6 proven ways to be the perfect girlfriend!

Truthfully, it is all around, and you will hear a lot of conflicting advice about what it means to be a good girlfriend. The underlying issue isn’t whether you make his favorite food, wear sexy lingerie, or master some random sexual trick.

A deep understanding of men and their needs in a relationship greatly enhances the capabilities of those who relate to them. You must be your best self in order to be in a great relationship.

Relationships are full of traps, and the biggest trap of all is blaming your partner when things go wrong.

Instead of striving to discover the ways in which they can make it better, they try to convince him that he is lacking and that everything would work out if only he did this or that.

That is not correct, though. You will never be able to make someone become the person you would like them to be.

In the end, all you could do is put your all into it. It will make it easier for the other person to rise to your level when you do this.

Here are six fantastic suggestions to be the very best girlfriend you can be.

Show a sense of appreciation.

Although most women are unaware of the extent to which men crave attention, I, myself, did not understand this until I began writing full-time about relationships.

The issue is that we love others in ways that produce feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

A woman’s sense of well-being comes from when a guy is interested in her and meets her needs.

A result of this is that many women will show their appreciation by being extra generous with their partner, and this is a very nice thing that people enjoy, but it isn’t what men want. To truly fulfill his desires, you need to be appreciated and acknowledged for what he gives.

Success is important to him, this extends to everything he does, whether it’s planning a romantic evening for two or dealing with chores. Be sure to express your gratitude when your date takes you on a nice outing. In contrast to this, men tend to be more receptive to compliments about things they have done, as opposed to compliments about who they are.

Most women are oblivious to this because compliments of the type “You’re so pretty/nice/fun/caring” don’t usually mean anything.

He won’t believe you if you tell him he is thoughtful. If, however, you praise him for some particular act or event that was thoughtful, such as “Thanks for doing meals, it was so considerate of you,” he will believe you.

It will make him feel like the grand prize winner because she really notices and appreciates him. He would do anything to make her happy.

Practice self-care.

Don’t neglect healthy, beautifying, or well-being activities such as continuing to work out, eating properly, getting shaved, or other such things that were a part of your life prior to getting involved in a relationship.

This is generally easier to do when you’re in a relationship, and yet if you do this then you will quickly find yourself looking in all directions for that once-burning flame.

When you want to look good for your man, you don’t need to be dancefloor ready all the time, but you should put forth care to ensure your appearance and present yourself well.

The best face you can put forward in the early stages of a relationship is not just limited to your dating life.

While maintaining a level of passion and lust, maintaining a good relationship with your partner by making an effort to look your best is satisfying for a man.

Keep your own life separate from your relationship.

As a matter of fact, this tip is not just for his sake; it’s for your own, too. This is a common mistake a lot of women make. When they get together, the guy is now the entire universe for them.

This is not good for you! Another thing is that it is difficult to take the next step if you are still dating because it holds up your relationship and results in you being in a relationship for an extended period of time.

Once a guy gets all of you, he should do even more because this is a completely different discussion. Men are more drawn to women when they are not present.

If you’re always around, your relationship will remain superficial.

It is critical to allow time apart to pursue your own interests to maintain your relationship exciting and fresh.

It helps you to look at relationships in a more objective way so you aren’t lost in the emotional highs of the relationship, and it also takes some of the stress off the relationship to make things happen naturally.

I understand that it’s difficult to refuse him when he asks to hang out, and it’s alluring when a guy is eager to spend time with you.

I understand you may think that he’s interested in you because he is simply crazy about you.

That could be the case, but offering yourself up on a silver platter every time isn’t a smart strategy. He may be a decent person, so he respects your limits and will offer his own advice from time to time.

Keep smiling

This is yet another step that will help you and your relationship, but it will also benefit your overall well-being.

It is nearly impossible for men to repel a girl with a smile. And in fact, all of my male friends have agreed on this point, that a relaxed mindset is the most admirable feature a woman could have.

Although life is not always rainbows and sunshine, when you can embrace the good and the bad and maintain your belief that everything will work out in the end, your life will be better in the long run.

A spark of such energy can make others want to approach you and is consistent with a man’s desire to have a lasting relationship.

Neither use your man as a rallying point nor dump your problems on him. On your guy’s return, welcome him with a smile…then let it all out and let the anger out if you had a bad day.

Opt for positivity in both your personal and professional relationships.

There are few things in life that can’t be classified as neutral. Rather, the experience can be either positive or negative, depending on our point of view and the feelings we attach to it.

Treat his parents extra nicely.

Don’t just keep doing what you’re already doing; instead, do something new. Send them birthday cards and bring them treats when you visit. Treating the family who brought up this awesome man with care and respect will be both meaningful and meaningful to him.


Absolutely! Sexuality is meant to bring joy and fulfillment for both partners. On the rare occasion when you are with a guy, you can let him know that tomorrow night is about him.

Rather than distracting him from watching TV, you could try to help him loosen up in forms other than relaxing next to the TV.

Rather than just letting him take control in the bedroom, have him decide on the positions and level of intensity that will provide him with the most pleasure.

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