Does He Love me? 25 Signs to Watch Out For

It’s actually quite to easy to tell when someone has fallen in love with you. But due to our tendency in human history to complicate things by overthinking, we may not believe it at first. Thanks to hook up culture, men especially, have a bad rep for being non-committed players But this doesn’t make anyone immune to catching feelings. Are you wondering if someone is beginning to fall for you? Here are 20 clear signs he’s in love with you.


1. He enjoys poking fun at you on a regular basis.

Although teasing is a common form of flirting in the initial stages of dating, over time when they get to know and fall in love with you, they start to come up with inside jokes only you understand that makes it more exclusive and special People in love tend to be more in tune with their playful youthfulness .

It’s important to be able to laugh with your partner so you can handle all life’s curveballs thrown your way.

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2. he opens up about things that are hard to talk about.

This is especially true if your partner is more shy or reserved. When someone is slow to open up and selective about who he lets in, pay attention to what he reveals to you. Does he share embarrassing stories or things that are hard to talk about? If he lets his guard down and shows his vulnerable side it means you are becoming someone he can trust and depend on

3.he pays attention to details about you.

It’s common for people to remember things about you when they are initially trying to impress you But when they are in love, it goes deeper than that People in love pay attention to the details. Big or small, because they genuinely find you interesting and enjoy learning everything about you. If you think your partner is beginning to know you better than you know yourself There’s a pretty good chance he’s falling for you.

4.he becomes more open-minded about trying the things you like

Whether it means going to a restaurant you’ve been dying to visit or trying something as bold and dramatic as skydiving People in love are willing to step out of their comfort zones to make unique memories with you. Even if he’s not always a fan of the things he tries because of you, just being open minded about your interests and hobbies is a clear sign he cares enough about you to support them. When someone is in love, the last thing they will do is be dismissive or judgmental towards you so don’t worry about embracing your true self.

5 .He’s protective of you and helps you get through your bad days.

It’s easy to love someone at their best but the ultimate test of love is being able to accept one another at each other’s worst. In relationships, you are challenged to become a better person. When someone is willing to help you get through your bad days, not only is it a sign of maturity, but it shows that you have a stable relationship built on trust, compassion and understanding. If he sees the potential in the two of you being long term, then he will continue to work on making that happen.

6. he’s at ease around you and doesn’t feel pressured to change.

We are rarely ever our true selves when we are dating someone in the first few months It kind of feels like a prolonged interview. But when you are in love, dating stops feeling like a performance and more like home. You will notice that he will stop feeling self-conscious about himself. Whether that means having bad hair in the morning or just dancing in front of you. When the walls start coming down that’s when you know, you’ve truly reached his heart Do you agree with these signs?

Now, there are better ways to find out if your man is totally into you than the old flower technique that we used when we were kids. In this episode, I’m going to break down 15 signs that your man totally adores you. Check it out. Now, we’re going to go through these signs rapid fire, so buckle yourself in, pay attention, here we go.

7. he is active in his pursuit of you.

Is your man texting you? Is he making plans in advance with you? Is he pursuing you? All of those actions suggest that he’s thinking ahead, he’s thinking about you, you are on his mind when you are not around. That’s a great sign that he adores you and is into you.

8. he is present when he’s with you

Our attention is one of our limited commodities, and we will pay attention to what we value most, right? What matters to us we’ll give our attention to. So, when he’s with you, is he pouring his attention on you? Is he present and is he focused on what matters to him, which is you?

Number three is he pours maximum investment into his interactions with you.

In other words, he’s not breadcrumbing you, just doing the minimum job required to keep you interested, but he’s taking you out on surprises, he’s putting adventures together where he’s taking you out for a weekend or planning a cool secret hike and picnic with you. Is he pouring his own creative energy and maximum effort into the experiences that you have together to create something amazing?

9. He’s focused on you.

Slightly different than being present, this focus is he remembers what matters to you. He’s asking you questions about your life, he’s curious about what lights you up, what brings you life. What do you love in your life? And he remembers things about you and your family. He’s like, “Hey, didn’t your mom have a big project that was due today? How did that go?” Or, “Hey, your sister’s baby should have been due by now, did she have the baby? What’s going on?” He remembers those things because you matter to him.

10. He is Mr. Progression, not Mr. Stagnant Man.

In other words, he’s moving the relationship forward and he wants exclusivity with you, because he’s knows that if he doesn’t have exclusivity with you, you could be out dating other men, and that just burns him. He does not want you seeing other men, because he’s totally into you. He adores you, and he wants to make sure that you and him are spending as much time together as possible.

11. he’s vulnerable with you.

A lot of men, we want you to think that we have it all figure out all the time, but the truth is we don’t. So, when a man totally adores you, he’s totally into you, and he sees you as a partner, he’s much more willing to open up and share the vulnerable side of what’s really going on in his world.

12. public displays of affection.

Is he isn’t ashamed to be seen with you, and he wants to hold your hand in public, he wants to put his arm around you, he wants to kiss you in public. These public displays of affection are a great sign that your man is into you and he’s adoring all over you.

13. he wants to be with you, even when you’re not at your best.

What does this mean? You know, every one of us, we have times when we’re on it, we’re positive, we’re feeling great, we’re having a great time, and days when we’re not feeling great. So, when you’re feeling blue he’ll be your shoulder to cry on, he’ll hear what’s going on for you. And most guys, when they’re really into you, they want to help fix it.

We want to solve the problem, we want you to feel better. So, if he’s willing to be your shoulder to cry on, and willing to be with you, not just when everything’s great, but when you’re going through a rough time as well, and be a source of support to you, that’s a great sign of how much he really cares about you.

