7 obvious signs he likes you-This is More Than A Friendship.

As we go through life, we notice things about people and wonder what they mean. We may think if someone smiles at us, that person is happy to see us, but in reality, the person might be nervous or trying to avoid eye contact.

From time to time you’ll meet someone who makes your heart skip a beat and leaves you with butterflies in your stomach.

You may not know it yet but this person likes you! Here are 7 obvious signs he likes you:

1) Eye contact

If he looks you in the eyes when speaking to you, this is a sign that he is engaged in the conversation.

He’s focusing his attention on you and only you meaning that whether or not someone else comes along, he wants you to know how special you are! this can also mean that he is really listening to what you are saying.

2) He likes to be around you

If someone likes you, they won’t mind your company! Think about it, would you spend time with someone you didn’t like?

This person will try to meet up with you whenever possible and make the best of any opportunity that arises.

Just because he wants to talk or hang out doesn’t necessarily mean that there is romantic interest though.

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Tread lightly if the two of you are nothing more than friends at this point in your relationship.

3) Invites for activities outside his friend zone

One sure sign he likes you is when he invites you to take part in activities outside of your normal circle of friends.

These events are often planned by the person who likes you and they are generally enjoyable.

These invitations are an easy way to find out how he feels about you without having to directly ask him.

The only exceptions are if the activity is something that would make her uncomfortable or something that she wouldn’t care about participating in because it’s not her thing.

If you want to know whether or not he likes you, be very wary of similar invitations from other men unless you’re single.

4) He brings up your future

When a man mentions your future together it could be his way of telling if there is one!

While this can mean marriage, children, or just spending more time together, keep in mind that he may just want friendship without any romance between the two of you.

The best way to test this out is to pay attention to how often he brings up future plans and whether or not he’s mentioning them with the same enthusiasm every time.

5) He tries harder

A guy will make an extra effort to do something nice for a girl if there is romantic interest on his part.

The simplest way that a man can show that he really likes a woman is by making sure that she feels special in some way, at least once!

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Chances are if other men do the same thing, it’s probably just friendly!

If you want to know if he likes you ask him or watch for these little things and see what transpires between the two of you.

6) When he says “I have no idea”

When a man says he has “no idea” if he likes someone, there is actually a different meaning behind his words.

A guy will say this when asked whether or not he likes someone but he really means that even though he doesn’t know her well enough to make such an assessment, it’s definitely possible.

This statement is actually his way of saying there may be potential between the two of you and that the feelings are mutual even though neither one of you has done anything about them yet!

If your male friend uses this tactic with you, it could be because she knows how uncomfortable and awkward love confessions can be and would rather take things slowly without having to commit right away.

7) Smiling

There’s a look in his eye when he looks at you, a tone of voice he uses with you, and even what he does for fun on the weekends has something to do with his feelings for you. If your friend smiles more often during your conversations together, there is obviously some interest.

If this guy is shy and it takes very little to make him happy, chances are that his happiness revolves around knowing that you’re doing whatever it is that makes him smile!

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If this person smiled less often or never smiled at all then it probably means that he finds being around you awkward or just tolerates your presence because he feels obligated to.

Now that you have read the list of 7 obvious signs he likes you, can think about these things as you interact with your male friend and try to determine whether or not he likes you.

Remember that it is up to you what you do next based on the knowledge gained from this list.

If you’re interested, let him know but if things aren’t there between the two of you, don’t worry about it! He may just prefer to be friends!

conclusion: 7 obvious signs he likes you

It can be difficult to know what a guy really thinks of you. It’s not always easy to tell if he likes you or just sees you as a friend.

However, there are some signs that will give away his feelings for you without him having to say it out loud.

These include invitations with hidden meanings, talking about your future together, and trying harder when around the two of them.

If any of these things happen between the two of you then chances are that he is interested in something more than friendship!

You may want to let him know how much this means too but don’t pressure yourself into anything unless both people are on board with exploring those possibilities further either way!