5 First Date Tips That Makes Him Want You More

 First date can be an exciting, anxious, exhilarating, and nerve-wracking experience. You definitely want to make a great first impression and with proper planning, You definitely will.
In today’s article, I’m gonna share with you 8 of my best first date tips that if you check off most of them on a list, you’re probably gonna have a great experience with your man.

The first date tip is

#1. Enjoy yourself regardless of what you do.

More often than not, most women treat a first date like an interview. They ask a lot of unnecessary questions like are you looking for kids what’s this? what’s that? You know the house you really ship to your family and it’s just it’s not a good experience for a guy.

 it’s not a good experience for you and you’ll just hate dating after a while. Don’t do that enjoy yourself instead have a good time no matter what it is that you’re going out and doing and just be flexible and have a good time. 

The 2nd first date tip is

#2. Allow the man to lead you.

A lot of women are kind of resistant to this and there’s this big kind of feminism push out there and guys like to feel like men.

Men like to feel like men unless it’s a feminine guy who if it is a feminine guy that you’re on a date with and he’s probably okay with you leading things but if he’s trying to lead things, if he’s trying to move things in a certain direction unless you really don’t like him, just allow him to kind of move things.

Obviously, don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with doing, but if he wants a walk around just accept it and just be like yeah sure let’s go. do walk around and do whatever you want to take me on this experience that you want to take me on.

#3. Connecting with your feminine side

A lot of women are in the workplace these days and so the workplace is typically pretty masculine. In order to be successful in most workplace environments, you have to be masculine and so they end up leaving the workplace and going on these dates and they’re still in this masculine task-oriented.

what is incredibly attractive and just absolutely magical and exciting and just wonderful in every single way is a woman who’s in touch with her feminine side like that is just beautiful and gorgeous and amazing more in touch with your feminine side.

  • It could be dancing around a room
  • singing.
  • It could be having a bubble bath

Whatever it is just allow yourself to connect with your feminine side.

The 4th first date tip is focusing on

#4. What you like about him and what you’re doing

The more you can find things that you’re enjoying about him and you enjoy the place that you’re in, the more you’re going to enjoy the experience and the happy you will be and the happy you are, the more he will like you.

 Guys want to make women happy and if you’re already happy, it’s really easy for him and it makes him feel good about himself.he’s like wow, this woman is just so carefree and easy to deal with.that’s a great thing to be. it’s a great thing to be very attractive to men. 

The 5th first date tip is to

#5. Ask him questions about his passion

Guys love to talk about what they are into. right? and so find out what he’s up to in life and just allowed to talk about it and it’s not necessarily his.

it could be some passion that he has. Find out what he cares about in life and just let him ramble on about that.

That’s a very attractive thing for a guy to be able to talk about those things you don’t know.

Create an emotional connection with him

The 6th first date tip is to

#6. Talk about fun, exciting things that you’ve either done& that you are going to do.

It’s really attractive to have an interesting life.

That’s really really attractive to men and so if you can talk about things that you’ve done or things that you’re going to do that have been fun and exciting that can really connect with the man in a great way.

The 7th first date tip is

#7. If you like a guy let him know that you’re sexually attracted to him

But you don’t want to come on too strong but what you do want to do is let him know that you’re interested. so there’s kind of this like really bad dating advice out there that talks about trying to get a guy to chase you or faking disinterest in a guy like that stuff are not that’s not good at all.

It doesn’t lead to a healthy relationship. it doesn’t create a good foundation.

 Which, by the way, one of the worst things for guys getting put into the friend zone, and guys usually get put in the friend zone a lot and so if he feels like he’s in the friend zone. he probably won’t continue to pursue you. 

If you like him, let him know you’re sexually attracted to him and he’s much much much more likely to pursue you if you do and

The last The first date tip is

#8. If you enjoy yourself tell them that you’d like for him to take you out again

Show interest but don’t show it. Don’t come on too strong but at least let him know that you’re interested because if you don’t then he won’t pursue you and if you do and he is interested, there’s the chance of him pursuing you and taking you out again and asking you out on another day is massive I mean it’s huge so let them know so that’s it for today.


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