14. he’s willing to be influenced by you.

This is an interesting one. There’s a researcher, Dr. John Gottman, out of the University of Washington, and he writes a lot about this in his best-selling marriage books, that when we really love somebody we allow them to influence us. We allow them, we hold their political views with a certain degree of respect, and we’ll allow ourselves to be swayed. We’ll explore a new place with them, we’ll see a movie they want to see, we’ll load the dishwasher, they want us to load the dishwasher, because we love them and we’re allowing them to influence who we are. That’s not a sign of weakness, that’s a great sign of love.

15. he mentions you in future plans.

He’ll bring up vacations that he would love to take with you, or places he would love to visit with you, and say, “Hey, we should go check out the Eiffel Tower, or we should go to Mexico together, or Costa Rica together, or let’s go rafting the Grand Canyon together.” A guy who’s really into you is going to make future plans with you.

16. he remembers the little things.

He remembers your favorite food, your favorite ice cream, your favorite restaurant, a group that you really like, and then makes plans involving the little things in life, because it’s those little things that can create big moments in a relationship.

17.your comfort is a priority for him.

So, when you’re driving in the car together he wants to know, “Hey, how’s the temperature? Does it feel good to you?” Or when you spend the night at his house he wants to make sure that he’s got a toothbrush for you, and your favorite shampoo ready to go, and he cleans his kitchen, he cleans his bathroom, because he wants you to feel comfortable when you’re around him

18. he offers to help, even when it’s inconvenient.

You needed a ride to the airport at five a.m., he’s the one to do it. You need someone come over to your house for moving day? He’s there, he’s got your back. I’m not saying he’s always happy about it, because no guy is perfect, but he’s willing to do it because you matter to him. And

19. this one’s big, is he wants to please you in bed.

When a guy totally adores you, you feeling good really matters to him, and he will often want to make sure that he takes care of you before he takes care of, and you take care of him. Enough said.

20. There’s no doubt in your mind that he’s into you,

because he vocalizes it, because he shows it with his actions, because he’s consistent in his behavior, and there’s this feeling of peace and security in you between you and him and the relationship that you share. So, there you have it, 15 signs that your man totally adores you.

Does he love you or not? Does he ever say it – and, when he does, does he ever mean it? If you want to know whether your man really loves you or whether he’ll just end up breaking your heart in the long run, then don’t worry. A lot of women nowadays are on guard because of multiple heartbreaks, failed marriages and wasted tears. So, if you are dead serious about finding out if he does love you or not, then read on.

Without a doubt, lots of women in today’s day and age end up falling for men who treat them like princesses in the beginning, only to break their hearts in the end. Is this your fault? Of course not. However, just because a guy treats you well doesn’t necessarily mean that he loves you – remember that.

So, how can you find out if he does love you or not? This can definitely be hard, but here are some of the easier signs that you can look out for.

Sign #21: He Asks You Questions

This can be quite tricky since lots of men may ask you lots of different questions; but, in general, the questions you should look out for are the ones that concern your well-being. If he asks you how your day was, for example, or whether you are feeling too cold, that shows that he really cares about you.

Sign #22: He Goes Shopping With You

Listen up because this tidbit is important: all men hate shopping. This is why they are in and out of a department store in a flash whenever they need to shop for themselves. They get what they need, they pay for it – end of story. In fact, men generally hate walking around for hours if they don’t have an end goal in mind. So, if he goes shopping with you – and walks around with you for hours on end without complaints – then that goes to show how much he really loves you.

Sign #23: He Shows You He Cares

Does he do anything special for you – things that he simply doesn’t do for other girls? If he gives you special treatment, then you have definitely won him over.

Sign #24: You Are His Top Priority

This sign is hard to miss. If he treats you like his top priority all the time as opposed to a mere option, then you’ve got your answer right away. Also, if he seems to be happy just being in your presence or if he always makes time for you and if he attends to all of your needs when he could be doing something else instead, then he is all yours.

Sign #25: He Is Open About Your Relationship

If a man loves you, he will let his family members and friends know about it. So, if he starts spreading the word about your relationship, you can be sure that he sees a future with you.

Overall, you really just need to stop questioning his feelings at some point. Just open your eyes and you’ll soon see if he really does love you or not.

Does he love me? How will I know if he loves me? Are there signs that will point out the truth? Are you one of the many people who are longing for love and longing to know if the man they love really loves them back. You can use these signs to evaluate your relationship and discover the truth. Does he really love me?

Does he show you he loves you?

here are a number of different ways that a man can show a woman that he loves her. This goes far beyond the romantic things then men think all women are looking for. It also goes far beyond saying it which is often hard for men to do. You need to look for the little things he should be doing to show you that he loves you. This could be helping out, doing things you ask of, and even watching movies that he isn’t interested in. All of these things are small things that can be done to show you that he loves you.

Does he support you?

Support comes in several forms. It is being there when you need a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen to your complaints. It also includes supporting you in your dreams, hopes, hobbies, and interests. He should also support you in your job or career or even school if that is where you are at. This is a huge part of answering the question, “does he love me?”.

Is he committed to you?

After an appropriate amount of time he should be willing to commit to you. If he isn’t willing to commit then you know that he doesn’t love you. Be patient, let him know how you feel and give him some time before making that decision. You should also make sure that you have given the relationship enough time.

You should be able to sit down and look at the answers to these three questions to find out whether or he loves you. Then you will be able to honestly answer the question, “does he love me?” Take your time and be honest about all of your answers.

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