5 First Date Tips That Makes Him Want You More

What is a date?a date is a trailer for the movie? That is you?

In a world of cliche unhelpful dating advice one man’s accent is British or Australian or something hot and what he says is actually pretty good too and practical just keep reading  to find out.

now in this article . I’m going to give you a few things that you can say that put forward the best trailer for your movie. And for those of you that think I don’t want to predetermined thing to say, that’s not me. I just want to go out there and be spontaneous.

You can absolutely do that.

But I challenge you to think of someone who dances.

Yes, you can go and dance and not think about what you’re doing but the best dancers Freestyle by putting together moves.

They’ve already mastered.

Yes, they’re putting them together in a different order each time. Yes, they’re free flowing, but they already know the moves. So this video is just giving you a few moves you put them together. However, you want number one.

1.I love the movie La La Land.

No, it doesn’t have to be the movie La La Land. It could be any movie or any book for that matter. The point is when you express certainty about loving or liking something it’s much more attractive and Studies have proved this than using language, like kind of and saw of that kind of uncertainty doesn’t make us attractive.

And by the way, when you do put forward a strong opinion about something be prepared to have fun defending it. The dialectic is one of the best parts of interacting with other human beings when someone can feel that there’s a little fun tension between you disagreeing and agreeing about things that creates Dynamic conversation.

And also I do actually really like the movie La La Land didn’t know it was a musical Jameson until I went in there heard them singing thought what an absolute dream not just Gaza

2. I bet you’d be fun to do whatever with

if a guy shows you that he’s got certain quality. Let’s say he loves music you could say to him.

I bet you’d be fun, too. To a concert with in doing so you both recognize a great quality about him in this case that he’s a music lover that he seems like he’s passionate about that subject. But you also plant the idea of a future date in his head.

It’s the same way that if you discovered a guy was an avid learner, he just went on a cultural trip somewhere and he comes back telling you all of these amazing tales and facts about the place he went you could say I bet you’d be a lot of fun to go to a museum with first. It compliments him on the quality of being educated of being a learner second was going through his mind right now.

I’d like to see her again.

I wonder if we went on a date what we would do.

I guess we could go to a museum. A date within a day

3 let’s get one.

I remember being at the cinema movie theater to you Americans and I said that popcorn smells amazing.

And she said yeah and then that was it and I was like doing anything and she was like nah, and then we went to the movie and secretly I wanted her to be like let’s get one. If you are on the pier Santa Monica Pier Jameson.

They write your name on a little grain of rice takes a couple of minutes. It’s easy. It’s cheap if he was like, oh look, they’re writing names on rice and you’re like, let’s get one. This is really a point about saying yes to the little things on a date even before he does because you might find that he’s being a bit too cool and manly to say something but secretly he really wants you the feminine free beautiful energy to say, let’s get one.

4.I like the idea of a relationship, but it has to be the right one.

Now on a date very often relationships come up. Why am I not in one do I really want one? Is that what I’m looking for right now? And this conversation is fraught with a kind of intensity that scares people. So we end up giving either passive answers. Like I don’t know. I’m just playing it easy and cool and Casual blah blah blah lie lie lie, or we go down the other route and we’re like I will self and nothing but a relationship right now and if you even try to be casual mate, it’s going to end badly for you and that scares people.

So we’ve got to try and find a middle ground where we state that yes, a relationship is something we’re interested in but you have a high standard for who you’re in a relationship with number five.

5.This has been fun. But next time could you please not wear that shirt because it gives you an unfair Advantage.


Yes, now he wants to wear that shirt every day for the rest of his life.

Could you please not wear that shirt? Hes like is this an insult?

I don’t know what I don’t know where this is going immediately.

Just your brain is mine for the next few seconds. You’re going to listen to what I’m going to say. It gives you an unfair Advantage.

Ah, who’s going to forget that compliment? I would remember that that shirt when I went into my wardrobe that shirt would stand out to me. It would glow would have a halo around it. So there you have it five super secret Jedi ninja moves to use on a first date to get more traction more magnetism with the guy you like and by the way, you might be watching this video right now thinking I’m not even getting enough dates or any dates with the people.

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Don’t just be a passive spectator be someone who’s actually in the game take an extra step right now. I’ll link it up here.

Go for it. Let me know what you think. And as always I will see you in next time

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