledge his feelings. on the other hand, when he’s happy, you should be happy too.

even though it’s something you hate like playing video games, you’ve got to appreciate and acknowledge his feelings.

Therefore, Deal with it as if it’s very important. after all, it’s to him, and that’s what makes love so special. Acknowledging each other’s feelings.

#7. surprise or perhaps teat him princesses.

This is one of the ways to be a good girlfriend. startle him with a gift or something he’s had before. perhaps his favorite game or maybe a warm bath when gets off of work. All these little things will eventually add up and he’ll appreciate you more than ever.

#8. communication is the key.

You might think this is easy but I don’t necessarily mean communicating about your feelings but rather how to listen when things get ugly like a dispute or perhaps fighting over something.

Learn to listen to what your boyfriend is saying or try to understand where he is coming from. That’s why communication is very vital in relationships.

You shouldn’t shut him up every time he voices his opinion. Just listen to him actively and have an open conversation. apologize if you’re on the wrong side of the argument.

#9. Let him in your life.

Keep him involved in your life. however, don’t shut him off completely from your social life and your career or perhaps your job. keep him engaged even if you’re busy. send him text messages when you’re on your lunch break or perhaps call him.

Don’t make him feel like you’re not invested enough to tell you’re life story.

You don’t want him to feel alone and isolated with his feelings or perhaps quite sad. Let him realize that you’re part of his life in order for you to become the best girlfriend he’s ever had.

#10. Accept his imperfections and shortcomings.

Regrettably, shortcomings, and mistakes are part of relationships. no one is perfect in this life. therefore, don’t try to change him or perhaps fix him if there’s something that he cannot change.

You might understand him better once you accept his miskicks and shortcomings. hopefully, this will give you a new pers[ective of looking at it and hence a healthy relationship.

Get to know his loved ones and his friends.

This is going to increase his love for you and perhaps will mean a lot to him. Treat his loved ones and his friend with respect and dignity. He is going to really appreciate and notice you a lot more.

bear in mind that a relationship is based on mutual respect. he is going to respect you in return and all of these suggestions should be applied in both ways.

Hopefully, you can apply some of these suggestions and tips or perhaps advice to become the best girlfriend he’s ever had and see the difference once you follow them.

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