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how to attract a man emotionally! (25 Ways To Make Him Emotionally Attracted)

Some people think that men are difficult to understand. They don’t know what they want, and it can be impossible to get close to them emotionally.

But the truth is that most of them just need someone who understands their passions- whether it’s sports or cars or delicious food- in order for them to open up and talk about themselves more openly.

The best way is to find out what he’s passionate about- whether it’s sports or cars or delicious food- and find ways of talking with him about that topic in an effort to get closer emotionally.

Here are some tips on how you can do this:

It can also be a good idea to be confident!

This is true for women of all ages, but it’s especially important when you’re trying to attract a man. If you feel good about yourself and aren’t afraid to show off your best qualities, he’ll notice how sexy and amazing you are, even if he doesn’t have the words to express what he’s feeling.

Smile more often –

The next time you see him, spend a little extra time on your appearance. When you smile, it makes your eyes sparkle and sends signals to the brain that you’re happy to be around people.

Pay attention to him-

Listen when he’s talking and pay close attention so he feels like his opinion matters. When he knows that you’re interested in what he has to say, it makes him more open and comfortable talking with you.

Be a good listener-

Don’t try to get in the last word or correct him. Instead, let him just talk and be an active listener so that he feels good about opening up.

Have fun!-

Men love women who are able to laugh at themselves and act silly. If you can show him your playful side, he’ll appreciate the chance to be more open, which is important for building a connection.

Be yourself-

The biggest mistake you can make is pretending to be something you’re not. He’ll eventually see through it and won’t be interested in getting to know the real you. When you show him who you truly are, he’s more likely to feel comfortable with opening up emotionally.

Don’t get wrapped up in what others say-

Yes, most people will say that men are difficult to understand and need to have their egos stroked. But in reality, they’re just looking to feel cared about and loved by the women they’re close with. The best way is to find out what he’s passionate about- whether it’s sports or cars or delicious food- and find ways of talking with him about that topic in an effort to get closer emotionally.

Just remember:

it takes time for someone to open up and share their innermost feelings, but there are plenty of ways you can bring him closer so you feel connected on a deeper level. Be confident- It’s just as much about what you do as what he does. If you go into a situation with confidence, it makes him feel more comfortable showing his true colors to the woman he cares about most.

Enjoy being around him-

Most men are looking for women who enjoy spending time with them and can make them laugh. If you can show that you appreciate having him in your life, it’ll make him want to stay around more often.

Be willing to let go of the little things-

No one’s perfect and arguing over trivial matters will only make your relationship feel like a chore. Instead, focus on enjoying each day together while trying to see his side of things.

Show that you think he’s sexy-

Sometimes it’s better to be direct and let him know that you find him irresistible. There’s nothing wrong with flirting and letting him know how beautiful he makes you feel.

Compliment him often-

Complimenting your man lets him know that his hard work is recognized and appreciated, which helps build up his self-esteem as a man. And even if he doesn’t say it out loud, he’ll appreciate your kind words and will want to spend more time with you so that you can feel closer.

Let him have his space-

Breaking into his private space isn’t good for anyone involved.

Instead of trying to follow his every move, give him some time alone to recharge so he’s ready to spend quality time with you.

Take care of yourself-

Men are drawn to women who take pride in their appearance and take the time out to look presentable. He’ll appreciate your efforts every day and will want to make sure he always looks good when he’s around you as well.

Give him a chance to help-

Just as much as you want to feel loved, men love the opportunity to feel useful. Whether it’s picking up around your apartment or cooking a special meal for you, he’ll appreciate feeling like his presence matters.

Be affectionate-

It doesn’t have to be overt in public or even during the daytime. Even a quick hug or peck on the cheek can convey your feelings to him, letting him know you’re always thinking about him.

Learn his love language-

Everyone feels appreciated when they receive a gift, but not everyone values physical contact in the same way. If you learn what makes him feel loved, he’ll appreciate even the smallest things that you do for him.

Make sure you share the responsibility-

No one wants to feel like they’re taking care of both a man and his child (even if it’s just on a metaphorical level). If he’s doing more than half of the activity, it means you’re not pulling your weight. Let him know what needs to get done without being demanding.

Do your best to meet his needs-

It’s unavoidably stressful when you don’t know what a man wants and it causes problems in both of your lives. Figure out what he values most and do your best to make sure that you’re meeting those standards.

Remember the little things-

Whether it’s sitting down to watch a special program every week or saving him the first slice of cake, little things can make a man feel like he’s important and loved.

Remember that you’re an individual- Just because you share his last name doesn’t mean he should have any say in your life choices. If you don’t agree on some issues, it shouldn’t make you question your relationship.

Don’t be possessive-

A man needs some type of freedom and it’s hard to leave a woman who controls every aspect of his life. If you’re looking for a dominant partner, he’ll appreciate that but the dynamics will change between the two of you.

Be yourself-

It can be tempting to try and create an image that he’ll enjoy, but if you don’t take time out to be yourself then it gets exhausting pretending all the time. Eventually, he’ll get sick of your act and lose interest in who you really are.

Don’t stop trying-

It’s easy to give up on a relationship when things aren’t going the way you expected, but men love a determined woman. Don’t be afraid to change your tactics if they aren’t working and never give up on him.

Stay active-

Studies have shown that men are more attracted to women who take care of their bodies than those who sit around all day. Work out regularly so he can see how great you are and hopefully want to spend even more time with you.

Let him know he’s appreciated-

There’s nothing that a man likes more than feeling like his woman is proud of him in some way. Even if it’s something as simple as saying goodbye when he leaves for work, hearing it from you means the world to him.

Conclusion: how to attract a man emotionally!

In an effort to attract a man emotionally, it’s important to be receptive and responsive.

Listen carefully when he’s speaking to you, and mimic the things that make him laugh. Some men like jokes and gags, while others prefer a more serious tone- it all depends on what he’s into.

If you can figure out what makes him tick, he’ll be much more interested in spending time with you!

Just as important as listening is being affectionate. He needs to know that even if you’re not around, he’ll always have a special place in your heart.

A little touch on the arm or a kiss on the cheek can be all it takes to boost his mood. Plus, you’ll get a little dose of endorphins in return!

Don’t forget that men love women who keep their bodies fit and healthy. It might seem like an annoying task but the health benefits are undeniable.

Now you know how to attract a man emotionally! It’s as easy as spending time with him and letting him see why you’re special. Follow these tips and he won’t be able to get enough of you!