30 Day Relationship Challenge

30 Day Relationship Challenge

  1. Ask “What can I help you with today?”

    2 Go a whole day without correcting him.

  3.Hug him three times today for no reason

  1. Kiss him the first time you see him in the morning.

  5.Tell yourself “He really loves his family and he is doing the best he can”.

  6 Bake, make or buy his favorite food.

   7.Leave him a sweet note.

   8.Put at least one date night on the calendar this month.

  1. Imagine how it feels to be in his shoes. 10.

   10.Surprise him with lingerie and candles. 11.

   11 Tell him how much you love him.

  12 Pray for wisdom in being his better half.

  1. Do not use sarcasm with him today
  2. Remember that being loved by him is a blessing.
  3. Think only positive thoughts about him today.
  4. Laugh with him today.
  5. Who is a wife you admire? Try and be more like her today.
  6. Thank him for all he does for his family.
  7. Don’t ask him to do any chores or honey-do’s today.
  8. Today focus on patients.
  9. Forgive him when he makes a mistake.

   22 Assume the best about him.

  1. Treat him with respect today.
  2. Do not interrupt him when he’s talking.
  3. Ask his opinion on something.
  4. Encourage him
  5. Do one thing good for his health.
  6. Look at him admiringly and make sure he notices.
  7. Turn off your computer, cell phone or TV when he is in the room.
  8. Today focus on “love”.
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