Does He Love Me? six Ways You Can Be Certain.

You’re falling for him and you’re hoping that he’s falling for you, after all, you don’t want to get your heart broken how do you actually know if he’s really in love with you stick with me.

Obviously, love is a risk. you want to make sure that the man that you’re giving your heart to and the one that you’re actually emotionally investing in as well as time and energy and everything else is going to give back to you as well. The last thing that you want to do is fall in love with someone and then find out that they don’t love you.

So I want to make it really clear so that there’s no sort of gray areas and so that you’re not putting yourself out there and then having no one catch you when you fall to make sure that you are actually with a man who really does love you back.

There is a difference between someone that actually does love you and someone that just says they love you okay, There is a massive difference as much as a difference as there is between lust and love or love and infatuation. I’m going to give you six real indications of the fact that he is in love with you.

#1. Effort

If a guy actually does want to be with you then he will do anything and everything to make that happen he’s not going to have excuses. he’s not going to put his sport before you. He’s not going to put everything else before you he will actually make a consistent effort to be in your life and prove to you that he actually does want to make you a priority and actually does want to have a relationship with you as well.

The #1 thing all men obsess over

If your man is pushing you away and acting distant Or if the guy you’re after isn’t giving you the time of day… Then it’s time to pull out all the stops. Because 99% of the time, there is only 1 thing you can say to a standoffish guy that will grab him by the heartstrings-And get his blood pumping at just the thought of you.



#2. His actions will outweigh his words.

As I said before someone can say “they love you” but it’s a whole nother thing if they actually make you feel loved okay and his words will actually align with his actions but more than anything even if he doesn’t say it continually that he loves you because let’s face it men don’t often open up or firm and as much as what women would like because literally, they don’t use as many words as what women do and don’t forget people Express and give love in different ways.

If you haven’t read the five love languages then I recommend that you do.his actions will indicate love.

Meaning he will actually make you feel loved. He will actually do things like follow through or sacrifice or put your happiness before here’s. when you really love someone you put them first rather than yourself first and that is amplified even more so in your actions.

#3. He’s committed in all areas.

It’s not just him saying yeah yeah “I’ll do this” and then he doesn’t follow through all. he’s only committed in one section of your relationship or one area where it’s kind of convenient for him ‘No” he’s someone that is actually committed in all areas across the board. when it comes to you

  • whether it is moving forward towards a common goal,
  • whether it is a commitment
  • or perhaps to learn to communicate better with each other

He’s actually actively showing that as well and his commitment is obvious in his words and in his actions.

#4. He makes you feel loved and makes you feel like a priority action.

He makes you feel loved and makes you feel like a priority. now, of course, we know that people give and receive love in different ways and that’s why sometimes relationships can fall apart but I’m talking about the fat if you are actually in a healthy relationship, okay and he is actually doing things to demonstrate his love for you.

 You won’t be left there questioning yourself whether or not he’s in love with you. You won’t actually know because you will feel loved. 

You will feel like a prairie. You won’t be having to try and convince him you won’t be asking him every single day.

You will just know it’ll be obvious in the way that he treats you but more than anything it’ll be obvious in the way that you feel.

#5. There will be peace and progress.

now peace and progress are the two major indications of a healthy relationship meaning you will actually feel that your relationship is moving forward you will feel that he does love you because it’ll be evident in the fact that you’re not stagnating or you’re not going backward or you’re not going around in circles.

he actually wants to move this forward because he has a vision for where you guys are heading because he actually wants to have a future with you as well.

Now, the peace doesn’t mean that there’s going to be an absence of conflict in a relationship is incredibly healthy but at the same time it means that you’re not going to have this constant anxiety when it comes to him and his emotions and his feelings and how you feel and where your relationship is heading because you will just know that he is on the same page as you and you are both moving in the same direction

#6. He does the little things but he also does the big things now a big thing

It might be okay meeting the parents or it might be you know booking a holiday together or it might be you know doing something that is obviously a big milestone in a relationship but he’s not only just doing those big things and then kind of flaking out in between those big events and then making up for it with a big event he’s actually doing the little things in between like

  • remembering to pick up the groceries
  • or remembering something small that you talked about

And then he’s gone and done something about it because he knew that it would actually mean something to you.

Love is in the details ladies.

It’s in those little moments those little words those little actions that actually sometimes mean more to you as women than the big things out there and you will put effort into the little things, as well as the big things and the little things, is what is going to sustain the relationship and the love in the relationship.



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