7 Secrets Of Men You’re Dying To Know! | The Secret Fears Of Men


Here’s the seven struggles of men seven secrets of men that most women don’t know . the first Secrets Of Men is 

1.men on average have to risk a lot more rejection than women.

No one likes rejection, not me. Not you not anyone, but the fact is men do need to risk themselves with a lot more upfront rejection to have success in dating. You probably don’t realize how intimidating you are. Even when you’re on your own and this gets multiplied when you’re there with your friends.

The reality is it’s possible for a woman to go through her entire dating life without risking upfront rejection.

Whereas for men the reality of rejection.

He’s basically inevitable. the second Secrets Of Men

2.Society puts enormous pressure on men to be good with women.

while there are certainly stereotypes about single women and their cats. The reality is there’s much more pressure on men to be good with women than for women to be good with men from a young age boys who can flirt and interact with the girls are seen as Heroes by their friends. Whereas girls who show extraordinary social skills with men are often shamed by the jealous peers boys who aren’t so confident grow up being told by those around them and society that if they cannot attract a woman, they’re not much of a man.

They’re pathetic young men are taking their own lives at triple the rate of young women and science has shown that social isolation is a key factor.the third Secrets Of Men

3.on average  men cannot get a date or romantic attention easily.

a guy who goes out and doesn’t put in effort to meet people isn’t going to meet anyone and this just isn’t true for a woman if you want to go out for the night and get some male attention.

You can dress up go out and get that men don’t have this security. A lot of men haven’t had any form of romantic interest from a woman in months or even years and to them it can feel like a lifetime away.

Like they’re literally never have it again.the fourth Secrets Of Men

4.men are encouraged to be independent and not ask for help.

There isn’t anyone on this planet who doesn’t need help in some way and yet men are told it isn’t manly to ask for help. He doesn’t have girlfriends. He can confide in and his mates make fun of him if he tries Society tells men to be an island and it’s a lonely as hell feeling when he has a problem. He can’t fix because he feels like he’ll be less of a man if he asks for help.the fifth   Secrets Of Men

5. men aren’t good people readers.

The average man has more physical strength than the average woman.

That’s not sexist. That’s just a fact and the average woman has a better socially developed brain than the average man women speak more words per day and spend more time connecting to their peers than do men.

This can leave men. During when it comes to reading dating situations and make the prospect of talking to a Confident high-value Woman seemed incredibly intimidating.the six Secrets Of Men

6. from a man’s point of view.All the woman needs is looks.

Think about the reality of it. He doesn’t see you struggling to read the intentions of men.

He doesn’t see you fearing and thinking about your safety every time you’re alone at night.

All he sees is you dressed up and getting attention from men and to him.the seven Secrets Of Men

7. men are given mixed signals from a young age about what women want.

We teach our boys to be nice to women and to respect women as we well should but then these same men go through school and college where nice guys seem to finish last and see the footy players in the jocks who often don’t treat women. Well getting the girls many women say they want one type of a man and then choose another and it leaves a lot of men feeling confused.

Man, I’m told to be gentlemanly where necessary and dominant where necessary and you imagine a mother giving her some the advice of beer gentlemen to a woman opened doors for her always treat her with respect then smack her ass hard and ravish her while she moans in the bedroom. It’s not advice many men here and I like many of my fellow men was the proverbial nice guy until I finally learned what women want now look this video isn’t here to imply. Whoa is men or that men have it so hard.

But if you want men to take the time to better understand you and your struggles to relate to you in a relationship, then be the change you want to see in the world relate to them and their struggles as well help them.

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7 Secrets Of Men You’re Dying To Know! | The Secret Fears Of Men

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