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7 signs he finds you attractive

You may think that you know exactly what he thinks of you, but the truth is that it can be tough to tell if a man finds you attractive. You might notice that he checks out other women, or seems more interested in his phone than talking to you and wonder if there’s someone else. … Read more

26 signs he secretly wants you.

It’s hard to tell if a guy likes you. There are some who will be more open about their feelings and desires, while others do it in a more subtle way. Either way, there are some signs that he secretly wants you, as well as some things that could mean that he doesn’t want to … Read more

What makes a woman irresistible

It’s not easy being a woman. We are faced with the pressures of trying to be perfect in every way, and that includes our social media presence, clothes choices, hair length, shoes, nails–the list goes on. One way to stand out is by being irresistible! Read this article for tips on how you can make … Read more

30 signs he thinks about you a lot

What are the signs that he thinks about you a lot? Is it in his eyes when he looks at you, or in the way his voice becomes soft when he talks to you? Maybe it’s how absentmindedly he picks up around your place because of how often he spends time there. Whatever the sign … Read more

how to tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you

So, you’ve been texting back and forth with the guy you like for weeks now, but lately, he seems to be getting really confused about his feelings. He doesn’t text back as often anymore, sometimes taking days before responding to your messages-or worse, just going completely cold and ghosting you out of nowhere. What does … Read more

what makes a man adore a woman?

There are many qualities that make a man love a woman, but five key factors that can turn any woman into the love of his life are kindness, loyalty, honesty, humor, and intelligence. These are qualities that many men find attractive in women which is why they feel so strongly about them. 1. A man … Read more

45 signs he has strong feelings for you

It’s not always easy to tell if a guy likes you, but there are many signs that can help you figure it out. Some of these might be really obvious, like him giving you compliments or hanging out with you more often. Other times he may show his feelings for you in ways that are … Read more

why do guys stop putting in effort?

“Why do guys stop putting in the effort?” is a question that most women will ask themselves, at least once in their lifetimes. There are many reasons why men may start to lose interest in the relationship, here are some reasons why do guys stop putting in effort: 1. Work and friends can be a … Read more

20 signs he wants to get closer to you(He’s Really Into You)

It is important for women, especially single ones, to be on the lookout for these signs and know when it is time to make a move. These may include him initiating actual conversation or touching your arm in a non-sexual way. Another sign might be if he starts looking at you more often or has … Read more

18 signs he wants to date you. He is serious About You(No Hook Up)

Regardless of the status of your relationship, men and women want different signs that their date is interested in them. Men are usually not as straightforward so it’s up to ladies to put the pieces together. Men are usually not as straightforward, so it’s up to ladies to put the pieces together. Here are some … Read more