how to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly😬

how to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly

When things aren’t entirely clear, have you ever found yourself in a strange situation? I suppose you are familiar with that odd grey zone where you cannot tell if things are just what you believe they are?

Today, I’m talking about the tiniest of fine lines, that seemingly useless band of space that divides two very different human interactions: between flirtatious and friendly. Is he interested in me, or being a good person?

Fortunately, there are clear indicators on how to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly

1.How much time do you spend together on a daily basis?

I’m sure you have a lot of things on your plate. It is hard to keep up with everything that is going on these days, and there are even more opportunities ahead of us.

Additionally, however, everybody has the time to dedicate to the priorities in their lives. When you’re interested in someone, you are in a similar position.

A man will show interest if he is genuinely interested. I’m not just talking about Amazon prime and relaxing. Even if he has to spend time studying or working in the same room, he will do his best to see you.

If this person is putting the effort in to build connections, he may not be just hunting for a dynamic friend. It’s quite likely that he’s interested in you.

2.Do your social groups overlap?

In today’s world, the majority of people interact with multiple social groups. These relationships are based on our educational, professional, recreational, familial, etc. connections.

In a casual setting, a friendly person will greet their acquaintances, but won’t make friends with acquaintances of theirs. While he may start off by being interested in you, he will then be friends with your friends, coworkers, and relatives because of his interest in you.

Even if he has friends or family members who you can meet, he might still invite you to these sorts of events, where you could meet them. By creating a joint activity you’ll strengthen your connection and trust with each other.

If he is trying to connect with people in your social group, then he is probably interested in you and has an interest in developing a long-term relationship with you. But if he is not, then he is just a nice person.

3.Is he nervous in your presence?.

A pleasant and socially acceptable gentleman will not feel uneasy in social settings, since he has no legitimate reason to. He’s just having a nice time just as he normally would. However, when he develops romantic feelings for someone, he turns into one of those cartoon characters with big eyes and a bright red face.

If someone likes you, they will display signs of nervousness around you. It is possible that once he looks directly at you, he turns away and looks down.

His nervousness and/or anxiety could possibly be amplified if he does any of these things: biting his nails, picking at his skin, or fretting over something not visible to the naked eye.

He may also add unnecessary words or phrases while speaking. Words or sounds such as “um,” “er,” “like,” and “well” are filler words.

For some reason, when we want to have more time to plan what we’re going to say and avoid those awkward silences, we tend to use these. Nervousness is present in all of these signs and it’s because he’s interested in you.

4.He’s very open with you.

It can be hard to get guys to open up to you, and it is definitely not every day that a guy reveals his feelings to you.

Exploring one’s intense emotions, aspirations, and insecurities can expose the individual to the risk of vulnerability.

That, without trust, no one will allow themselves to feel that way. You’ve got the nice friend type if your man is more of a Buzzfeed news piece than an open book.

I hope you’re able to spend time with this romance because this character is obviously interested in you.

5.He asks you a variety of questions.

In any decent talk, there will be questions that the participants pose to each other. Also, please remember that I did say Great Conversation.

When I speak of “small talk” I don’t mean mundane conversation, such as, “Hello, how are you?”Generally, if a man is just being friendly, he will inquire about your well-being and have a brief discussion with you.

It is unlikely that he will follow up with you after speaking to you. It’s kind of like when you run into an old friend from junior high who you haven’t seen in a long time, only this time it is at a supermarket.

When a man is interested, he’ll be more forthcoming in his conversation. Instead of simply asking, he will become more personal with his approach. He can ask a few questions about relatives, personal interests, and opinions about his personal life.

So if you share these personal details, he’ll remember them and use them later. This has a more self, emotional, and intense impact on your communication.

If his conversation brightens your mood and you feel appreciated and heard, does it make you smile?so, if that’s the case, he definitely has an interest in you.

6.Is he dependable no matter what the circumstances may be?.

A nice guy is helpful, courteous, and polite. A man who is interested in you will be kind, caring, and supportive as well as doing everything in his power to impress you.

When you’re feeling down or sad, he will be there for you regardless of the situation. .When times are difficult, you can rely on a man who is interested in you for support.

People sometimes encounter difficulties in life. These events can have a serious impact on a person’s health, family, and overall well-being. If a guy likes you, he will tell you that he will be by your side when you are down.

He will put your mind at ease by assuring you that he will be on your side and see to it that you will be as comfortable as possible.

7.Is he going to stand up for you?

The positive effect of having friends or lovers who can be counted on is that you will occasionally be teased. It’s completely normal. A friend of ours might be quite sarcastic on a regular basis.

This is all enjoyable and fun, but there’s also a possibility that someone may say something insulting to you. In these types of situations, it’s crucial to assess how your partner reacts when someone pushes the envelope.

Do you see him laughing as you scrub the rust off? If that’s the case, then he’s either a friend or someone who doesn’t care.

Or does he let his anger remain and call for the person who made the joke to apologize to you? And if this is truly the case, this guy is head over heels for you.No matter how much we like someone, we have an instinctive urge to ensure that they are safe and happy.

While you are able to defend yourself, a man who is interested in you will show this kind of reaction. For all intents and purposes, it’s actually a compliment.

8. Is he tender or completely distant?

A lot of people communicate through nonverbal means. Take note of his physical presence while you’re with him.

Focus on how he holds himself. Maybe he’s just a nice person who doesn’t want anything more from you if he keeps his distance.

However, what if he is leaning towards you and his arms are open? Is he always staring at you? Do you get the feeling that when he’s joking around, he’ll graze your hand and touch your shoulder?

This is all body language that indicates if someone is emotionally attached to you. In that case, this person is interested.


Summary here is how to tell if a guy is interested in you or just being friendly😬

He’s very open with you.

He asks you a variety of questions.

Is he going to stand up for you?

How much time do you spend together on a daily basis?

Do your social groups overlap?

Is he dependable no matter what the circumstances maybe?.

Is he nervous in your presence?.

Is he tender or completely distant?

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