how do you know when he likes you

We all know that relationships can be complicated, but it’s even more difficult to tell when a guy likes you.

It seems like he acts indifferent and doesn’t show any interest in you, yet at other times he might seem into you and give off the impression that he is interested.

So how do we know if a guy likes us? Well, here are some ways to tell!

1. He pays attention to what you say:

If a guy is really interested in you, he will pay attention to everything you say and take an interest in what you have to say.

He’ll also try to remember things you’ve told him so that he can bring them up later on in the conversation.

If he’s not really interested, he’ll probably tune out most of what you’re saying and won’t remember much about your conversation.

2. He tries to make a good impression:

Guys will often go out of their way to make a good impression on the girl they like.

They might do things like dress up nicely, buy you flowers or chocolates, or take you out for dinner.

If a guy is not interested in you, he probably won’t bother trying to make a good impression – he’ll just be himself!

3. He teases you:

Teasing can be a sign that a guy is interested in you.

When a guy teases you, it’s usually in a good-natured way and he’s trying to make you laugh.

If he’s just playing hard to get, he’ll probably tease you in a more mean-spirited way or he might ignore you altogether.

4. He pays attention to your body language:

Guys are often good at reading body language, so if he’s interested in you, he’ll be paying close attention to the way you act around him.

If you’re not interested in him, you’ll probably have a lot of negative body language – like crossing your arms, looking away from him, or rolling your eyes.

Body language that indicates attraction includes smiling, leaning in towards him, or touching his arm.

5. He goes out of his way to be around you:

If a guy is really interested in you, he’ll go out of his way to spend time with you.

He might invite you over to hang out at the last minute or ask for your number so he can call you later on.

If he’s not interested in you, he won’t bother making any effort whatsoever – no matter how much he claims to like you!

6. He tries to get close to you:

If a guy is interested in you, he’ll try to get close to you as often as possible.

He might stand or sit close to you, or he might touch you lightly when he talks to you.

If a guy is trying to keep his distance, it’s probably because he’s not that interested in you. This also includes things like not making eye contact with you or turning his body away from you.

7. He tries to keep in touch with you:

Guys who like you will try to keep in touch for as long as possible.

He might text or call you almost every day, or he might even send you multiple messages in a row when he knows you won’t respond right away.

If the guy is not interested, he’ll usually take days at a time before contacting you again and his contact may be limited to sending one-word responses like ‘hey’ or ‘hi.’

8. He asks for your advice:

Even if guys don’t always ask for our advice, they often ask someone close to them about the girl they like. If a guy likes you, he’s probably already asked his friends about you and what they think of you.

If a guy hasn’t asked his friends about you, it’s probably because he’s not interested.

9. He introduces you to his family and friends:

This is a huge sign that a guy likes you!

Introducing someone to your family and friends is a very serious thing – it means he wants them to know about you and he sees potential in your relationship.

If a guy doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends, it’s probably because he doesn’t see you as anything more than just a friend.

10. He makes sacrifices for you:

When a guy likes you, he’ll often make sacrifices for you without even thinking about it.

He might give up his seat on the bus for you, help you carry your groceries, or even do something as small as holding the door open for you.

If a guy is not interested in you, he won’t bother making any effort whatsoever – no matter how much he claims to like you!

So, how can you tell if a guy likes you? Well, if he’s doing any of the things on this list, there’s a good chance that he’s interested! If you’re still not sure, just ask him directly – most guys will be more than happy to let you know if they like you or not. Good luck!

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