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Attracting Men

What makes a woman unforgettable?

The word “unforgettable” is often used to describe someone who has an impact on another person. And while it may be difficult to find the answer to the question, “What makes a woman unforgettable?” there are many things that can make her unforgettable-from her career, to her family, or even how she lives her life. … Read more

what makes a man obsessed with a woman

We  will discuss how men can be obsessed with a woman. The love may be strong for many reasons, but the article will focus on what makes a man obsessed with a woman and why the love is so strong in the first place! It’s still not easy to pinpoint the exact reason, but we … Read more

25 signs an introvert secretly likes you

Introverts are not ones to show affection, so if they do it might just be a sign that they have feelings for you. In fact, introverts may actually be the best at showing how much they care about their partner. When an introvert likes you, it’s likely going to take some time before he or … Read more

What makes a woman captivating?

We all know that there is no such thing as a perfect woman. And that’s what makes them captivating, their uniqueness. Every woman has her own style and personality and it should be celebrated rather than judged by how she looks. In fact, the best way to make any girl feel good about herself is … Read more

What makes a woman memorable to a man?

A woman that is unforgettable to a man has many things going for her. She can be attractive, but she’ll be unforgettable if she is intelligent and witty. There are several factors that make a woman memorable to a man, and it’s the very thing that sets her apart from all the other women in … Read more

9 texts to get him chasing you

So you want to know how to get your man chasing after you? You’ve come to the right place. We all have been in a situation where we need help and that is why this article was created. It also helps if he is into some of these texts because not all guys are into … Read more

When a guy says he loves you what do you say

It’s no surprise that men are scared of commitment. I mean, it takes a lot for someone to say “I love you” and then expect the person they’re saying it to reply with something like “Me too.” That’s one reason why many women might be hesitant when they hear this phrase from a guy. It … Read more

40 signs he wants a serious relationship with you.

signs he wants a serious relationship with you It’s common knowledge that relationships can be tough. There are so many things to navigate and consider before you even get into the nitty-gritty of a relationship, like how do we define “dating” or what exactly is the commitment? And then there’s the fact that most people … Read more

80 Questions to ask a guy to get to know him deeper.

Here are 80+ flirty questions you can ask your boyfriend or crush to get to know them better and have fun in the process! You’ve met a guy, he seems cute, and now what? You don’t want to overthink things so you start asking him about his favorite color or where he grew up. But … Read more