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hey, this is David here where I help the 21st-century woman how to meet and date GREAT guys.  in this article, I’m gonna share with you how to attract a man emotionally.

 All right why are we talking about emotions a not mental connection or spiritual connection? It’s because we are primal beings we don’t make our decisions based on what’s rational or logical we make our decisions based on what our monkey mind tells us to do. 

Based on our emotions based on our primal instincts. So in this article, I’m gonna go through a few core primal emotions and how to trigger that in attraction the first emotional trigger that we’re going to hit how to attract a man emotionally is.


#1. Overcoming a challenge.

All men have a little bit of a primal desire to slay the dragon right to overcome a challenge.

Become a hero so what you don’t want to do in the beginning is just immediately over-commit to a guy and sleep with him you want to tease the process a little bit and make him feel like he is really earning your respect displaying more value.

Earning the right to become more intimate with you so it’s got to be a little bit of a challenge in his mind and what does this really mean. I mean this is a really simple natural thing for you to do.

 All you have to do is increase your own standards and your value for yourself so you’re actually forcing men to display their value to you before you commit to them you’re forcing yourself to go through qualification and process. 

Basically, say look I value myself I value my body I value the people that I spend time with, and before I fully commit to someone or invest in them emotionally and physically.

I want to make sure that there is a deeper level of emotional connection and commitment so really at the end of the day having them overcome this challenge it’s really sparking for them that that that that that need to accomplish and achieve and chase and overcome that challenge.

But for you, it’s also allowing you to have high standards for yourself in a qualification process so for example if it’s at the end of the date and he’s like hey? “you want to come upstairs or you want to come inside”? and yadda yadda yadda you can say you know with a little bit of a smile maybe next time let him.

You know tease him a little bit don’t say “NO” I absolutely would not go upstairs with you. I don’t do that on a second date I’m not that kind of woman yada yada yada no you can tease.

it a little bit you can let him know listen I like you I’m just I’m not gonna just jump and do anything you want because you asked me to I’m a high-value woman.

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 I have standards. I have my own choices and if he calls you up on the phone says hey you want to go grab a coffee in 20 minutes I’d love to get coffee with you I’m just not free right now maybe we can schedule something in the next day or two you know to be available but don’t be overly available. 

This is really at the beginning of a relationship not after both of you have already committed it’s about forcing him to overcome a little bit of a challenge and to show you that he’s really committed and investing in you.

the second emotional trigger we’re gonna talk about on how to attract a man emotionally is.

#2. Fear.


Now, I don’t want you to use fear as some sort of black magic to control manipulate a man.


fear is powerful. people are driven by fear but if you start to use it as a mind-control method it can be really unhealthy for you and really unhealthy for your partner at the same time.

You need to be aware that people do make decisions based on fear and it can play a vital role in the initial emotional attraction process so at the beginning of a relationship. there needs to be a healthy fear.

 on his end that you might have other guys pursuing you or you might not choose to go on another date with it and the way to trigger this is basically the same as the first emotional trigger have higher standards for yourself and what does that really mean. 

It means that you need to be prepared to leave a relationship in an instant if someone is not meeting your needs so the big challenge that I see is women will instantly be attracted to a guy or overcommit in their mind to a guy just saying I really like him

I really want to make this work. I know there’s this red flag and that red flag and he’s not doing this but I’m totally focused on him. I really like him I invested you know I want to see and make this work.[/wps_highlight]

That mindset comes off is a little bit of desperation and it’s really unattractive.

  • You want him to think that he doesn’t have you right away
  • you want him to have a little bit of fear that he can lose you
  • You want him to step it up in and treat you like the type of woman that you deserve to be treated

 The third emotional trigger that we’re going to talk about how to attract a man emotionally is

#3. Sexual desire.

Sexual desire

Now there’s a couple of different ways that you could do this the first is through physical touch.

Now it doesn’t need to be you jumping down and grabbing his crotch you don’t need to jump to that it literally can be as subtle as just a quick gentle stroke on his shoulder or on his hand.

When he’s talking or you know if you guys are walking and holding hands just a little bit of a squeeze or if you’re hugging and saying goodbye just a little bit of an extra hug maybe even whispering in his ear like  “I had a really nice time so he feels your breath on his ear” 

it doesn’t take much but just sometimes a little bit of touch at maybe even an unexpected time can jolt a man into a bit of sexual desire.

That’s important to have that level of attraction.

 Another obvious way is by displaying the curvature of your body. Now, this is true whether you’re extremely petite or very curvy it really doesn’t matter your body type as much because you’re ultimately trying to attract a man who is attracted to your body type but it’s about showing that not in an inappropriate way. 

But more form-fitting you know it’s I don’t recommend that you always wear clothes that are oversized and completely covering your body shape even if you have hang-ups about your body which listen to everyone has body image issues.

It’s still really important to wear some form-fitting jeans or pants.

So men can see your rear wearing form-fitting shirts so men can see you know some curvature on your stomach and the sides of your body and your breasts it’s really important guys are physically visually attracted and that’s going to spark that sexual desire emotion in a man.

the final emotional trigger that I’m going to talk about how to attract a man emotionally is

#4. Excitement.


One of the easiest ways to create excitement in a man is to do “future pacing” which is really just creating fantasies of the future of you two together doing something that’s really exciting and it’s really fun.

Basically, you can experience the emotions of an exciting adventure, even if you’re not on that adventure.

You can experience the same types of primal emotions and you can replicate that even if you’re just sitting and eating dinner with one another the fantasies.

Don’t even need to be real I mean you could talk about how much fun it would be to fly around the moon and to build a home on the moon and what that would be like I mean if you guys are talking about space travel,

It literally can be anything that’s exciting and fun and interesting but the more realistic that you can get you to know like traveling around a boat or renting a home in in in other countries or traveling around Europe, etc those types of things create emotional excitement.

 If you can inject yourself into a man’s fantasy that’s such a good way to spark that emotional attraction so if you find yourself not really emotionally connecting with men or them seem bored and the dates that you go on don’t seem exciting and you’re just having problems really evoking more emotion out of men. 

Try thinking of one of these four strategies even write up a few strategies and have them in your back pocket ready to go when you’re out on a date and try them see how it works if you’ve got any personal experience doing something that’s really effective in sparking a man’s emotions.

please comment and let us know exactly what that is and just stay tuned I’ve got more articles on how to attract high-quality men coming up in the coming weeks.

I hope you have enjoyed this article on how to attract a man emotionally please share with your friends.


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