Does He Love me? 13 Signs to Watch Out For


beyond a shadow of a doubt, most women nowadays are the victims of men who treat them like a queen and end in causing them to feel great sorrow or sadness- the ultimate definition of heartbreak.

Whose blame is it? Of course NOT You. Nevertheless, this doesn’t necessarily mean if your man treats you well that he’s Mr. Right and he loves you. Just remember that. 

This exceeds the intimacy and perhaps saying the actual word of “ I Love You” which most men think is what women are looking for. 

 You’ve to leave no stone unturned by looking for these small things that he does to demonstrate his love.  

Here are a few things that he does on a constant basis to show you how much he’s into you.

1.He Is Open About Your Relationship

If a man loves you, he will let his family members and friends know about it. So, if he starts spreading the word about your relationship, you can be sure that he sees a future with you.

Overall, you really just need to stop questioning his feelings at some point. Just open your eyes and you’ll soon see if he really does love you or not.

2. He’s preoccupied by you.

All he can think of is you. That’s what matters to him. He is solely focused on you. He has an uncontrollable desire to know you deeply. He does that by knowing what you value about life. What cheers your day and perhaps what you enjoy about life in general.

If he loves you deeply, he is going to share with you his vulnerabilities and what’s going on through his mind at any moment.  And that’s what makes him so special.

3 He’s open-minded to try new adventures with you. 

He likes to try new things and perhaps adventure with you even if that means something you have been yearning to do like cliff jumping or Rock climbing. 

Since he’s in love with you, he doesn’t mind stepping out of his comfort zone to make your dream come true. After all. That’s what love should be(taking risks).

 Even though he’s not actually interested, he is still open-minded to try these new dramatic adventures. The last thing on his mind will be to disappoint you and perhaps judge you which is detrimental. 

4. He is your hero and savior.

You can love a person when everything is good but the final test of love is when everything falls apart and your partner is going through a rough patch. You’ve got to the protector and the hero. 

If your man is helping you go through these bad moments, that’s the perfect signal of love. It shows his maturity and perhaps a robust healthy relationship. 

5. He is satisfied and happy to be around you.

 Your presence makes his life much better. once he is in love with you, he feels calm and gratified. He avoids expectations because that ultimately destroys relationships and it can be faked.

For example, expecting your man to wash the dishes every day or perhaps watering plants every morning. 

This will naturally increase the love between the two of you. ultimately, relationships are all about compromise and taking risks. 

6. He shows his love and affection publicly.

He is not hiding anything. Some men have this habit of hiding their girlfriend or their partner which is not good at all. Because that means you feel ashamed and you cannot even hold her hands in public. But if he loves you, he will hug you and kiss you at the mall. He ain’t scared of the world because you’re his world.

7. He wants to please you intimately.

This might sound weird but when a man is totally into you, he is going to do everything to please you and that includes intimately. And means meeting your needs in order for you to meet his needs too.

Therefore there will be an increased relationship satisfaction You get the point here. errands with you.

Most guys don’t like shopping and that is exactly why they buy groceries with the blink of an eye at the store. They buy what they want,  pay and they are gone.

So if he goes running some errands with you without whining and grumbling., then that means he loves going out with you and walking for however long you want to walk.

9.He likes to evolve and not regress

This means that he wants to progress the relationship to the next level by making the relationship exclusive.

  He is afraid that you might date other men which will break him into pieces because he loves you. By evolving and progressing, he is showing maturity and long term commitment.

10. He encourages you and holds you back.

This support and perhaps encouragement will range in various forms. He will be there when you’re upset mentality, emotionally and physically.

This means that he is maximizing the good times and of course helping you cope in challenging times.

He also wants to take part in your social life such as school, your job, and that of course indicates how much he loves you. 

11.He is devoted to you and ONLY you.

As time goes by, he should be devoted to you in terms of commitment. If he doesn’t want to commit or perhaps devote, then he isn’t ready and in fact, doesn’t love you. 

I’ve already written articles about commitment and some of the best ways to get a guy to commit to you. However, if he is really into you, he is going to do whatever it takes to make things serious and commit to you. 

12. He comes to you for advice and perhaps suggestions.

This means that he values your views and opinions. You don’t take advice and suggestions from everyone and that’s just human nature. We only share our vulnerabilities with people we are comfortable with.  This will only increase and strengthen your relationship. 

13.He participates in family gatherings and celebrations.

This might shock you but sometimes family gatherings can be a bit of a problem for some people if they aren’t your family. Nevertheless, If he is curious and wants to attend, then that means he is really interested in you and loves you.

He respects your family and that is really important in any relationship.



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