30 Dating Questions To Ask Your Partner.

 Hi, it’s David. Welcome back to my  Article series on quick tips for dating success in relationship mastery for those of you out there who are looking to find the track and build lasting love into your life faster better and easier than you ever thought before and be able to get results starting in days not years and not decades. 

So today we’re going to focus on dating questions To Ask Your Partner. 

Now I’ve got a list of 30 of the most awesome questions that are specifically designed to be able to get you connected and explore compatibility in a way that’s really organic and easy and flow.

So by the time you’re done with the first second or third date with a prospective man out there that you think might have the right stuff and you want to be able to explore the waters a little bit.

Well, these 30 questions are phenomenal and we’re going to break them down into groups of 10.

So the first set of questions is more about asking him to tell you about what his life is like now and what he really likes about his life right now.

So we’re going to get into these 10 questions really quickly and go boom boom boom boom boom and cover him.

But then now none of this information is going to be anything earth-shattering.

What makes these questions so awesome is they are designed to specifically help you build connections from scratch as well as explore compatibility.

So you can find out if the man on the date with you at dinner or having a couple of drinks at a happy hour has the right stuff.

 so whether you’re just in a casual environment or on a formal date you’ll find these 30 questions will cover just about everything you need to start finding out. 

Whether the connection is good you have that attraction you want to magnetize towards this guy because he’s got the right stuff and they’ll help you to be able to do it incrementally and help you to walk away with that feeling of yes I was able to build connection and yes I got a lot of valuable information.

The 30 Dating Questions To Ask Your Partner are the following

  • 1 – What’s your favorite food favorite restaurant or favorite dish.
  • 2 -Tell me about your work and what you love most and love least about it
  • 3 -Tell me three things you love to do when you’re not working
  • 4 -How do you like to spend your weekend when you’re not working.
  • 5 -What are some of your favorite movies or favorite characters and movies and what do you love most about them
  • 6 -Do you have an all-time favorite book or author and what’s so special about that author or that book
  • 7- All-time favorite musical bands song or artist
  • 8- What are your favorite hobbies or interests
  • 9 -What’s your favorite place or destination that you’ve traveled to or been in the world that you love most and what do you like about being there or traveling there
  • 10 -What are some of the men and women you admire most in your life and what do you admire most about that

These ten questions will help you to get in touch with what this guy is like and what he likes about his life right now and then we’ll get into the other set of 10 questions.

These next set of 10 questions are really focused on what’s his past all about talking a little bit about family as well as how he was introduced to kissing and romance and relationship.

And what that’s been like for him in the past.

 these 10 questions like the first 10 are specifically designed to help you get that connection at a deeper level and help you explore compatibility faster better and easier than you ever thought possible before 

So you can find out if he’s got the right stuff test the waters and go to a deeper place so when you magnetize yourself you have that ideal dream man in mind.

And these questions will help you get there in the first second and third dates faster better and easier so you don’t waste your time or his.

And if he’s got the right stuff you want to be able to move forward. So remember we talked about those four steps

  • connection
  •  compatibility
  •  chemistry
  • and communication

These are effective communication questions that will help you to build connection deeper.

Why because the connection is your access point to what information situational awareness and intimacy.

These questions do get a little bit deeper so you want to make sure you’ve built that level of intimacy a little bit deeper before you explore this level of compatibility otherwise you might hit a brick wall but either way here we go questions.

  • 11 when you were growing up do you have a favorite superhero or someone you wanted to be when you grew up who and why
  •  12 tell me where you grew up and what that was like.
  • 13 tell me about your family your mom your dad your siblings your brother’s sisters.
  • 14 tell me about your friends and best friends and what they are like.
  • 15 what was it like when you were going through puberty and first started liking girls or boys.
  • 16 tell me about your first kiss or your first date was it fun was it aqua was it funny.
  •  17 have you dated much and what has that been like for you questioning have you ever been in a serious relationship and what was that like.
  • 19 have you ever been in love yeah what was that like? that’s a big one in.
  • 20 have you ever had your heart broken and what was that like big time?


THIS question should take some time to deliver that one and really give you an idea from an empathy and compassion standpoint how you guys fit together especially you know how somebody’s handled heartache or heartbreak that goes a long way to really getting in touch with the heart.

The third section we’re going to focus on tell me more about what you’re like from the inside out.

tell me about

  • your dreams
  • your fears
  • your tears
  • tell me about your feelings about these things.
  • 21-what makes you cry or get teary-eyed.
  • 22-what makes you laugh or brings out the joy in you.
  • 23-what inspires you or moves you emotionally.
  • 24-what makes you sad or bums you out.
  • 25-what are some of your important short-term and long-term goals that you have in your life right now.
  • 26-do you think or feel like you found your true calling in life.
  • 27-if you could have three top wishes in your life come true today what would they be and how would that change you and your life.
  • 28-what is some of the biggest lessons and learning that you’ve gotten in life so far and what have they taught you about your life and life in general.
  • 29-what are you most passionate about in your life and why and the bonus question is.
  • 30-which is if you could change three things in the world today what would you change and why.

These sets of 10 questions plus the bonus world question really do complete the list of 30 most awesome dating questions you could ask.

 Because by the time you’re done with your dating cycle one two three four five dates you should have a good idea if this is a good material for a lasting short-term relationship that can lab that can translate into a long-term relationship. 

Or if maybe it’s time to cut your losses on your own investment and move on but with these 30 most awesome dating questions.

You will have a good idea of how good the connection and the attraction is how good the compatibility is at a basic level of beyond

And whether it’s time to explore chemistry or move a log in the dating process so that completes our list of 30 most awesome dating questions

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